Shattila Ekadashi 

Shattila Ekadashi is celebrating on the eleventh day of the Krishan Paksh in Magh Month. Ekadasi is an imporatant day dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight in Hindu calendar. There are two ekadashi days in a Hindu month one falls on Krishna Paksha and other on Shukla Paksha.

How do we celebrate Shattila Ekadashi?

On this day Lord Vishnu is worshiped. On the day of Shattila Ekadashi the people who are fasting, should wake up early in the morning and after bathing wear new / clean cloths and then clean the place of worship. Mix Sesame Seeds in Panchamrit (it is made by milk, curd, dry fruits, and suger) and bathe the Lord Vishnu's statue with this Panchamrit. Thereafter worship Lord Vishnu and at this night devotees should sleep in front of the Lord Vishnu’s statue and should eat only sesame seeds mix food. This day is called Shattila Ekadashi because six kinds of sesame seeds are used this day. By doing this your all your desires will be fulfilled and you will reach to the heaven.

Katha of Shattila Ekadashi

Once upon a time in the Varanasi city a poor Ahir was living with his family. He was running his family by cutting the wood and selling it in the market . The day he is unable to sell woods, they have to sleep hungry. One day he reached to a Moneylender’s house with the wood and he saw that they are celebrating some festival. He asked about it to the Moneylender and he told him that they are celebrating Shattila Ekadashi Vrat and by doing this Vrat all the problems are solving and you should also do Shattila Ekadashi Vrat; hearing this immediately he came back home after taking some money from the moneylender and start preparing for worshiping Shattila Vrat with his wife and he did the Vrat properly. By doing this Vrat he became a rich and famous man in Varanasi city.
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