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Exotic Krishna Balram
Dear Rajiv Krishan ji,
I am extremely thankful to you Prabhu Rajiv ji for sending me Adbhut Krishna Balaram Shila. Prabhu though I have 16 Shaligrams but I like Krishna Balaram Shaligram Shila the most, rest all as you know are Ladoo Gopals. Rajiv ji the clear impressions of Lord Krishna and Balaram and few markings of Laxmi as well has made my temple to radiate enormous power and protection. Since the Shila has come to temple in my house I must say quite a few radical changes have taken place. I dont want to send you any testimony, but I want to express my sincere gratitude for your valuable guidance and advise. There is a definite positivity now encircling my house and my all stuck works have started happening, obstacles have removed and at my business front also I gained substantially. My son though small has scored very good grades in his class. Peace has captured my house and everybody is very happy. Once again thank you so much for every thing.
Lakshmipati Tripati,
Melborne, Australia.
Date: 10 Feb 2012
Exotic Krishna Paduka
Prabhu ji ,
Namaskar. I really feel indebited to you Prabhu for having sent me such a wonderful Krishna Paduka for my temple. Prabhu I was searching for Sri Krishna Paduka for almost an year. It is the blessings of Lord Himself who has sent you in this Earth to fulfill the wishes of all the devotees through you. Prabhu since the Krishna Paduka has come to me I am feeling really great. The Laxmi has started pouring in my house through my business of flowers. My one land dispute has also been sorted out and now I will be able to grow more flowers. Prabhu with Laxmi ji coming to my home, peace and tranquality has also come. Thanks a millions to you Prabhu and your company for doing this wonderful service to devotees of Lord Vishnu.
Lilly Brown
West Germany.
Date: 05 Feb 2012
Exotic Raja Rajeshwari
Hare Krishna Rajiv Krishna Dasa ji,
Since Raj Rajeshwari Shila has come to my home, peace and fortune has arrived too in my home. I was doing reasonably good in my business, but I have realised that now I have tremendous energy and I am confident of expanding my business further. Also my son has joined me after completing his studies. Prabhu the things are now taking shape the way I wanted them to take. Lord Raj Rajeshwari has really proved to be acting like a catalyst in my all actions. Thank you so much for showing such a great mercy on us.
Ramesh Chandra Bhardwaj,
N.Delhi, India.
Date: 01 Feb 2012
Exotic Surya
Prabhu Rajiv Krishna Dasa ji,
I want to extend my sincere thanks to the wonderful service done by your organisation by providing the devotees, the real and genuine Gandaki river Shaligram Shilas. Prabhu Surya Shaligram Shila sent to me by you few months back has improved my eye sight considerably. The Shila is very useful for meditation also. Now with the mercy of Lord showered on me by Surya Shila I am feeling quite protective under Him and immense peace of mind in my life has increased my happiness manifold.
Thanks for Shila, guidance everything.
Prafulla Thakur,
Assam, India.
Date: 28 Jan 2012
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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