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Exotic Ulook
Prabhu Rajiv ji, Vannakkum
The Ulook Shaligram Shila has blessed us with all the things we want to have in our lives. Prabhu since His arrival Goddess Laxmi has been kind enough to bless the whole family. I am now out of all debts and my academy is also doing reasonably fine. Prabhu please accept our sincere thanks for suggesting us this beautiful Shaligram Shila. One thing is there that the Shila by virtue of His mood appears to fly high. I think the Shila and we all are very happy with each other. Thank you very much Prabhu.
Subramanyam Swami,
Madurai, India.
Date: 28 Feb 2012
ExoticSantan Gopal
Prabhu Rajiv ji and team,
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sending an exclisive and most powerful Santan Gopal Saligram Shila last year. Prabhu ji myself and my wife were doing puja of this auspicious Shila twice a day without having missed a day. Prabhu I am very happy to inform you that I have been blessed with a son after almost 12 years of our marriage. Prabhu we know that our son is a gift of Lord Santan Gopal Shaligrama and I want to thank my stars for having seen your beautiful website and acted according to your advise. I with my family will come and meet you personally to touch your feets and take blessings from you.
Jhule Lal ki Jai,
Sandeep Balasahee,
Meerut, India.
Date: 24 Feb 2012
Jai Shri Krishna Prabhu Rajiv ji,
Prabhu if you remember I got one Laxmi Varaha Shila from you last year. My wife has been regularly doing His Puja though at times because of my touring job I am not able to worship Him every day. Few days back we were discussing that our lives have changed to quite an extent as compared to previous years. I am not sure that this is because of Saligram Shila because in my Altar I have Rudraksha mala, Parad shivaling, and lots of other Gods pictures but I am very sure that Shaligram Shila is the last entrant in my Altar. We have realised that we have gone more to sprituality, my son has got admission in Engg. college, my eldest daughter has got married and definitely we are prospering. Prabhu now I have decided to take three more Shilas from you. Pl suggest us some Krishna Roopas for peace and meditation. Thank you so much for showing the path.
Dadhi Prasad Dasa( Bob Wilson)
Date 24 Feb 2012
Exotic Sita Ram
Jai Siyawar Ramchandra Maharaj Ki Prabhu Rajiv ji,
Prabhu I dont have words to thank you for having done so nice with us by sending beautiful Sita Ram Shila. Our temple is glowing with the presence of the auspicious Shila. Sine the Shila has come the life has also changed for the better. Prabhu peace has bben a paramount thing for me and by the grace of Sita Ram Shaligram Shila the peace has come in abundence in our home and at our workplace. Prabhu the Shila has also bestowed us with great protection. The occults, black magic are now no more applicable to me. Prabhu I have gained good knowledge of meditation by the presence of the Shila. Prabhu my sincere thanks to you for having suggested us this wonderful Shila.
Saumitra Banerjee,
Mumbai, India.
Date: 20 Feb 2012
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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