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Properties Of Shaligram (10 INCARNATION + OTHER)
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Chandrama shaligrama is very powerful Shaligrama as it controls the temper of the individual. Those persons who can not control their angar and inturn loose many thing in their lives because of being short tempered are advised to worship a Chandrama Shila. The Chandra Shila helps the worshpper to remove obstacles on his way and let the works be accomplished in the most satisfying way. Chandra Shila also denotes itself of beauty. The men and the women who are looking for their prospective bride grooms can immensely be benefitted by the worship of the Chandra Shilas. It increases the capacity to derive pleasures and take the life to tranquality. The worshipper attains moksha who does regular puja with devotion.
One who has four hands". It is famous that Maha Vishnu has four hands and they carry the Conch, the Discus, the Mace, and the Lotus. According to the Puranas, these four are used by the Lord in maintaining Dharma among mankind. The 'Conch' calls man to the righteous path that directly leads to Peace and Perfection, the Divine Vishnupada. Very many of us in the enchantment of the immediate sense-joys refuse to listen to the small inner voice of conscience,the sound of the Paanchajanya-conch, and so He wields the 'Mace' and we come to suffer small calamities and tragic jerks in our smooth existence -communal, social or national. If still the individual is not listening to the call of the 'Conch', the wheel-of-time, Chakra annihilates the entire. The call and the punishment are all only to take man towards his Ultimate Goal, represented by the "Lotus" in His hand. Subjectively Vishnu is the Self within, who manifests as the four-armed 'subtle-body' to serve as the Eesa of the gross physical structure, in all its actions and protect it with existence. The "Subtle-body" as the inner-equipment (Antah-Karana) functions as four mighty powers -mind, intellect, chit and ego. Chit is the 'Lotus', intellect is the 'Conch', ego is the 'Mace', and mind is the 'Discus'. All these four are wielded by the One Infinite Blue-bodied Narayana, clothed in His 'yellow garb', manifesting to maintain and sustain the world of good and evil. Since the Self functions thus in a four-fold pattern, Vishnu has the appellation, "the four-armed Lord."
Who was "bound by the waist" by His mother Yashoda as a punishment for stealing butter. The students can gain immensely by worship of this Shila as it tremendously increaes the memory retention power and concentration. The worshipper desires are fulfilled and besides getting worldly comforts he helps the society to improve by carrying austerities and philanthropic activities. The worshipper alsways remain attached to his near and dear ones. A son becomes very obedient is the Shilas is kept in the house and progress in his life by coming into the right kind of track. It helps in removing bad habbits and the worshipper transforms into a spiritual being.
According to Hindu mythology, Mansarovar is a creation of Lord Brahma, the God of Creation. The sons of Lord Brahma lacked a sufficient site to perform rites, so they called Brahma, their holy Father, for help. As a result, Mansarovar was created. His sons spent 12 years at the lake performing austerities. Devi Mansarover is worshipped by the Hindus as it fulfills all desires at the same time grant salvation to the devotee. Devi Mansarover Shaligram is very auspicious and rare Shila and every devotee should have it in his alter. It removes Vastu doshas and provides peaceful environment at the beholder place. It removes all negativities and the worshipper never can be affected by occult or black magic. The worshiper gets tremendous respect in the society and leads a dignified and a very satisfying life.
Dhanesvarah - The Lord of wealth. Here the term "Wealth" means all the good things in the universe- all objects of happiness. He is described in the Puranas as the Lord of the Goddess Lakshmi (Lakshmipati) and as such He is ever the Master-of-all-wealth. The greatest of wealth is, of course, the liberation, and Lord Narayana is the Isvara of this great wealth, He blesses the true devotees with the experience of complete liberation from the entanglements and sorrows of the vestures of matter around us.
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I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

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