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Makrana Marbles Idols
Shaligram Shala is one of the leading website which deals in very high quality and rare Shaligrams, Rudrakshas, Meteorite Shilas and other religious and Puja items. We are also manufacturers of very high grade temples and Hindu Idols of Makarana Marble of different sizes. Makrana Marble is very rare white milky stone and great wonders of world like Taj Mahal was also built with this stone is one to its credit. The quality of Makrana Marble stone is one of the best stones in the world as it retains a high grade polish for a very long time.There is an evidenced of few renowned ancient monuments were built from this stone many centuries earlier. The idols made up of Makrana Marble has great significance. These idols always shines and remain new even after decades. The polish of this stone doesnt fade at all and the in the Puranas also it is mentioned that the Murtis and temples made up of Makrana Marble are extremely good and blesses the devotee with immense wealth, extreme protection and peaceful environment. The Pranpratisthit Murtis are actual live Murties and bestow the devotee with longitivity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts. The wishes of the devotees are fulfill....Read More
Balaji Makrana Marble Idols
Dattatreya Makrana Idols
Durga Makrana Idols
Ganesha Marble Idols
Gayatri Makrana Idols
Hanuman Makrana Idols
Indrakshi Makrana Idols
Kali Maa Makrana Idols
Krishna Makrana Idols
Laxmi Makrana Idols
Laxmi Narayan Makrana Idols
Mahavir Makrana Idols
Navagraha Marble Idols
Radha Krishna Makrana Idols
Ram Makrana Idols
Sai Baba Makrana Idols
Saraswati Makrana Idols
Shiva Makrana Idols
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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