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Energized Vedic Products by Shaligram Shala

All the vedic products of Shaligram Shala ( like shaligram shila, rudraksha, yantra, parad, gemstones, temples, murtis and much more are purified and energized (on request) to remove any negative planetary radiation and sin of past & present life. This process is called ShudhiKaran or Praan Pratishtha of the article. If the pran pratishtha or energization is done properly of an item, it can increase the positive potential and effects of that item to great extent. However this procedure can be done only by the Brahmin (Priest) specializing in this field. Product is then energized with the help of some specific procedures including Poojas and Mantras to get better results and once you get the purified and energized article, the next thing to do is to keep it immersed in GangaJal or Holy Water or Unboiled Milk.
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