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FAQs on Gemstone

1) Why only 9 gemstones are considered most important, while there are heaps of stones and minerals available around the arena?

A: Not all end result or veggies are edible or nutritious, and in an equal way, now not all stones are of the same fee to mankind. Whereas some stones just like the Shaligram are of excessive spiritual value, different stones may be of beauty cost but have little nonsecular cost.

In my studies, I even have observed that only a few stones deliver effect whilst worn at the human body. There are the 9 number one gemstones - Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond. A few others that showed large impact whilst worn at the human body are white sapphire, yellow topaz, quartz, citrine, Amethyst, white sapphire, and opal.

2) What is the difference between precious gemstone, semi-precious stone, synthetic stone, and colorful glass?

A: In the gemstone trade, sure gemstones are known as “treasured” whilst others are termed “semi-treasured.” In my view, this is due to the price of the gem and has nothing to do with its residences. For example, I discover Amethyst to be no much less effective than pearl (Please be aware: Amethyst isn't an alternative to the blue sapphire). Authentic gemstones (whether treasured or semi-valuable) offer color to the frame’s chakras, depending on their cosmic color, and as a consequence promote restoration and health.

3) What are the opposite alternatives available to a person who can’t manage to pay for a valuable gemstone?

A: Precious gemstones come in a selection of characteristics in phrases of cut, shade, and clarity. This variety from the inferior great to the most expensive collector range. However, I find a raw diamond no longer less effective whilst in comparison to an excellent-cut diamond and a well-known yellow sapphire offers the right end result if you may have the funds for a high-quality and steeply-priced yellow sapphire. Know that there is no alternative to any valuable gemstone.

4) Is carrying gemstone in a particular metal crucial?

A: Metals don’t make a great distinction. However, the Moon is more desirable by silver and Jupiter’s strength is superior by using gold so carrying those gemstones in those metals will improve their feature.

5) What ought to be performed if the gemstone gets out of place or cracked?

A: Buy any other one.

6) Is sporting a used gemstone appropriate?

A: I sense a used gemstone can be worn via another character after due cleaning. It is actual that a gemstone does now not paintings after some years of wearing. This implies that after a certain time, their impact is absolutely absorbed by means of the wearer’s frame and he doesn’t need that unique gem anymore. So this gem can be utilized by another man or woman after cleaning.

7) Are heated gemstones taken into consideration less effective?

A: As in line with the Vedic Life Chart, it's far high-quality to use natural and unheated gems. The heating process can result in undesirable colorations within the wearer’s frame, in conjunction with the cosmic shade of the gem. So it is not encouraged.

8) Are many small gems aggregately overpowers a herbal gemstone?

A: You should be conscious that sporting more than one gemstone of the same planet is a strict “no-no” as per gem therapy. I have seen human beings carrying a couple of small diamonds as opposed to one large diamond or more than one blue sapphires rather than one massive sapphire, and that causes destructive consequences. Wear a small gem you could have enough money, however, wear the most effective one.

9) What is the significance of time at the same time as wearing a gemstone?

A: A gem activates on a specific day and a selected time, relying on the earth it is aligned with. No depend on what time you wear it, the gem will prompt as in keeping with its very own day and time (mahurat).

10) What is the rule of thumb for disposing of a gemstone?

A: In my personal view, a gemstone needs to be worn for a prolonged period of time for proper effects. Once you put on it, eliminate it minimally and preserve sports most of the time. After 40 days, you could get rid of it at night time and put on in the morning. There is no restriction on wearing gemstones, whether or not using the restroom or whilst ingesting or drinking.

11) How will you're making a ring of my length? I'm out of the country and the sizing is probably special in India?

A: You can specify your US ring size or UK ring length and we can custom make it for you. If you do not know the ring length you could visit any nearby jeweler and get the ring size. Also, we can make adjustable earrings.

12) What alternatives I even have for setting my Gem as a ring/pendant?

A: If you have a drawing or picture of something you'd like made, we will be satisfied to create it only for you.

13) How do I choose an appropriate Gemstone for me?

A: Apply for the online session to discover your appropriate Gemstone. We set our gemstones as talismans as according to Rajeev Singhals Rudraksha and Parad Therapy so they give the best effective outcomes. Know that Gems are pleasant worn as in keeping with the residences they provide, instead of as consistent with your existence chart.

14) Can a Gem be dangerous for me?

A: A natural gemstone, set in the right way and worn as consistent with Rajeev Singhals Rudraksha and Parad Therapy will handiest give you superb consequences. Know that nature continually produces gadgets which can be beneficial to the whole of mankind in place of prescribing them to their delivery chart.

15) Why Gems from Shaligram Shala?

A: Shaligram Shala offers Flawless, Brilliant, Non Heat dealt with, Non-Color more suitable, Vedic existence chart permitted Gemstones with certificates from Govt certified Gem Institute of India. We suggest an appropriate gem to be worn as in step with RRPT and set it in the proper manner so that you get complete benefits. But extra important than a certificate is the venture with which Shaligram Shala has been running to alleviate pain and suffering and to deliver holy items at reasonable prices.

16) Why purchase a valuable gem if a substitute will suffice simply as nicely?

A: We believe that there's no replacement Gem as such. Commonly available gemstones like Quartz, Amethyst, and Turquoise, and so on. Are called Semi-Precious, whilst uncommon ones like Sapphires and Diamonds are called valuable. Each gem has man or woman belongings and there may be no Gem that is the replacement of the opposite.

17) Why can’t I just visit my local jeweler for a jyotish gem?

A: Most jewelry shops do now not convey gems appropriate for jyotish utilization. Usually, gemstones are in a few way handled or improved, and even though they're beautiful to look at and nevertheless well worth their monetary fee inside the change, they no longer possess their inherent vibratory restoration characteristics. Trust most effective businesses that specialize in natural gemstones and provide an unconditional guarantee as we do.

18) Am I then paying a premium for herbal gems?

A: Definitely now not. As we've our buying office in a supply, that also is a cutting and enterprise center for gems from other supply nations; we offer nice qualities on the first-rate feasible prices. Generally, businesses in our role promote jewelry shops or other merchant middlemen who resell to the public at retail fees. As there may be no middleman between the primary client abroad and also you, the end consumer, the financial savings are enormous.

19) Does wearing a gemstone surely change whatever in character's existence?

A: Yes, natural gemstones are very powerful and they assist change a person 's lifestyles.

20) Why have humans purchased the gemstones from you, as compared to other websites on the Internet?

A: We concentrate on herbal, non-warmth treated, non-colour greater, Vedic lifestyles chart authorized gemstones. We set gems as per Rajeev Singhals Rudraksha and Parad Therapy as a Talisman which offers you the simplest beneficial outcomes. Our gemstones are widely desired by way of astrologers in the USA, UK. All our gemstones are accompanied by certificates of authenticity. We are an ISO 9001:2015 licensed organization.

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