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Exotic Dwarka Shaligram
Jai Shri Krishna Prabhu Rajiv ji,
Please accept our hearty gratitude and thanks for sending us most beautiful Dwarka Shaligram with 54 Chakras on His body. Prabhu the riches and fortune has statrtd coming as if they have found out new and the most secure place to keep the Laxmi. Prabhu the dream of making a hospital in my life span is now appearing to be a realty. Thank you very much for suggesting us Dwarka Shaligram and making it possible for us to realise our dreams. Haribol,
Kaleshwar Sinha,
Jharkhand, India.
Date: 23 Jan 2012
Exotic Vasudev
Jai Ram Chandra Maharaj Ki, Prabhu Rajiv,
The life has really changed after the arrival of Lord Vasudev Shila in my house. Prabhu the Shila is providing us extreme protection. Earlier lots of thefts used to take place in my shop and in the house also. But now that has reduced considerably. My health also used to be down because of occults being done on me by my relatives and ue to black magic etc. used to take my sleep away from me. But now I am feeling very good, no occult or black magic is working on me. I am able to concentrate more on my business and as a result more growth. I want to thank you personally for having sent us such a powerful Shila. God Bless.
Ram Narayan Bishwas,
Calcutta, India.
Date: 19 Jan 2012
Exotic Radha-Krishna 
Dear Rajiv Prabhu ji,
Jai Radha Krishna, Prabhu you are the light in the darkness surrounded by greed and ignorance in this world. Prabhu after receiving Radha Krishna Shalagram Shila from I feel deeply blessed and much lucky to have such a wonderful Shila in my Altar. Radha Krishna Shila has removed all the negativity that was prevailing in my house. Now every where positivity is spread in my house and everybody is living in the eternal bliss of Radha Krishna Shila. Prabhu the Shila has tremendously improved the relationships between all of us. There is also definitely increase in worldly comforts as well.
Thank you very much for helping us.
Subodh Kalra,
Date: 11 Jan 2012
Exotic Mahalaxmi
Hare Krishna Prabhu Rajiv ji,
I have several dieties in my temple, but Maha Laxmi Shaligram Shila has a very special place in my Altar as well as in my heart. Prabhu since the Shila has come to me my all stuck works have started happening. My legal cases were annouced in my favour, the money which was stuck with the partners have been released quite a bit and my financial business is doing very good. Prabhu I think my devotion and dedication to perform my Karmas with sincerity and honesty has impressed Laxmi Shankh Shila very much and thats how the Shila is blessing me with full heart and soul. Thank you very much Rajiv ji for your kindness.
Surya Prakash Javeri,
Date: 08 Jan 2012
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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