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Principal of Yantra

Vastu, since ages, is always been connected with mystic instruments like Yantra and Pyramids. Vastu, along with these two elements help in correcting faults in design of any interior or exterior structure. Yantra has a special seat in temples placed near the deity idols, or at the entrance of home. Many even keep it on the altar. In South India, during festivals or any religious activities, these Yantras are drawn with Rangoli designs at entrances of homes, to mark as auspicious. If you have been to the famous Tirupati temple, you will find that it is in the shape of a Shree Yantra and many attribute its power and fame to this geometry.

However, what actually is the meaning of Yantra? How do they work? Are they beneficial for us in any ways? Let us get deeper into this.

Yantra, also referred as Mandala is sacred figure or symbol. Simple geometric forms arranged in a symmetric design characterize it. These designs are mystical religion based diagrams carrying reality and have strong astronomical principles. Furthermore, Yantra carries the signification of a mantra or entire mystical process. The Yantra can be designed on a plain surface or in a three dimensional form. Many times, it is also used as a charm.

The famous Indian philosopher and theologian, Adi Sankaracharya's “Saundarya Lahiri” is an commanding work on Yantra. The precise meaning of Yantra according to Vedics is "to control, bind, or influence". Yantras can also be defined as illustrative versions of different Mantras, later helping to bring in positive energies and eliminating negativity from life. This elevates spirituality in an individual who practice it regularly.

According to Vedic texts, Yantra has different purposes to serve. Yantra geometries are three dimensional in nature, however, when drawn; they are represented as two-dimensional. If you go deeper, you will find different types of Yantras including- Planetary Yantra, Numerological Yantra, Yantra for Gods and Goddesses, etc. Yantra represents a physical strength or a creative energy. Yantra, according to Sanskrit scriptures means the magical chant that helps to awaken energy when placed it anywhere in the environment. This Yantra carries so much of power that it can cleanse the environment and bring positivity to the surrounding.

Vedic Texts define "Sri Yantra" as powerful and auspicious, compared to all other Yantras. It represents energies of all Gods and Goddesses. Moreover, it carries the power to represent your entire life, which is a Play of Goddess Lalita.

Elusive Energy:

When you look the three most powerful divine objects- OM, Swastika or Trident (Hinduism), Cross (Christianity), Moon and Crescent (Islam), they carry a distinct shape emitting cosmic energy pattern in regular frequency. Yantras can be drawn on different objects including paper, wood, gemstone, or earth, giving a three-dimensional shape. Once drawn, it can attract cosmic energies for Yantra science, which is based on the sacred Vedic geometries that represents scriptural mantras.

Power of Mantras:

These Yantras are a blend of geometrical figures, which matches with the cosmic force and with the energy that comes along. When you chant a Vedic mantra, the layers of energy in the microcosm vibrate in harmony with the corresponding energy current in the macrocosm (Universe). This invites positive energies of both the Yantra and Mantra from the creation of the universe as a whole.

Analogy of a Yantra

When you put a deep glance on a Yantra, you will notice there are certain symbols that make up the entire Yantra. These symbols include Bindu (dot), Trikona (triangle), Chakra (circle), Shatkona (six-pointed star) Bhupura (square) and Padma (divine lotus).


This symbol indicates the energy and its extreme concentration at the centre. Bindu in Yantra is called as the centre of cosmic radiation. The surface of this symbol indicated triangle, a hexagon, a circle. Bindu represents the union of force and creative energy and rules the Yantra.


This divine symbol is the emblem of Shakti, the absolute female energy representing divine energy. Trikona has the power to complete the creation of both, material and spiritual worlds. The triangle in the Trikona pointing down represents the Yoni, the source of all creations. The sign pointing upwards represents forceful spiritual desire, the transferal of one’s nature into the subtler sphere and the Fire because Agni always burns upwards. A triangle pointing downwards represents the Water Element because water always flows down. Fire Element represents Shiva and Water Element represents Shakti.


It is an architectural amalgamation of two triangles structured in the Yantra. Shatkona signifies the divine unification of Shiva (Male energy) and Shakti (Female energy) the major cause of all creation.


This symbol stands for rotation, which is central to the functioning of the macrocosmic progression. The circle in the Chakra signifies perfection and the peaceful creative void of the Vishudha chakra. Chakra, in all the five elements of nature, represents Air.


This is the most important symbol, and according Vedic scriptures of Hindu and other faiths consider lotus or Padma as a divine emblem of purity that resides in the chakras. A lotus in Yantra represents the unconditional force of the Supreme Absolute Truth. The lotus serves as a divine seat for devas (gods). It also represents detachment. One of the unique features of Lotus is it grows in mud, but does not carry single pieces of mud. Thus representing detachment to the external forces or the materialistic world. Moreover, it maintains the original nature purity and divinity.


This symbol represents the Earth Element residing in the physical self. Yantra always starts with a dot and end with the square. It defines how the cosmetic world evolves. The process begins with the refined energies at the centre, with grainy at atmosphere and then reaching at the surface of the earth.

Yantra: An object of Meditation

When our mind is directed towards the Yantra, the mental chatter ceases. Yantra works as an aid for us to attain union with God through geometric visualization. Yantra opens up the window through which we can connect with divine energy. Through character, it connects you with the energy present in the universe.

How Yantra Works?

Yantra helps in increasing the intensity of prayers and our thought process stronger. The powers of a Yantra thrive on the reverberation of cosmic energies. When your mind is focused at the centre of a Yantra, it is pushed into the creative force of Yantra and the energy. When you fully indulge into the Yantra, your wish to prosper and affluence, let say the Mahalaxmi Yantra, will give fruitful results.

Yantra work in following ways:-

1) You can meditate on the Yantra to get close to the universe with the divine energy ruling the Yantra

2) Yantra can be kept on your desk or wall or alter or at the home entrance. You may even keep it in your vehicle. The positive energy arise can charge up your environment.

3) Yantra also comes in the form of pendant, bracelet, ring or Tabeez to wear it. Astro experts even recommend carrying it in the non-leather wallet. The vibrations emitting from Yantra creates an aura of positivity.

Yantra is a form of an answer for establishing a vibration of large amplitude or resonance to connect divine energies. The vibration from the Yantra connects us with divine energies. This helps in attaining spirituality in our daily life.

Types of Yantra

Yantras come in five basic variations:-

1. Yantra representing deities- Some Yantras represent certain gods and goddess like- Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Durga, and others. One of the most preferred is the Shakti Yantra- representing Great Mother or the Mahavidyas- ('Sources of supreme knowledge').

2. Yantra having Astrological Importance- These Yantras help to harness the energies of the nine planets- Navagraha Yantra, Kalsurpa Yantra, Nakshatra Yantra and the like.

3. Architectural Yantra: This Yantra is used for land or house purpose- Vastu Yantra, Bhumi Yantra and others.

4. Numerical Yantra: This Yantra is the combination of numbers serving as Talisman. This includes - Kuber yantra, Rog Nivaran yantra, Beesa Yantra and the like.

5. Purposeful Yantra: This Yantra is for specific reason like for early marriage (Lagna Yog), for child (Santan Yog) and to attract (Vahikaran).

Yantra to get successful in career and personal

Along with fulfilling their fundamental purpose, Yantra, helps to prosper in career and personal. These are etched in metals like Silver, Gold, Copper and Bhojpatra, which are quite cheaper compared to gemstones, but give equal result as gems. They give path to the cosmic universe. The most supreme Yantra of all is the- Maha Meru, or Sri Meru Chakra. The supreme version of geometry the Sri Chakra carries is the universal genomic code redirecting the positive vibration to its original place.

How Yantra can effect on your Wellbeing?

One of the effective ways of gaining success through Yantra is its placement in the right direction. Yantra are usually placed in the North East part of the direction. This is because, the geometric lines coming from the North emits positive energies, and the sun rises in the East. However if North- East direction is not convenient, then place it on your desk or near entrance door wherever you feel can bring positive energy. In many cases, some Yantra may rip success if the karmic potential is high. However, some may give result after a certain period. If you are using the Yantra specifically for wealth and affluence, then you will need some patience. For instance, Kuber Yantra gives the result after a year. Yantra are very helpful to keep good health and averting accidents.

Some popular Yantra you should know

- Shree Yantra gives name, fame, universal pleasure, salvation throughout the life.
- Mahalakshmi Yantra brings money, food, and helps in reaching goals
- Kuber Yantra brings money and helps in preserving money safely
- Ganesh Laxmi Business Yantra / Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra brings progress in business if facing any loss or is very slow.
- Ganesh Yantra: This yantra is considered auspicious and attracts pious and fortune giving deeds. Furthermore, it helps in attaining prosperity and reaching goals.
- Mahamrityunjaya Yantra helps in promoting good health, prevents disease and protects individual facing untimely death.
- Surya Yantra for worshipping the Sun, also to attain glory in life, inner radiance and worldly pursuits
- Nav Graha Yantra to pray for nine planets, that will help in gaining peace and pleasure in life.
- Hanuman Yantra helps in empowering education self, increase wisdom and showing devotion towards to God.
- Durga Yantra to worship and praise Goddess Durga who will help in removing pain from life.
- Bagalamukhi Yantra: This helps in destroying enemies and other elements. Furthermore, it helps to get success in law-suits and achieve in sports competitions.
- Mahakali Yantra: This helps the individual to worship Shakti, Goddess Mahakali who help in attaining goals in life.

- Batuk Bhairav Yantra: This helps the individual against untimely death
- Durga Bisa Yantra: This helps the individual against the evil eye, elements hindrance from evil spirits and achieve success in all realms in the life.
- Saraswati Yantra: This helps in improving education, wisdom, and present artistic talent in life.
- Gayatri Yantra: This Yantra helps the individual to purify mind and further progress in the life.
- Vashikaran Yantra: For those who want to attract the person having desire and create your influence, then this Yantra is the right.
- Santan Gopal Yantra: To attain children
- Mahasudarshan Yantra: To earn grace and wisdom of Lord Vishnu
- Ram Raksha Yantra: This is to worship Lord Ram and succeeding in aspirations
- Kaal Sarp Yantra: This is to overcome the effect of Kaal Shrap Yoga and eliminating evil effects of the nine planets
- Bhuvaneshwari Yantra: This Yantra helps the individual to gain attractive personality that would draw people to him/her
- Dhumavati Yantra: This Yantra helps in getting overall success and gain spiritual enlistment throughout the life.
- Kamla Devi Yantra: This Yantra elevates the soul through spiritual and worldly goals
- Mangal Yantra: This Yantra help to eliminate negative effects of planet Mars and to bring positive luck in business & health
- Matangi Yantra: This is to attain positive powers, confidence in speech and bring happiness in family life
- Rahu Yantra: This is to eliminate the negative effects of planet Rahu
- Shani Yantra: This is to propitiate an afflicted Shani and achieve Rajayog
- Shiva Yantra: Individual practicing this Yantra will be free from the fear of death, dangers, fatal diseases and will be courageous to face negativity to health.
- Tara Yantra: This Yantra helps to attain wealth and prosperity in life
- Guru Yantra: This Yantra helps to strengthen a weak Jupiter and stay blessed with prosperity, gaining power, and authority along with abundance
- Shukra Yantra: This helps to eliminate negative effects of planet Venus and gain respect in the society, love and respect from opposite sex and attain peace of mind
- Ketu Yantra: This helping in eliminating the malefic effects of planet Ketu and gain success throughout business and personal life
- Chandra Yantra: This Yantra helps to eliminate effects of planet Moon and helps to gain respect, friendship and stay in harmony with the opposite sex.
- Buddh Yantra: This helps to please the planet Mercury or Buddh
- Manokamna Yantra: This Yantra can bring positive luck to the person for the better, brings about desirable outcomes and helps to bring out one's deepest desires
- Sarva Siddhi Yantra: This Yantra is the powerful one comprises of the qualities of nine exclusive Yantra: Ganesh, Sarawati, Mahalaxmi, Durga Bisa, Shree Yantra, Mahamrityunjay, Batuk Bhairv, and others
- Vahan Durghatna Yantra: This Yantra helps the individual to get protection from accidents, or any physical injury, especially who drive vehicles.
- Rog Nivaran Yantra: This help the individual to stay away from any fatal diseases and promotes good health
- Kamakshi Yantra: This Yantra promotes prosperity, knowledge, fame and good personality to the individual.
- Katyayani Yantra: This Yantra helps in bringing success in love with promotes fruitful marriage.
- Lakshminarayan Yantra: It helps in gaining blessings from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi which will lead to gain prosperity. - Swastik Yantra: This helps in preventing the home from evil eyes
- Vaastu Yantra: This helps to remove Griha Dosha, Dik Dosha and negative energies residing in the house.

Benefits of using different types of Energized Yantra:-

- Helps you to get rid from insufficiency, face competitors, and bad influence from planets.
- Attracts prosperity, and abundance, bringing good luck from all areas
- Brings positive energies in home and invites well-deserved "breaks" in life
- Supports easy flow of money
- Brings positivity by eliminating negative energies like intentions of malice, psychic spells or plain jealousy
- Helps to bring and maintain internal harmony in professional and personal life

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