Shaligram Sangraha Discription
Shaligram Sangraha:As per Skanda and Garuda Purana the place where more than one Shaligrama is worshipped, that place itself becomes a pilgrimage. Lord Narayana further says that a place where 108 Shaligrama Shilas are placed and are worshipped I personally come and stay there and grant boons to the worshipper.
A Shree Shaligram Sangraha is a group of different Shaligram Shilas which resembles in their properties to quite an extent but yet they are different. When such Shaligram Shilas are worshipped together the effect of their worship multiply manifold times and the results obtained are very quick and positive. For example Kalp Vriksha Shaligram Shila bestows the devotee with fulfillment of all his wishes. Similarly Kamdhenu Shaligram Shila also bestows the devotee with fulfillment of all desires and wishes. They do have few different properties as well, but such Shaligram Shilas when worshipped together, prove to be extremely effective and bestows the devotee immensely.
      If the devotees worship Shaligramas of different types as 'Sangraha' he is blessed with the supernatural powers with which he can establish peace, prosperity and 'Vaikunta' like environment in the society. With the concept of praying more than one Shilagram Shilas, various Shaligrams are categorised in different divine Sangrahas.
There has been a clear evidence that thousand of devotees who have chosen to worship a Shaligrama Sangraha consisting of different Shaligram Shilas have been immensely benefitted by the worshipping of Shaligram Sangrahas. The devotees are requested to read the texts of different Shaligram Sangrahas and choose the Sangraha accordingly. They can also contact us for the recommendation of Sangraha which will be most suitable to them. All the Shaligram Sangrahas are named in such a way that they convey the meaning very easily for which the Sangraha has been constituted.
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I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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