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Lord Shiva Aarti / Shiv Puja Aarti / Benefits And Advantages Of Puja Aarti


The ritual of performing aarti is an integral a part of worshipping in Hinduism. The Mahadev Aarti lyrics are in praise of Lord Shiva and every verse ends with letter of invitation to the Lord to get rid of unhappiness and pain from life. The Mahadev Aarti is sung by devotees is an pleasant ways to please Him with the good benefits and receive His blessing. The last verse means that the performing of Mahadev Aarti regularly with an good heart can fulfil one's wishes. This Aarti is popularly performed during the Mahashivratri, Shravan Maas, on Mondays and it's said that Lord Shiva likes devotees performing His Aarti. The meaning within the English of the Mahadev Aarti has been provided after each verse for devotees to grasp what the lines mean.


जय शिव ओंकारा, ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा ।
ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, सदाशिव, अर्द्धांगी धारा ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Jai Shiv Omkara, Om jai Shiv Omkara,
Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv Arddhagni Dhara.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: Glory to you, O Shiva! Glory to you, O Omkaara! May Brahma, Vishnu and therefore the assembly of other gods, including the good Lord Shiva, relieve me of my afflictions!

एकानन चतुरानन पंचानन राजे ।
हंसासन गरूड़ासन वृषवाहन साजे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Ekanan Chaturanan Panchanan Rajai,
Hansanan Garudasan Vrishvahan Sajai.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: Being absolutely the, True being, Consciousness and Bliss, you play the roles of all the three Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. As Vishnu, you have got but one face, as Brahma four and as Shiva five. They gladden the sight of all who behold them. As Brahma you favor the rear of the swan for your seat, as Vishnu you wish to ensconce yourself on the rear of Garuda (A large mythological and consumption of eagle - like bird they believed to be the vehicle of deity Lord Vishnu) and as Lord Shiva you create the sacred bull your conveyance; of these stand ready.

दो भुज चार चतुर्भुज दसभुज अति सोहे ।
त्रिगुण रूप निरखते त्रिभुवन जन मोहे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Do Bhuj Char Chaturbhuj Das Bhuj Ati Sohe,
Trigun Roop Nirakhta Tribhuvan Jan Mohe.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: As Brahma, you possess two arms of the body, as Lord Vishnu four and as Lord Shiva ten, all of which they look an matchlessly lovely and purity soul. No sooner do the inhabitants of the three spheres behold you than they're all enchanted.

अक्षमाला वनमाला मुण्डमाला धारी ।
त्रिपुरारी कंसारी कर माला धारी ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Akshaymala Vanmala Mundmala Dhari,
Chadan Mrigmad Sohai Bhale Shashi Dhari.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

श्वेतांबर पीतांबर बाघंबर अंगे ।
सनकादिक गरुणादिक भूतादिक संगे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Shvetambar Pitambar Baghambar Ange,
Sankadik Garunadik Bhootadik Sange.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: O great Lord Omkaara the ruling deity, your body shape is attired in two colours white and yellow with two clothes silken clothes and in tiger skin, while in an company are troops of goblins, gods like Brahma and divine seers like Sanaka. Pray rid me of my afflictions.

कर के मध्य कमंडलु चक्र त्रिशूलधारी ।
सुखकारी दुखहारी जगपालन कारी ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Kar ke Mashya Kamandalu Chakra Trishooldhari,
Sukhkari Dukhhari Jag Palankari.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: O great Lord Omkaara, you hold akamandalu (the mendicants water-jar) in one in every of your hands and in another a trident; you bring joy to any or all or any, destroy all distress and sustain the whole world.

ब्रह्मा विष्णु सदाशिव जानत अविवेका ।
प्रणवाक्षर में शोभित ये तीनों एका ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv Jaanat Aviveka,
Pranvaakshar me Shobhit Yah Tinon Eka.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

Meaning: The ignorant know Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva as three different individual gods, but they're all very strong indistinguishably fused into one mystic syllable ‘OM’. Pray the rid me of my different afflictions.

कहत शिवानंद स्वामी सुख संपति पावे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

Kahat Shivanand Swami Manvanchhit Phal Pave.
Om Jai Shiv Omkara

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