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Yantra and Happiness

Yantras are known for providing remedial measures in Vedic Astrology. Yantra is a method or a divine path through which an individual will be able to attain desires, which are unable to get. These Yantras have devas or planetary gods, who bless the individual to fulfil all the desires.

Mantras will not give you the desired result without placing the right Yantra. Mantra and Yantra go hand-in-hand. According to our Vedic Shastras, Yantra is a science, which is achievable through essential five elements- earth, water, fire, sky and air. Every diety in our Vedas are worshipped in different forms and each forms in linked with the Yantra. Yantra involve signs and writings helping to remove planets negative effect and increases its beneficial aspects. A Bindu or zero helps to form different figures called as Yantras.

Yantra can be drawn by anyone, but can be only energized when right Siddh Mantra are implemented. Yantras can be drawn and brought into energy on a piece of silver copper or any such object, worn by the individual. Yantra then turns into a medium through which invisible forces of energy show their power on the individual. The steps involved in preparing the Yantra is quite a challenging one and should be performed as mentioned and with the right mantra. These Yantras are divided according to the purpose, such as- Sharir Yantras, Dharan Yantras, Mandal Yantras, Darshan Yantras, Chatter Yantras and others. These Yantras are placed in different locations according to their use. For instance, you can place is below the house or tied up in any part of the body. These Yantras carry energies helping to fulfill daily life causing like child protection, winning huge money in gambling, bringing profit in business, etc. Moreover, some also help in getting a right life-partner.

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