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Giri Govardhan Shila
Giri Govardhan Shila

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Worshiping Natural Govardhan Shila absolves one of all sins. This Shila helps you think more clearly and boosts your ability to make good decisions and lead others. Giri Govardhan Shila protects and shelters worshippers from natural and unnatural misfortunes, such as sudden accidents and thievery. As a result, worshippers of Govardhan Shila enjoy excellent health and long life. The presence of Govardhan Stone causes you to take the initiative and has the capacity (Purusharth) to accomplish the seemingly unattainable. It is believed that Shaligram Shila, Dwarka Shila, and Govardhan Shila should always be present in every Altar/ Puja room.
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Exotic Giri Govardhan Shila
Exotic Giri Govardhan Shila
Giri Govardhan Ring and Rosary
Giri Govardhan Ring and Rosary
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Importance & Significance of Govardhan Shila

Govardhan is a primary Hindu pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh, India, located on a narrow sandstone hill called Giri Raj (about 8 km long) around 25 kilometers from Vrindavan. It is stated that Lord Krishna held Giriraj on the tip of his finger for seven days and nights to protect the people of Braj from Lord Indra rainstorm. Bhisma Pitamaha also mentioned the existence/presence of Govardhan in the Garga Samhita.

Lord Krishna told Sri Radharani in Goloka Vrindavana that she should immediately emerge on the earth because it was the best moment for them to perform their transcendental pastimes in the material world. However, Radharani said she would not be pleased unless Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna, and Govardhana Hill were available. Lord Krishna then told Radharani that she didn have to worry because Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna, and Govardhana Hill had already emerged on the earth.

Govardhan Hill Story/ History Behind Govardhan Shila

Many years before this happened, the fantastic mountain Oronacal wife gave birth to a boy named Govardhana in the area where Salmali Dvipa is located. When Govardhana was born, all diving beings appeared in the sky and showered him with flowers. The Himalayas and Sumeru, as well as the beautiful mountains, came to pay their respects. They acknowledged Govardhana as their ruler after performing Govardhana parikrama. They performed very pleasant prayers, praising Govardhana for slipping from Goloka Vrndavana and describing him as Vraja Crown Jewel.

Pulastya Muni, the great sage, came to Salmali visa a few years later, at the commencement of the Satya-yuga. The sage believed that the majestic Govardhana Hill, covered in many exquisite creepers, blooms, rivers, caverns, and tweeting birds, could provide liberty. Then he proceeded to see Oronacal, who greeted him warmly and asked the sage what assistance he could provide. Pulastya Muni told Oronacal that he was from Kashi (Banaras) and was on his way to all of the celestial realms. He further said that, despite the sacred Ganges flowing through Kashi, there is no lovely hill. He then requested that Oronacal give Govardhan to perform his penances while sitting on top of the mountain. Ironical, who was not ready to part up to his child, began to cry at the notion of being separated from his beloved Govardhana when he heard the sagesdemand.

Govardhan did not want to enrage Pulastya Muni and condemn his father, so he inquired of the sage how he would transport him to Kashi. Sage replied that he would take him in his right hand and carry him. Govardhana agreed to accompany the sage because if he laid him down anywhere during the voyage, he would not be able to pick him up again, and the sage, Pulastya Muni, agreed. So he set off for Kasi, Govardhan in his right hand. Pulastya Muni, on his journey to Kasi, happened to pass by Vraja by chance. The Govardhan believed that now that he was in Vraja, he should stay in the blessed Dharma. So he persuaded the sage to attend to the call of nature thanks to his spiritualist skill. Sage then sat Govardhan down and went outside to answer the phone. When he returned, however, he was unable to raise Govardhana.

As a result of Pulastya Muni rage, Govardhana was cursed to sink into the ground at the rate of one mustard seed every day. Govardhana was eight yojanas long (64 miles), five yojanas wide (40 miles), and two yojanas high when he first arrived in Vraja at the beginning of the Satya-yuga (16 miles). Govardhana is expected to vanish entirely after ten thousand years of the Kali-yuga. According to legend, Kali-yuga would not reach its full potential as long as Govardhana Hill and the Yamuna river remained visible. Anyone fortunate enough to hear the depiction of Govardhana Hill presence will be cleansed of all sins.

Govardhan Shila Benefits

  • Giri Govardhan is worshipped. Shila bestows in society success, fame, tremendous respect, and dignity.
  • The presence of this Shila causes unthinkable things to occur.
  • It also boosts Aura and Charisma while balancing all chakras.