Rare Laxmi Narayan

Adbhut Vaikuntha Sarv Laxmi Narayan-EXLAN1014

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Item Code : EXLAN1014
Item Name : Adbhut Vaikuntha Sarv Laxmi Narayan-EXLAN1014
Description : Click on picture for enlarged view of shila
This Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy levels. The Shila have perfect impressions of Laxmi and Narayana in the form of a well formed two sets of Chakras on the same face of the Shila. Between the two Chakras there is a Kunda where glitering diamonds and precious gems are positioned which makes this Shila as exotic Vaikuntha Shila. The shape of the Shila is circular and flat. The presence of two sets of the Chakras on the same face and Vaikuntha marking makes this Shila extremely rare and exotic. The Vaikuntha, Laxmi and Narayan markings make the Shila to have qualities of position and all these Gods. The Shila is very smooth, small sized, cold to touch, and extremely attractive.

Colour: Jet Black.
Weight- 200 gm
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 5cm x 2.3cm

The Shila shown in the picture will be sent.For donation amount please contact at salagram8@yahoo.com


Sri: Prabhu

We have received the shaligrams that you sent yesterday.Thanks a ton for gifting us such beautiful shaligrams. Everyone at our place were at awe with the Hayagriva shaligram. Once again thanks.
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