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Importance of Parad

One of the most distinctive and marvellous, godsend creation, the Parad Shivaling is nothing but a blessing sent from the God to the humans. One can attain almost everything if one believes in dedication and efforts, but a concentration of good luck, optimism and prosperity as a Parad Shivling can be obtained only when fortune knocks at a man’s door.

One of the most intellectual and most knowledgeable of all yogis, Poojya Gurudev Swami Sachidanand believes that if a devotee or a Sadhak places a Parad Shivaling at his home or workplace and devotes all his prayers towards it or just have a glance of it every day then all his sins are eliminated and he attains peace, tranquillity and spiritual powers of the level he had never imagined for himself and this in turn brings good health, wealth and all the fortunes that he ever desired.

About this Shivling, the Text Ras Martand states that:

- Lingkoti Sahastrasya Yatfalamsamya Garchanaat
- Tatfalkotigunnit Raslinga Archanaadbhavet
- Brahma – hatya Sahastraanni Gohatyashatanicha. Tattshannaa Dwilayamyanti Raslingasyadarshannaat Sparshna Aprapyaate Muktiritisatyam Shivoditam.

Worshipping a Parad Shivaling is similar to worshipping a thousand Shivlings. Just having a mere glimpse of the Parad Shivling nullifies the gravest of sins like killing of thousands of cows and Brahmins. A simple touch of the Parad Shivaling eliminates all kinds of trouble and speeds up the process of a person’s psychological and religious advancement. This is from the God of Gods, Lord Shiva.

The Rassarnnav Tantra states:

- Dharmarth kaam – mokshakhyaa Purushaarth Ashchaturvidhaa
- Sidhyantinatra Sandeh Rasraajprasadatah
- The one who idolizes a Parad Shivling even once in his life is subject to arth (wealth), kaam (pleasures), Dharma (righteousness) and Moksh (spiritual progress)

The Brahmaveivart Puraan states:

- Pachyatekaalsootrann Yaava Chandradivaakari.
- Kritvaaling Sakritpoojya Vaset Kalpashatam Divi.
- Prajaavaanbhoomivaan Vidwaanputra – Bandhavvaanastathaa.
- Gyaanvaanmuktivaan Sadhuras Lingaarchanaad Bhavet
- The various comforts in life that one’s heart desires – good health, wealth, respect, fame children, grand children, a good status, a respectable position in life, a socially happy life, a good life partner, higher education and a stable career can be acquired if one devotes his prayers and worship to the Parad Shivaling and develops a kind of attachment with God that he had never felt before.

The Vaayeveeya Samhita states:

- Aayurarogya Meishvarya Yachchaanyadapi Vanchhitam
- Raslingaa Archanadishtam Sarvatam Labhatenarah
- A sound health, a prosperous life and any desire that a man places in his heart and asks for in his prayers can be attained by pure devotion towards the Parad Shivaling.

Goddess Lakshmi and the Parad Shivaling

Although Lord Shiva is associated with the Parad Shivaling and it is an icon relevant to him but there are several texts like the Lakshmi Upanishad that has credited the Parad Shivaling as an icon related to Goddess Lakshmi as well. As per the divine Lord Vishnu, a house premise that has given a special place to the Parad Shivaling has the blessings and divinity of Goddess Lakshmi who symbolizes wealth, success and prosperity. Poverty can never even touch the door of that house.

The preparation of a Siddh Parad Shivaling involves a numerous mystic and lesser known rituals and various samskara or purification processes that is coming down as one of the most significant knowledge attained by the Siddhas and Vaidyas. We, at the Rudra Center provide you the actual synthesized Siddh Parad Lingam.


The Agama Shastra states, there are two admissible accommodation of the Shivalinga.

1. The devotee fronting the north and the yoni base fronting towards the east, (in this case, the devotee is facing the south face of the lingam). However, the Shivalinga here needs to be kept in a way that the Abhishek water or the Panchamrit should be flowing out from the yoni base of the Shivalinga.

2. The devotee fronting the East and the yoni base fronting the North, where the devotee will be towards the west face of the lingam.
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