Sacred Adwaitya Mahakali

Sacred Adwaitya Golden Bhadra Kali Chamunda Maha Kali-EXMKL-1-1001

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Item Code : EXMKL-1-1001
Item Name : Sacred Adwaitya Golden Bhadra Kali Chamunda Maha Kali-EXMKL-1-1001
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The first Mahavidya is Kali. Seated on a corpse, with long tongue protruding out, greatly terrifying, laughing loudly, with fearful fangs, four arms holding a cleaver, a skull, and giving the mudras bestowing boons and dispelling fear, wearing a garland of skulls, her tongue rolling wildly, completely naked (digambara - clad in the directions), with just a garland of demon-hands round her waist, with heaped locks of a black cascade of hair. Thus one should meditate on Kali, dwelling in the centre of the cremation ground. The Eternal Night - Kali is mentioned as the first amongst the Mahavidyas. Black as the night (ratri) she has a terrible and horrific appearance. The word ratri means "to give," and is taken to mean "the giver" of bliss, of peace of happiness. Chamunda Ma Kali blesses the worshipper like his son or daughter. Chamunda Roopa is for extreme protection against occult, Black magic and jealousy. For more details please contact at OR

Colour - Golden & Jet Black
Weight - 200gm
Dimention -5.2cm X 4cm X 2cm.

The Shila Shown in picture will be sent.


Sri: Prabhu

We have received the shaligrams that you sent yesterday.Thanks a ton for gifting us such beautiful shaligrams. Everyone at our place were at awe with the Hayagriva shaligram. Once again thanks.
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