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An organically occurring element from air, water and soil, Parad is a hardened mercury. There are severl forms of mercury that exist in nature such as organic mercury compounds and inorganic mercury compounds, elemental and metallic mercury.

Significance of Parad

Mercury undergoes several stages of purification, before Parad is extracted from it. Parad is believed to be the most auspicious and fortunate metal made from the sperm of Lord Shiva. It is not only used significantly in vedic rituals but even idols made of Parad are comparatively more strong and radiant than those made of ceramic, wood or metal. The religious and divine benefits of a Parad Shivling is similar to a thousand Shivling made of stone or any other element.

As per Vedic Scriptures Parad is the most unadulterated and refined among all mineral elements. Brahma Purana states that those worshipping or having a Parad Shivling will not only live a prosperous and wealthy life but also find salvation, serenity of self and ultimately Moksha, irrespective of the birth, caste or gender. In their lifetime, the ones who values and worships the Parad Shivling will attain highest of honour in terms of name, fame and wealth, a happy family and umpteen of knowledge of the highest order. The person will have an optimistic attitude and carry a positive aura wherever he goes.

Found in the Earth’s crust mercury is an element which cannot be created or destroyed. Unmixed and refined mercury is found in the form of a liquid metal which is also known as quick silver that desiccates easily. According to Brahma Purana, the worshipping of Parad idols brings prosperity from the supreme Lord and devotees find ultimate liberation and come to know the essence of pure existence. The 117 Shlokas about Soma in Rigveda mentions about Iridium, Mercury and Rhodium.

The Vedic Mythology states that those who are seeking the ultimate truth or oksha and the yogis, set out to an inexplicable region known as Siddhashrama which is in the Himalayas. To increase the power of their meditation in the freezing climate of the Himalayas, the yogis there take a potion of mercury to enhance the intensity and also to bring down the number of breaths they take. In its raw form, Parad is dangerous and venomous. Through their spiritual powers, the yogis invent Gauri Chintamani, which is an edible form of Parad.

Benefits of using Parad

Mercury plays a very prominent role in Ayurveda and is also referred to as the flowing metalloid. It is used to find the cure of many diseases such as asthma, sex related problems and blood pressures. The solidified form of Parad as beads is used in for curing cardiac disease, diabetes and blood pressure. This is mainly worn as an ornament around the waist or the neck.

Having several healing properties, consuming Parad with milk in a vessel can serve as a purifying agent of the body. As per early scriptures, it is used to enhance physical health and prevent diseases such as diabetes and asthma.

Other prominent uses of Parad includes the rectification of any Vastu mistakes that may have been unknowingly committed, also serves as a tough guard against black magic, boosts sexuality,high confidence and maintains warmth in relationships.

How to use Parad

Solidified mercury also known as Parad beads or balls shall be clad as an ornament around the neck as a locket and guard against evil eye.

The Parad Samhita states that a cup created out of Mercury, also known as Parad Amrit cup is used in the prevent and cure of various diseases. If a aperson consumes raw milk in this cup, then his body strengthens, becomes sprightly and graceful and also glowing. It also mentions that a solid mercury ball dipped 200 times in raw milk shall also be consumed in the night before sleep. To get totally rid of all diseases, this milk shall be religiously taken for at least a period of 41 days and utmost three months without fail. Nonetheless, in Rudra Centre we highly recommend you to wear the beads either around the neck, or the right hand or as a pendant.

If suffering from body pain, the mercury should be worn in a way that it touches that particular part of the body and should be worn until the pain is totally gone. Another way of curing the pain is dipping the mercury ball in ghee or oil for 24 hours, and the cooled ghee or oil should be massaged on the affected part.

To treat constipation, digestive issues and gastritis or a severe headache, it is suggestive to wear the ball around the naval for 15 to 20 minutes daily.

In case of meditation it is advisable to either place the mercury ball on the forehead or tie it with an adjustable thread.

A Parad bead ring is said to calm the negative impacts of all the planets and serves as a replacement of several gemstones worn to prevent several problems. It also serves as the satisfaction of a sankalp (determination). In this scenario, the ring is abandoned in flowing water (river) once the intention is completed and one is satisfied.

Parad Shivling

Placing a Parad Shivling at home or temple refines the surroundings and brings in a sense of positivity in the atmosphere. It builds a strong connection between Lord Shiva and the devotees, blessing the devotees with prosperity, wealth and good health. There are various goodness that the Vedas have entitled the Parad Shivalinga with :

Ras Martand, a text of the Veda states that:

Ling Kotisahastrasya Yatfalam Samyagarchanaat
Tatfal Koto Gunnitraslinga Archanaadbhavet

Brahma – hatyasahastraanni Gohatyaa Shataanicha
Tatshanna AdiwilayamYaantiraslingasya Darshanaat,
Sparshna Apraapyate Muktiritisatyam Shivoditam.

The adoration and praise a devotee has towards a Parad Shivling is equal to having the same for a thousand Shivlings. Even the slightest glance of a Parad Shivling will neutralize the grave sins of killing a thousand cows and Brahmins. Coming in contact with a Parad Shivling out of devotion will certainly lead a worshipper to do away with all the distress and hardships of life and materialism and bring out their unrevealed spirituality. This is a promise of Lord Shiva. If a person wants to attain success in life and get rid of his whatever negativity he associated with in his past karma he should definitely keep a Parad Shivling around him.


Dharmaarth Kaam Moksha khyaa Purushaarth Ashchaturvidhaa
Sidhyanti naatrasandeh Rasraajprasaadatah

The one who idolizes a Parad Shivling attains four dignities in life, according to various Vedic Scriptures, they are, Artha (Wealth), Kama (Pleasures), Moksha (spiritual progress) and Dharma (Righteousness)

Shat Ashvameghen Kritenpunyam
Gokotibhih Swarnasahastra Daanaat

Nrinnaam Bhavetstootakdarshanen
Yatsarve Teertheshu Kritaabhishekaat

The heavenly excellence that one attains by performing a hundred Ashvamedha Yagnas, by donating ten million cows and tons of gold in charity and by taking upon the visit or pilgrimage to all the four spiritual dhams or seats is similar to having just a mere glance of the Parad Shivaling

The Vaayveeya Samhita Says:

Aayura Rogyameish Varya Yachcha Anyadapivaanchhitam
Raslinga Archanaadishtam Sarvatamlabhate Narah

Endurance, strength, good health, success, riches and everything one wants to attain is possible through idolizing the Parad Shivling.

Sutegunnan Shat Koti Bajranch – Chaabhre Sahatrokanakou Shateikam
Naaregunna Sheeti Tadarghakaante – Teekshnnei Chaturshashthhi khoutdhdharma

Iron has sixty four, gold has hundred, silver has eighty, copper has thirty two, mica and diamond thousand and mercury a hundred million qualities.

Primitive soothsayers and Vedic intellectuals were well acquainted with the supernatural relation that is between the Cosmos and various metals. The metals emit high geared and charged essential waves. The cosmic tattvas that mercury contains is continuously emitted but they are categorized as uneven. Hence, mercury is comparatively the most volatile and venomous metal. For this reason, there is a comparison drawn between the human mind and mercury. Just like the latter, human mind is also unsteady and speculative. As per the scriptures, the natural mercury can be put steady by various refining process. A naturally balanced Parad Shivling is an excellent entity for all human beings to offer their prayers and meditation. It brings about a balance between a human’s mind and body.


It is barely known that the Sadhak Ravanas undisclosed reason towards success and fame was the idolizing of the significant Parad Shivling. A specialist in the understanding of how various Science works he understood this theory also very well and was himself known as Ras Siddh Yogi. This knowledge not only led him to attain astonishing strength or powers but with time his capital Lanka was also converted into a city of Gold. He had a discreet chamber, descriptively dark, wherein he used to offer the outcomes of his rigorness to Lord Shiva by especially idolizing the Parad Shivalinga.


The popularity of Parad and other Metals is spread across the world. India’a ancient science Rashashastra, states about the chemical balance of these metals and how the ultimate elixir of these metals are used for the salvation of the conscience and attainment of prosperity as well as personal growth. A philosopher, metallurgist and saint (10th century), Nagarjun, religiously studied mercury and its secret and supernatural strength. Rasashastra, being a branch of Ayurveda, gained immense popularity due to his sincere dedication of deciphering

the said branch. The ultimate learning of Rasashastra is about transfiguration, refinement and capability of diverse gemstones, metals and herbs and plant essence. It is a supremely excellent and spiritual art.


The preparation of a Siddh Parad consists of the amalgamation of many undisclosed Vedic rituals and various Samskara processes that are coming down from the generations of Vaidyas and Sidhhas. According to various scriptures in the Ayurveda Science, Parad is such an element that can be easily and extensively combined with other elements and still it does not lose its identity or give up its actual nature. Mercury extracted in its rawest form through nature is poisonous and dangerous, but after going through various refining process like Mardan, Murchhan, Swedan, Utthapan and Patan each of its harmful properties can be removed. This refined form of Parad is similar to its life giving elixir.

If extracted in its natural form, Parad has various toxifying elements such as :

- Bhumij (stone, mud gravel)
- Bhushail (water impurities)
- Guru (overly heaviness)
- Vang (tin)
- Naag (lead)
- Mala (endogenous, exogenous waste)
- Agni (intolerance to heat)
- Vish (poison)
- Girij (minerals)
- Chapal (instability)
According to Ayurvedic Science, Parad stands out from all other minerals because of the property that it does not give up its identity even after mixing up with any number of elements. The various Vedic rituals of purification and refinement of Parad to its best form is used by us in our Shaligram Shala. The Rasashastra (a Vedic thesis on chemicals), states that the most refined form of Parad has a bluish colour essence in the heart and is shining white at the outer part. The purification or Samskara implemented on Parad is done by whisking up turmeric. Lemon, Neem leaves and around twenty four other rarely found herbs.


According to Yogi Govinda Padacharya who is the mentor of Adi Shankaracharya
- Parad is considered to be the origin of entirety, healthy body structure and longevity of life.
- Parad is the head of all metals used in the making of gold.
- Acts as a guard against enemies and removes all fears.
- It provides Citta Shuddhi and hence is excellent for Sadhana (Salvation)
Vidhaay Raslinga Yo Bhaktiyuktah Samarchanyet
Jagattritay Lingaanampooja Phalmanvaapnuyaat
The offering, regard, idolization and utilization of Parad will clear out all your sins.


The Parad is placed on the Sahasrara Chakra which takes the shape of a thousand petals of a lotus over the head. It intensifies the relation with Lord Shiva and helps immensely in salvation and psychic routines. The citta, which is a prominent part of our mind and is responsible of all thoughts and memories, is enhanced, rejuvenated and refined by the use of Parad. It also helps treat any kind of nervous disorder and brain problems. It promotes tranquillity, overall satisfaction of the body and mind, focus, dhyana and subsistence in Samadhi. When we develop Siddh Parad making use of primitive apprehensions and understanding of Parad Bandhan, it generates inexplicable components of alleviation from all kinds of miseries and also acts as a shelter for the soul wherein it inculcates nothing but only positivity and happiness.


As per the Parad Samhita which is also known as the Vedic thesis for Mercury, it is of utmost importance that we place Parad through the eight stages of refinement called the Eight Samskaras. We, at Shaligram Shala, shoulder the responsibility, of the intensive purification of Parad so as to remove Saptakanchuki. To carve the murthi – Siddh Parad (Mercury mouth closed using Aghor Vidhya) is formed – Badhha / Agnibadha (heat sustaining) Parad. This enzymatic Parad emits twenty four rasas and five tattvas that eliminates all kinds of illness and affliction from the body.


How can we distinguish between a silver coated Parad and Plain Parad?

The main feature of Plain Parad is that it comes in contact with your skin and is more productive but the shine wears out quite fast. On the other hand, a silver layered Parad will function equally efficiently thrugh its silver coating and also is appealing in looks.

Can we place a Parad Shivling at home and is it necessary to perfrom Abhishekam religiously on the Parad Shivling?
Parad Shivling can definitely be placed at home and carrying out Abhishekam religiously is not compulsory because mere giving the Parad Shivling a place (sthaan) at your home will attract a lot of positive cosmic energies.

How to use Parad on body?
Parad can be worn in various ways. It can be adorn as a bead on the neck or wrist and can also be worn as a ring. It purifies a person inside out, promoting prosperity, health and consciousness of the conscience towards positivity and optimism.

Can the Parad Gutika be dipped in milk for overnight and the same milk be consumed in the morning?
Our Parad products are alchemical and made with the help of intensive Ayurvedic procedures, we will not recommend the edibility part of the Parad. The mere wearing of the Parad Gutika as an ornament in the right hand index finger or as a pendant near the throat will give umpteen amount of benefits.

Where to place the Parad Pyramid and what are its benefits?
The Parad Pyramid is used predominantly to correct any kind of Vastu Dosh in the home or office. It brings in positivity, good luck, profitability, success and acts as a natural purification of the aura of that particular place. It also attracts all kinds of optimism and good Cosmic energies.

What is the authenticity provided of the Parad that we give?
There is an authenticity certificate provided with each of the Parad Products we have.

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