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Shaligram Shala Free Gifts Facility

After purchasing any item which costs more than Rs. 4000/- we provide you some exciting free gifts like rudraksha, shaligram, yantra and yantra coin. After purchasing an item from Shaligram Shala ( we will provide options to choose a gift item suitable for you.

For Purchase of Rs. 4000/- to 5000/-

If you buy a product of cost Rs. 4000/- to 5000/- you can get 9 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Or Murlidhara Shaligram Or 1 Laxmi Coin Yantra Or 1 Yantra of 3*3 Size

For Purchase around Rs. 10000/-

If you buy a product of cost around Rs. 10000/- you can get 11 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Or Radha Krishna Shaligram Or Laxmi Coin Yantra + Ganesh Coin Yantra

For Purchase around Rs. 20000/-

If you buy a product of cost around Rs. 20000/- you can get 13 Mukhi Java Rudraksha Or Laxmi Narayan Shaligram Or Dwarka Ananta Shila
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