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Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna on 2nd August on the Auspicious Occasion of Shravan Shivratri (Individual Puja)-OPS-13-6
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Rs 5900/- $ 73 USD 3 Siddh Priests for 1 Day Date: 2nd August
Time: 9 AM to 7 PM (10 Hours)
No. of Chants: 11000

Special Gifts: 6 Mukhi Rudraksha, Shiva Yantra and Puja Tokri containing Mouli (red, yellow sacred thread), haldi kumkum, Coin, Kaudi, Tabiz etc along with the Puja prasad
Rs 15100/- $ 186 USD 11 Siddh Priests for 1 Day Special Gifts: one blessed & energized Tripurna Shivalinga Shaligram, one 16 Mukhi Rudraksha, one Kailash Shila, Shiva Yantra and Puja Tokri containing Mouli (red, yellow sacred thread), haldi kumkum, Coin, Kaudi, Tabiz etc along with the Puja prasad

Puja includes continous Abhisheka with water, honey, milk, sugarcane juice and Gangajal
Rs 21100/- $ 260 USD 11 Siddh Priests for 1 Day Special Gifts: one blessed and energized Adhi Shakti Tripurna Shivlinga Shaligram, one Gauri Shakar Rudraksha (Nepalese origin), one Kailash Shila, Shiva Yantra and Puja Tokri containing Mouli (red, yellow sacred thread), haldi kumkum, Coin, Kaudi, Tabiz etc along with the Puja prasad

Puja includes continous Abhisheka with water, honey, milk, sugarcane juice and Gangajal
Rs 121000/- $ 1494 USD 11 Siddh Priests for 1 Day Special Gifts: one blessed and energized Laxmi Kuber Harihar Shaligram, one 21 Mukhi Rudraksha (Indonesian Origin), Kailash Shila, one Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra (6*6 inch), Shiva Yantra and Puja Tokri containing Mouli (red, yellow sacred thread), haldi kumkum, Coin, Kaudi, Tabiz etc along with the Puja prasad

Puja includes continous Abhisheka with water, honey, milk, sugarcane juice and Gangajal
***Devotees, we send a puja tokri post completion of the puja which contains several very good quality items energised during your puja being performed, like an energised yantra, energised Sudarshan Kavach, rudraksha, tulsi mala, shaligram stone, yantra locket, Laxmi Coin, and few other items energised in your puja service. For sending all these energised items, the courier charges are asked. You have a choice of not taking these items and in that case no shipping charges are admissible to you. However, we suggest that you pay the courier charges and get the above items as the value of the items sent is much higher than the courier charges you pay and also keeping the energised items in your home temple will increase the duration of the good effects of the puja by several more years.***
Product Description
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Shivratri Puja | Vedic Significance of Shivratri | Shivratri Vrat Katha | Online Shivratri Puja | Shaligram Shala

Shivratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in reverence of Lord Shiva. It is the Night of Shiva and it is believed that he married to goddess Parvati on this day. Shivratri festival is celebrated for one day and one night. It is also written as Sivaratri, Shivaratri, Sivarathri or Shivarathri. On the auspicious day of Shivratri devotees honour, glorify and worship Lord Shiva with sanctifying rituals throughout the night. It is the most propitious day of the year for the devotees of Shiva as it is believed that whoever worships Him with true devotion is freed of all sins and also blessed with Moksha or Nirvana (liberation from the eternal cycle of life and death).

According to the Vedas, the Universal Spiritual energy generated by favourable planetary positions is at its peak during the auspicious time of Shivratri. Therefore this puja benefits has a profound impact on the Supreme devotees of God Shiva. On this day worshipping Mahadev and conducting Shivratri Puja is supremely auspicious and beneficial. This puja includes Shiva Abhishekam using water, honey, sugarcane juice, milk, Gangajal, pomegranate juice and offering of belpatra, Dhatura, fruits, vermilion, oil lamp, incense, Betel leaves and Panchagavya.

Why celebrate Shivratri?

Shivratri festival owes its origins to several different versions and one of them is being a celebration of the marriage of Shiva and Parvati to each other. According to legends, Shiva and Parvati got married to each other on this auspicious day of Shivratri. Due to the power of Goddess Parvati, He was transformed into a Sagun Brahman from a Nirgun Brahman.

According to another legend, after the Earths creation was complete, once Maa Parvati asked Lord Shiva about the kind of rituals or worship that pleases Him the most. Then Mahadev replied that worshipping Him with Bel Patra on the 14th day of the waning moon in the month of Phalgun pleases Him the most. Goddess Parvati told this to Her friends and thus it is spread in all directions.

Significance of 4 Pahar in Shivratri Puja

Pahar also spelled as Prahar or peher is a traditional unit of time used in India, Pakistan, Nepal & Bangladesh. Generally, one pahar is equal to three hours and there are eight pahars in a day (24 hours). Traditionally, day and night each were allocated four pahars. The first pahar of the day begins at the time of sunrise whereas the first pahar of the night begins at the time of sunset. Each pahar day & night cycle of 24 hour has a specific name and number. The 1st pahar of the day known as pehla pahar which corresponds to the early morning whereas the 2nd Pahar is called do-pahar which come to be the generic term for midday or afternoon. In Shivratri Puja, our Puja Services will be conducted in the four pahars allocated in night.

Significance of Shivratri for Women

Mahashivratri festival is one of the most auspicious occasions for women. On this night all the married women worship Lord Shiva and pray for the long life and well-being of their husbands and sons. Whereas the unmarried women pray to Him for an ideal husband. It is believed that whoever sincerely perform this puja ritual and does Shiva mantra Japa during Shivratri attains Moksha.

What to do on Shivratri? / Shivratri Puja Vidhi

- In Shivratri Puja rituals, primarily traditional Shivalinga should be worshipped.
- Wake up early in the morning and take a ritualistic bath (on this day bathing in holy rivers like Ganga is considered highly auspicious).
- One can also take a bath with water mixed with sesame seed oil as ancient scriptures mention that adding sesame seeds to the bathing water purifies the body and the soul.
- Devotees should fast for the entire day and break the fast only on the next day of Shivratri.
- The fast of this festival is very tough therefore devotees should abstain themselves from consuming food in any form during the fasting.
- Go to the nearest Shiva Temple for Shivalinga Abhishek & give the Lingam a customary bath.
- Shivalinga Abhishekam can be performed with various materials like rose water, yoghurt, ghee, milk, honey, sugar, water and juices and several offerings.
- One can perform this puja either one time or four times the whole night.
- People who perform four Pahar Puja should do the Abhishekam with water mixed with Ganges water during the 1st Prahar, yoghurt (curd) during the 2nd Prahar, ghee in the 3rd Pahar and honey in the 4th Prahar.
- After performing Abhishekam, Shivalinga should be adorned with garlands of Bilva leaves (belpatra). Bilva leaves elevate the devotees beyond the three Gunas signified by the 3 leaves of the Bilva Patra.
- Now apply Chandan and Ashwagandha and light the Dhoop. Then other items like Madar flower, Vibhuti (Bhasm) are offered to the Shiva Linga.
- Throughout the puja ritual, must chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. The fast of Shivratri should be broken only on the next day after having a bath before Chaturdashi Tithi ends. This Shivratri Puja Vidhi is the most beneficial.

Shivratri Puja Mantras

During Shivratri Puja ritual, chanting Shiva mantras is best and the effects multiply manifold when done on this day. The Shiva Mantras are-

Shiva Mantra: ॐ नम: शिवाय॥
Om Namah Shivaya॥

Meaning of Shiva Mantra: I bow to Almighty Shiva who is the supreme reality, the inner Self

This Shiva mantra is the root mantra which is chanted in the remembrance of All-auspicious Shiva but going deeper, this mantra means a lot. Here the word Namah used in the middle means I am not ego but only Shiva. In self-realization, it means I am none other than Shiva.

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra: त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिंम् पुष्टिवर्धनम् ।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् ।।
tryambakaṃ yajamahe sugandhiṃ Pushtivardhanam |
urvārukamiva bandhanān mrityormukshīya māmratāt ǁ

Meaning of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra: OM! We worship the Three-eyed Lord Who is fragrant and Who nourishes and nurtures all beings. As the ripened cucumber (with the intervention of the gardener) is freed from its bondage (to the creeper), may He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is one of the most sacred and highly powerful mantras mentioned in the Yajur Veda & Rig Veda. Chanting this mantra offers protection against untimely death. It also charges our mental, emotional and physical health and bestows longevity and immortality. According to Puranas, when Daksha (father of Sati) cursed Chandra (Moon-god), Sati recited this mantra to dwindle the effect of the curse, which eventually demoralized Daksha. After then Lord Shiva pleased by Sati took Chandra and placed it upon His divine head.

Rudra Gayatri Mantra: ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे, महादेवाय धीमहि, तन्नो रुद्रः प्रचोदयात्॥
Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe, Mahadevaya Dhimahi, Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat॥

Meaning of Rudra Gayatri Mantra: OM! Let me meditate on the great Purusha, Oh, greatest God, give me higher intellect, and let God Rudra illuminate my mind.

Maa Gayatri is the divine goddess and mother of the Vedas worshipped by Lord Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. Goddess Gayatri symbolizes the virtues of knowledge, purity and truth. Chanting Rudra Gayatri Mantra supercharge the Shiva Tattvas in our soul by the blessing of Maa Gayatri. She is the divine union of Tridevi which are Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. Usually reciting this mantra on Mondays, Shivratri and Amavasya Tithi give the blessing of Lord Shiva Who alone can burn our ego, selfishness and ignorance.

Benefits of Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna

- By conducting Shiva Yagna one can get protection in all areas of life.
- This puja ritual also removes the planetary malefic effects.
- One should perform this puja ritual in order to get good health, peace & success.
- The Shiva Yajna is also beneficial in the awakening of higher consciousness.

Spiritual Benefits of Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna

- Grant Moksha / Mukti Or Salvation.
- Give liberation and devotional service.
- For removal of planetary doshas in horoscope.
- It destroys sins & past karma by Antahkarna Shuddhi.
- for dhyaan/ meditation and spiritual attainments.
- Promotes spiritual growth.
- For divine blessings of Lord Shiva.

Health Benefits of Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna

- Bestows longevity and excellent fitness.
- For freedom from diseases.
- Protects from ailments & improves health.
- One should keep this yantra for good health and prosperity.
- Worshippers get relief from diseases, difficulties and dangers
- Boosts immunity & bestows longevity.
- Prevents mental & physical diseases.

Shaligram Shala Offers the Best Puja & Yagna Services in the World

Worlds First ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization for Puja & Yagna Services. Shaligram Shala Puja and Yagna Services is the most trusted brand for online Hindu pujas and yajna services provider. Our Managing Director of Shaligram Shala Sh. Rajeev Krishna Dasa who is Initiated in Gaudiya Sampradaya has been performing very big pujas like Ati Rudra Puja with 108 priests, Laksh Chandi puja and Yagna with 1100 priests, Satchandi Yagna, Ganesha Laxmi Saraswati pujas, Laxmi Narayana Pujas, Shiva Durga Pujas, Sudarshana Homam, Dasha Mahavidya Pujas, Nav Durga pujas, Navagraha poojas etc.

We are conducting all Vedic and Tantrik pujas at our Shaligram Shala premises at Neelkanth Business Park, Vidyavihar West Mumbai since last 20 years for Indian and overseas devotees. Till date, Rajeev Krishna Prabhuji under his supervision has performed more than 5000 pujas in the last 5 years. Shaligram Shala Puja and Yajna Services and Puja services perform all types of Hindu Vedic and Tantric pujas in India and other parts of the world such as UK, USA, Japan, Europe, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand etc.

Why Book Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna from Shaligram Shala

Our pujas are conducted strictly as per ancient Vedic rituals in our temple, installed in self-owned premises by well-versed learned Karmakandi priests from Shivkashi temple with the live streaming facility on Skype/ whatsapp vedio call and we welcome you to visit our center for participate in the Pujas personally. You can book online Puja or contact us for Puja service. You may log into Skype and take Sankalpa online with the Pundits and see your Puja being conducted in our Puja Mandir at Shaligram Shala Mandir premises.

Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna by Shaligram Shala

Masik Shivratri Puja Mantra Japa Abhisheka & Yagna by Shaligram Shala Puja & Yagna Services includes Kalash Sthapana, Panchang Sthapana(Gauri Ganesh, Punyavachan, Shodash Matrika, Navgraha, Sarvotabhadra), 64 yogini Pujan, Shetrapal Pujan, Swasti Vachan, Sankalpa, Ganesh Pujan and Abhishek, Navgraha Pujan and 108 chants of each planetary mantra, Invocation of major Gods and Goddesses in Kalash, Yantra Puja, chants of Mantra, Havan, Aarti, Pushpaanjali and Brahmin Bhojan.

Charity After Performing Puja Rituals

It is very important and mandatory to do charity for the poor people, animals and birds for the success of the puja ritual being performed. After performing the puja ritual Shaligram Shala Puja & Yagna Services gives charity on the behalf of the devotees. Following items will be donated to the poor & needy persons on the behalf of devotees whose puja ritual has been done. Few of the items will be donated to the temple and few items will be offered to the animals & birds as per the Hindu Shastras on the behalf of devotees to obtain the Satkarma and increase the power of this puja ritual. This charity helps in getting favorable results and wish fulfillment of the devotee very soon.

1. Gemstones
2. Grains
3. Fruits
4. Feed to Animals or Birds
5. Donate Clothes (Chunari & other clothes)
6. Dakshina (money)
7. Brahman Bhoj (1 Priests or more)
8. Give ash of Havan to the temple of particular God & Goddess and then parcel it to the devotees along with puja tokri
9. Donate Shankh/ Kaudi/ anything collected from the ocean
10. Donate Metal

Sankalpa Being Taken by Rajeev Krishna Dasa

Each Puja Sankalpa has been taken elaborately by Sh. Rajeev Krishna (founder of in English and Hindi so that devotees amply clear that for what purpose the particular puja is being conducted. One instruction sheet is sent wherein all the instructions are written in detail which are the number of priests, number of chants, Sankalpa, mantra, etc. Mr Rajeev Krishna can be contacted at 9322646420 / 9322646421 for listening to the Sankalpa. He will also briefly discuss your horoscope and guide you in the best possible way.

Pujas are performed by the highly qualified and SIDDHA priests at Shaligram Shala Puja Services

Shaligram Shala Puja and Yajna Services have a team of highly qualified M.A., PhD. (Sanskrit) priests and most distinguished Brahmins (Acharyas and Shastries who are well-read and have studied Vedas, Upnishads, Puranas, Tantras and Karmkand in its entirety and depth. These priests have post graduated from the Kashi and are well trained in performing all the Pujas as per Vedic, Tantrik and Karmakand rituals. These priests from Kashi have been performing very big pujas for the last 10 to 20 years. It may be noted that the priests performing the various pujas at Shaligram Puja and Yajna Services are SIDDHA priests who have done japa of a particular mantra for much more than 14 Lakh times and hence the same mantras chanted by them has manifold times more effect than the mantras chanted by the normal priests.

How do you ensure that puja is really done for you or not?

- Mr Rajeev Krishna takes puja Sankalpa on the behalf of the devotee before starting puja by either connecting with the devotee on WhatsApp or the recorded Sankalpa is sent to devotee by WhatsApp after the Sankalpa is taken but while the puja is still in progress.
- Devotees can also be connected to us by Skype or Whatsapp to hear the Sankalpa (devotees must send your skype id or WhatsApp number at the time of booking of puja).
- Small video clipping of Abhishekam of the main deity (or pradhan god) will be sent to you on WhatsApp while the puja is still in progress.
- The video clipping of mantra chanting by priests will be sent during the puja ritual.
- Video clipping of Yajna being performed will also be sent to you while the yajna is in progress.
- A video clipping of the fire pattern will be sent on your WhatsApp, that will emerge while doing the yajna. These fire patterns are indications of how well the overall puja has gone. In the fire patterns of the Yajna, we can clearly see how the Gods are taking the offerings of the yajna.
- Short Video clipping of Arti will be sent to you after the Yajna is over.
- The blessing of pundits (Ashirvad) will be sent at the end of the puja and thereafter the prasad is distributed.
- You can opt for the DVD of the puja if you are not able to attend the puja personally for the additional charges of Rs. 1500/-. This DVD will be for 2 hours approx. and it will contain the main aspects of the puja rituals like Sankalpa, Abhishekam, yajna, patterns of fire flames during yajna and Arti.
- You can also book the puja with the option of live streaming of puja with Rs 2500/- additional charges. Here we shall show you the entire puja ritual.

How do you ensure that the correct number of Japas is being really done by the priests for you or not?

Shaligram Shala puja and Yajna services ensure that each priest takes a Sankalp before starting the puja with betel leaf, betel nut, flower and small qty. of rice. Since all priests are Kashi trained and are initiated, hence once the Sankalpa is taken individually by them, they are bound to complete the stated number Japas positively. In the case of most of the other websites doing pujas, normally all pundits avoid taking such kind of Sankalp and there is a strong likelihood that they do not complete the stated Japa. Hence the positive effect of the puja will not be experienced by the devotee.

Associated Chakra Planet & Products

If the above Puja & Yagna is performed along with the following items, the power of Puja increases manifolds times more. If you buy any of these items, we shall energize that item during your puja so that these will give you very good results. We will energize and also do Abhimantram of that item.

Chakra - Vishudha Chakra Chakra is balanced by performing this puja. Chakra is seven centers of religious energy in the human body. Chakras are the circular vortexes of power that are situated in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are related to the different organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing life energy.

Planet - Jupitor (Guru) is associated with this Puja & Yagna. According to the Vedic astrology, all the nine planets in your horoscope (Kundali) affect the course of life i.e. marriage, career, health, finances etc. The movement of these planets in the horoscope forms yogas or doshas (negative influences). Due to these Navagraha doshas, people face various obstacles & hindrances in their life. In order to minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of these planets, we perform various Pujas & Yagnas.

Shaligram - Shivlinga Shaligram & Shiv Parvati Shaligram can be worshipped along with this Puja & Yagna and it gives very good results. The Shaligram is a natural stone that is Lord Vishnu itself. Shaligram is a Blackstone brought from Gandaki river-beds in the Muktinath area of Nepal. Shalagram Shila is also known as Salagram/ Shalagram/ Saligram Sila. Shaligram worshipped in the temple as well as in the houses. Shaligram is a fossilized shell used in South Asia as an iconic symbol and form of Lord Vishnu. They are typically in the form of spherical, black-colored and smooth in nature. We offer a pure array of Shri Shalagram. Its origination place is also likewise of Sankha, Moti or Gomati Chakra which are Aquatic States. Shalagram is a Blackstone brought from Gandaki river, there is a big place called Shalagram and these Shalagram are hundreds of years old.

Rudraksha - 11 Mukhi , 2 Mukhi & 16 Mukhi is also worshipped along with this Puja & Yagna. By doing so the power of Puja & Yagna increases manifolds times more. Shaligram Shala offers certified Rudraksh sourced from Nepal & Java (Indonesia). These Rudraksh Beads are genuine & real and can work as a cure for a wide variety of diseases including chronic headaches, allergies & skin problems, backaches & digestive problems, depression & insomnia and also several kinds of emotional problems. You can purchase online Rudraksha, Shaligram, gemstones, Vastu products, Puja & Yagnas, meditation accessories, bracelets, Malas and spiritual books & CDs.

Gemstone - Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Peela Pukhraj) gemstone along with this Puja & Yagna gives results quickly. Gemstones also known as gems, precious stones, semi-precious stones, Vedic gemstones, Jyotish gemstones are one of the most beautiful & exotic minerals with elegant appearance & color. Gems or Gemstones Jewelleries are extensively used for healing and self-empowerment. There are different types of gems with different prices. The price of gemstones depends on the quality of minerals & availability.

Murtis & Idols - You should also worship Shiva murtis or idols along with the Puja & Yagna. is one of the leading websites which deals in very high quality and rare Murtis & Idols made of makrana marbles & brass. The Pranpratisthit Murtis are actual live Murties and bestow the devotee with longevity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts.

Yantra - Worshipping Shiva Yantra Yantra along with the above puja gives accurate results. Yantra established the vibration of large resonance or amplitude with the benefic energy of cosmos. These vibrations generate contact with highly elevated energies and help to enhance the spirituality within and attain spiritual course of conduct in our daily lives. It also increases the intensity of prayer & makes our thoughts more influential & strong.

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