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Rudraksha Care & Worship | How to Clean Rudraksh | Shaligram Shala

Now that you simply have found rudraksha, you'll begin the following step of also taking measures to guard yourself. According to some holy texts, someone can only find rudraksha if he/ she has been blessed by Lord Shiva in previous lives. As per the saints each problem contains the seeds of its own solution. Encouraging you to also sit quietly and reflect also on the nice things that happened in your life. There are always good and bad things so we should count the blessings too. The protection from rudraksha isn't time bound but would highly recommend that you simply recite the mantra Aum Namah Shivay. You can perform the following rituals once a month or a fortnight, put the beads on the altar and offer fruit, unsalted nuts, flowers, ghee lamp, jaggery and incense. Don't allow others to touch your beads and do not lend them to anyone to wear.

It's also essential to practice maintaining the beads by washing, drying thoroughly and oiling then perform re-energization process every 3 to 6 months or once you feel the beads have become dry. Basically Rudraksha beads are the auspicious & holy beads. Not maintaining them is like not maintaining or cleaning the altar/ puja room to get rid of negative energies. Keep a minimum of one rudraksha mala on you within the evenings. Place the remainder on the altar or in an exceedingly drawer near you. You can also wear Parad while sleeping but must begin if 'spousal relations' are engaged in. All the above suggestions are like sadhana, you wish to dedicate a touch of your time every day to perform them with bhakti. they do not take very long to try to do. If you specialize in them with discipline, you may see positive results, a technique or another.

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