Nirjala Ekadashi 

Get the benefits of all 24 Ekadasis by observing proper vow on Nirjala Ekadasi
If one properly observes a vow on this day it is said to give the fruits of 24 Ekadasis observed throughout the year Once Vedavyasar was explaining the importance of fasting on Ekadasis. Bhima who was present there said that all his family members including his mother Kunti Devi, wife Draupadi and his brothers Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva observed strict fasting on Ekadasis. He stated that it was not possible for him to fast or even skip a single meal though he gave so much in charity and worshipped the Lord faithfully. He said there was a Agni called 'Virugam' in his stomach and that only eating lot of food could keep it under control. However he said it will be possible for him to fast atleast on one Ekadasi out of the twenty four Ekadasis in a year. He pleaded to Vedavysar to tell him one Ekadasi on which to fast so that he gets the benefits, blessings and fruits of all the 24 Ekadasis in a year.
Vedavysar instructed Bhima to fast even without drinking water on Nirjala Ekadasi in order to get the benefits of all Ekadasis. Since Bhima took up fast on this Ekadasi it is also known as Bima or Bhima Ekadasi.

Chaturbhuj Chakradhari Mahavishnu :
Chaturbhujah –“One who has four hands”. It is famous that Maha Vishnu has four hands and they carry the Conch, the Discus, the Mace, and the Lotus. According to the Puranas, these four are used by the Lord in maintaining Dharma among mankind. The ‘Conch’ calls man to the righteous path that directly leads to Peace and Perfection, the Divine Vishnupada. Very many of us in the enchantment of the immediate sense-joys refuse to listen to the small inner voice of conscience, the sound of the Paanchajanya-conch, ...  Read More
Shesha Ananta Shaligram :
Ananta is that form of Vishnu where He is resting on Shesha and Goddess Laxmi is sitting on His Lotus feet. Shesh Nag, the serpent god, has been venerated and worshipped by many for centuriesVishnu wound Ananta-Sesha round the celestial mount to create the cosmic churn.. Ananta is also represented as one supporting the world on its hood. This Shaligram gives immense protection against the enemies and the worshipper remains healthy and black magic and occult does not work on the worshipper....  Read More
Shree Narsimha Shaligram:
Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Narasimha or the Lion incarnation as a creature who was half-lion and half-man, Vishnu killed the demon Hiranyakashyap, brother of Hiranyaksha, who had gained the boon of immunity from attacks by man, beast or God. This is a very rare shaligram and primarily of 24 different types of Narsimhas Shilas as explained above. The difference among each different Shila is somewhat to be understood in the different perspective. All types of Narsimha Shilas are very protective in nature and they safeguard....  Read More
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