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Sacred ShaligramSacred Matsya Shaligram

Sacred Adwaitya Golden Rohita Matsya Murti Samudramanthan-EXMTS1009
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Colour: Jet Black & Golden
Dimension : 5cm x 2.2cm x 1.5cm
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Matsya Shaligram | Why Worship Matsya Shaligram | Shaligram Benefits | Significance of Matsya Shaligram

Matsya is the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Matsya or the Fish incarnation. In this form Lord Vishnu saved the Saint Vaivaswata. Matsya Shaligram is a very powerful Shila and it removes the Vastu Dosha also and brings prosperity and peace in the devotees place. A peaceful environment prevails in his surroundings. Matsya Shaligrama also provides a sixth sense to the worshipper to see the future things happening. By worshipping this Shila an issueless woman is blessed with a virtuous son. Matsya Shila also helps in leaving bad habits and the devotee becomes fearless, gains immense confidence and takes on every challenge with boldness and tact. At Least one Matsya Shila should be there in every devotee s Altar.

Benefits of Matsya Shaligram

- Worshipping this auspicious Shaligram takes the devotee towards salvation.
- Matsya Shaligram Shila brings immense wealth and worldly comforts.
- This Shila bestows the worshipper with austerity and philanthropy.
- The environment of the beholders house and workplace becomes pious and all negativity is removed.
- There is a big flow of wealth that takes place in the favour of the devotee and the devotee can accumulate immense wealth.
- Matsya Shaligram is a very powerful Shila and it removes the Vastu Dosha also and brings prosperity and peace in the home or workplace of worshippers.

Matsya Shaligram | What is Matsya Shaligram

Matsya Shaligram Shila is extremely powerful, radiates very high energy, auspicious and has perfect impressions of Matsya as far as the main body is concerned. The Shila has Maha Vishnu markings at the top of the Shila and Maha Laxmi markings at the tail of the Shila. The shape of Matsya Shaligram Shila is like that of a fish. The clear marking of Chakra at the back side of the Shila makes this Shila extremely rare and exotic. The Matsya and Laxmi make the Shila to have qualities of all these Gods. The Shila is very smooth, medium sized, cold to touch, and extremely attractive.

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