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Product Name: Sacred Adwaitya Original Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Shila Carved With Laxmi Narayan Murti-EXCAR1013
Product Code: EXCAR1013
Product Description:
Significance of Carved Shaligram Murties:
There could be a doubt in few devotees mind about carving of murties on shaligram shilas is a Satkarma (good deed) when shaligram Himself is a Narayana. Please note that there are several temples like Jaganath temple in Puri, Venketeshwar temple at Tirupati, Dwakadheesh temple at Dwarka, Krishna, Rukmani temple at Bhet Dwarka in Gujarat and many many more where the mail dietys idols are made of Shaligram shilas. A shaligram is a Fossil Ammonite. Scientifically a the fossil stone can only exist in a circular or rectangular or triangular or ovalish or a combination of above shapes depending upon in which environment they were present and were being formed as a fossil stone. The Krishna or Vishnu or any other God is FORMLESS, but we have given them a shape which pleases our eyes and also we can easily distinguish various Gods, depending upon their specific characteristic like a flute in Krishnas arm and a bow in Rams shoulder or parshu in Parshurams hand. The shaligrams have one side impressions and other side is normally plain. The murti or idol is carved on the plain side so that there is no damage to any chakra or impression. At some time when the Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna thought of coming to Earth for blessing the mankind, they must have changed a normal shaligram into their form which is easily recognizable by the mankind. Since the Shaligram stone was the most auspicious stone at that time God must have chosen to be in Shaligram stone form. So the shaligram was converted by the Lord himself so that the Mankind could recognize Him. He has bestowed us several metals, gases, solids, liquids, petroleum etc. which a man could use or change its form to have a better life. Similarly, He has given several rocks, gem stones, where in He could be carved by an artisan, people recognize him and He could placed in the temples so that devotees could worship Him. The awareness about shaligrams among devotees is very less /minimal. But when they see the carved shaligram they are attracted towards Him and become aware that which shaligram represents which particular form of Krishna. Then they try to do some research on shaligram shilas and thereby more and more devotees are getting aware about this mystic shilas. It is very easy to recognize a shaligram if there is a carving of the same form is done on the back side of the shaligram. Also few devotees are confused as to which way they should keep the shilas, so the shila is carved they are clear about the Lord placement. I have felt the power of a carved shaligram and it is definitely higher. Please note that any idol or shaligram or Rudraksha or finished Gem stones or Yantra or any spiritual item is a SACRED Geometry and by virtue of their shape positivity comes in and negativity goes out. So worshipping a non carved or a carved shaligram both are very good for the worshiper. So going by above logic it is acceptable to carve the Murties on shaligrams. Actually carving on shaligrams is exceptionally difficult and after 18 years I was successful in carving the shaligrams.

The Shila shown in picture will be sent.
The Shaligram will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.
Colour: Jet Black
Weight: 436gm
Dimension : 9cm x 7.2cm x 4.3cm
Product Amount : Rs 75000/- or $ 1071 USD
Quantity :
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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