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Om Namoh Narayana Rajiv Prabhu,
Laxmi Narayan , Kalp Vriksha

Today I had received te parcel thand was really very very glad to see the imaculate packing you people had done for the safe journey of my Lords. The Shilas were extremely beautiful and very immense power was found to be emanating from them. Thank you Prabhu.

The Kalp Vriksha is mind blowing, the Laxmi Narayana is Sakshat Vishnu and Laxmi together and blessing me Prabhu.
The gifts Wow ' Pabhu, the Kamdhenu, Maha Vishnu, Shesha and Purushottam are ultimate Prabhu. Prabhu you are doing the real charity by bringing the almost impossible Shilas from Nepal to devotees like us who would otherwise cannot imagine to worship these mystic Shilas Prabhu which are the direct manifestation of Lord Vishnu. I enjoyed ordering one Shila and getting three beautiful Shilas as gift.

Rajiv Krishna Prabhu, I think Skanda Purana is written in our favour which says either worship one Shila or 4 Shilas. It also says that gifting of Shilas is the most auspicious Dhrama a person can do so devotees like you are doing that Dharama and Karma for devotees like us Prabhu by gifting such marvellous Shilas to us.

Gangajal and Sandlewood paste were of top quality, I would request you to send them more to me in my next order Prabhu.

True Vaishana you are Prabhu, I bow my head to your great service and my heartiest congrats to your team Prabhu who is working relentlessly to spread Vaishanavsim in the entire world.

Your Servant,
Siddharth Mishra
Date - 15 March 2012
Hare Krishna,
I am overwhelmed to write you this mail after sometime of receiving Narasimha Avatara Shaligrama from your side. Prabhu I want to touch your feets and take blessings from you for giving me a such a powerful, genuine and beautiful Narasimha Shila. Since I have received Him I have been regularly worshippimg Him and not even once I have missed His prayers in the last so many months. If you remember I was initially scared that I might not be qualified to worship Narsimha Shila, but your guidance and advise made me to do His Puja, I am with my both hands tied, thank you for such a valuable guidance. I find that Lord Vishnu is very close to me and I can really talk to Him when ever I am in deep meditation. Prabhu this is my rebirth, I am enjoying each and every moment for being in the divine company of Lord.
Millions millions thanks Prabhu,
David Christian
Date - 07 Mar 2012
Bhur Bhavas Gayatri Vaikuntha Murti
Dear Shree Rajiv Krishna Prabhu,
The BBS07 Sacred Adwaitya Golden bhur bhavas Gayatri Vaikuntha Shaligram Murti is extremely beautiful; so nice are the Shaligram shilas like Golden Narsimha, Adbhut Laxmi Kuber Keshav, Adbhut Hayagriva, Adbhut Govind Narayana, that you have gifted. I am very much touched by your generosity and
happy with the same. I convey my heartfelt appreciations and thanks to you for the
service that you are doing to Vaishnavas.

Thanks & Regards,
M.S.Hari Chennai, (Tamilnadu)
Date - 01 March 2012
Greeings Mr. Rajiv Krishna Dasa,
If you remember I had taken four Vaman Saligram Silas from you in Sep last. Rajiv ji though I was extensivly travelling, but I used to carry the Shilas in the beautiful silver box you had given me where ever I used to go. I had never eaten anything prior to giving bath to the Lords and offering them sweets. Rajiv ji believe me my construction business has started looking up. I am able to retrieve money from my clients and I think this all because of your valuable advise which made me to bring Lord Vaman Saligram Silas to my Altar. I am coming to India in March and will surely meet you and take your blessings. Rajiv ji, and you are the Sun in the lives of several devotees and like me I am sure they too will have no words to thank you. Pl recommend few Silas to my brother Jaganath also, he will soon contact you, I had given your email to him.
Samuel Benedriks, Malaysia
Date - 11 Feb 2012
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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