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Rare Banalingam - Narmada Shivlinga
Rare Banalingam - Narmada Shivlinga

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Rare Banalingam | Rare Narmada Shivling | Significance of Banalingam & Narmadeshwar | Difference Between Banalingam & Narmadeshwar Shivling

We at Shaligram Shala ( offer very rare Banalingam and Narmada Shivling. Narmada Lingam and Banalingams are Swayambhu (self-forming) forms. Banalingam is translucent white while Narmada is opaque, found in mixed shades of brown and black. Banalingams are very similar to Narmada Lingam, and for years traders have been selling Narmada Bana lingam online and at stores stating that Narmada and Banalingam are the same, but that is not the case. In this article we shall share more information about Banalingam and explain how both Lingams despite being collected from Narmada river are different. The Banalingam / Narmada Lingam products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Banalingam / Narmada Lingam, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the product.

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Rare Banalingam
Rare Banalingam
Rare Narmada Shivling
Rare Narmada Shivling
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Difference Between Banalingam and Narmada Lingam

When light is placed behind the Bana Lingam, it displays vibrant and mesmerizing radiance. Banalingams are comparatively very rare as they resurface from the water bed once in ten years. They are formed and lie at the very depths of Narmada river and usually do not appear. It is only when there is turbulent water or a river swells up due to heavy rains, that they resurface. When carbon undergoes pressure and heat over years and years in earth crust, it results in the formation of Graphite. When it undergoes further pressure and heat for more years it results to formation of diamond. Similarly, the natural stones in Narmada river get naturally rolled over years, resulting to formation of Syayambhu Narmada Lingams. And when Narmada Lingams undergo further pressure of Sacred Narmada river currents over longer period, their opaqueness starts reducing rendering to formation of translucent and more powerful Banalingams. So Banalingams are like Narmada Lingams but are more exclusive and rarer.

Origin of Banalingam and Narmada Shivling

Banalingam being in depths of Narmada River dwelling in its sacredness for years has rendered it to resonate Shiva Tattva in higher proportion and is closer to Him than Narmada Lingams. Like Shiva Who is absorbed deep into the state of Samadhi for many years, Banalingam stays in the depths of Narmada for years beautifully personifying Shiva in Samadhi and making one feel closer to Him when worshipped upon.

As per the scripture Yajnavalkya-Samhita, Banalingams are representation of Lord Shiva Himself. He assumed the form of Lingam on request of His adherent devotee, King Banasura to bless Him. Hence, the Lingam is revered as Banalingam. Worship of a Banalingam is believed to procure one benefits equivalent to worship of a crore Lingams. Its worship bestows one with material enjoyment and worldly success without getting attached to them. The Brihat Vaivarta Purana describes about three kinds of Lingams which are Svayambhu (self-created) which is called Vyakta – bestower of salvation, Banalingam (collected from a certain river) which is Avyakta – giver of worldly happiness and the Sailalinga (Lingam made of stones) which is bestower of happiness and salvation. The White Banalingam from sacred Narmada river falling in all three categories makes it the highest form Lingam.

Importance of Banalingam

The Banalinga Shivling also known as Banashankari Shivlinga, is a sacred symbol that holds immense significance in Hindu mythology and worship. Rare Banalingam/ Banalinga Shivling is the most powerful Shivling in the whole world. Banalinga is the self-existent mark or sign of God because it is discovered in nature and not carved or crafted by human hands. This Shivling is basically of white or light pale color with some impressions (holy marking) on it. As the Banalinga Shivling is the most powerful shivling thus it should be worshiped daily. It is considered a manifestation of Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of Shaivism. The Banalingam Shivlinga has a unique appearance and is believed to possess powerful spiritual energies.

Significance of Narmada Shivling

Narmadeshwar or Narmada Shivling is also known as Swayambhu Shivling taken its shape (Shivling) in the Narmada river that is known as Narmadeshwar. Narmada Shivling is found on the bank of river Narmada and contains cryptocrystalline quartz. The origin of this auspicious Narmada Shivling is the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is said that the Narmada River is blessed with the divine presence of Lord Shiva, and the stones found in its bed are naturally formed into the shape of a lingam. These stones are known as Narmadeshwar Shivlinga. It is considered sacred and highly revered by devotees.

Benefits of Worshiping Rare Banalingam and Narmada Lingam

- For early marriage and a good life partner.
- To increase the family harmony and the environment of the house and the workplace.
- For good health, peace, prosperity and mental peace.
- To fulfill wishes, peaceful environment & harmony in the family.

Ingredients required for abhishek procedure of Banalingam and Narmada Lingam

- Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey)
- Any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)

Abhishek Procedure of Banalingam and Narmada Lingam

Devotees can do abhishek of Shaligram Shila once or twice a week as per convenience and the detailed of abhishek procedure of Shaligram Shila is given below

- Bath Banalinga Shivling with water
- Offer all abhishekam liquid one by one which are Panchgavya (Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey) and any one Fruit Juice (Coconut water, Ganne ka Ras, Anar Juice)
- Now wipe off Banalingam and Narmada Lingam with a clean cloth and place it on pedestal

Ingredients required for Worship procedure of Banalingam / Narmada Lingam

- gandaki river water/ gangajal
- clean cloth
- sandal paste
- tulsi leaf, bel patra, bel fruit, dhatura & bhang
- Dhoop & Agarbatti
- sweet, fruits and other eatable
- a picture of deity related to Banalinga Shivling

Worship Procedure of Banalingam / Narmada Lingam

- First of all place the Banalinga Shivling on a metal plate
- Sit facing east direction
- Bath the Banalinga Shivling with gandaki river water/ gangajal
- Wipe it off with clean cloth
- Apply tika of sandal paste on the Shila and place one tulsi leaf on the Shaligra Shila so the tulsi rests on the Shila nicely - Chant mantra of god/ goddess
- Show Dhoop/ Agarbatti to Banalinga Shivling
- Offer some sweet, fruits and other eatable to the Shila
- Speak out your wish loudly in front of the Shila
- The Banalinga Shivling will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.

Why Buy Banalingam / Narmada Lingam From Shaligram Shala

The Banalingam / Narmada Lingam products are delivered to the customers after proper energization & pran pratishtha. Therefore all the devotees are requested to forward their date, time & place of birth while ordering Banalingam / Narmada Lingam, so that the proper energization & pran pratishtha could be done on their names before the dispatch of the product.

Associated Chakra Planet & Products

If the above Banalingam / Narmada Lingam Ji is worshipped along with the following items, the power of this product increases manifolds times more. If you buy any of these items, we shall energize that item during your puja so that these will give you very good results. We will energize and also do Abhimantram of that item.

Chakra - Vishudha Chakra is balanced by worshipping this Banalingam / Narmada Lingam. Chakra is seven centers of religious energy in the human body. Chakras are the circular vortexes of power that are situated in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are related to the different organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing life energy.

Planet - Jupitor (Guru) is associated with this Banalingam / Narmada Lingam. According to the Vedic astrology, all the nine planets in your horoscope (Kundali) affect the course of life i.e. marriage, career, health, finances etc. The movement of these planets in the horoscope forms yogas or doshas (negative influences). Due to these Navagraha doshas, people face various obstacles & hindrances in their life. In order to minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of these planets, we perform various Pujas & Yagnas.

Rudraksha - 11 Mukhi , 2 Mukhi & 16 Mukhi are also worshipped along with this Banalingam / Narmada Lingam. By doing so the power of this product increases manifolds times more. Shaligram Shala offers certified Rudraksh sourced from Nepal & Java (Indonesia). These Rudraksh Bracelet & Malas are genuine & real and can work as a cure for a wide variety of diseases including chronic headaches, allergies & skin problems, backaches & digestive problems, depression & insomnia and also several kinds of emotional problems. You can purchase online Rudraksha, Shaligram, gemstones, Vastu products, Puja & Yagnas, meditation accessories, bracelets, Malas and spiritual books & CDs.

Gemstone - Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Peela Pukhraj) gemstone along with this Banalingam / Narmada Lingam gives results quickly. Gemstones also known as gems, precious stones, semi-precious stones, Vedic gemstones, Jyotish gemstones are one of the most beautiful & exotic minerals with elegant appearance & color. Gems or Gemstones Jewelleries are extensively used for healing and self-empowerment. There are different types of gems with different prices. The price of gemstones depends on the quality of minerals & availability.

Murtis & Idols - You should also worship Shiva Murtis & Idols along with the Banalingam / Narmada Lingam. is one of the leading websites which deals in very high quality and rare Murtis & Idols made of makrana marbles & brass. The Pranpratisthit Murtis are actual live Murties and bestow the devotee with longevity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts.

Yantra - Worshipping Shiva Yantra along with the above Banalingam / Narmada Lingam gives accurate results. Yantra established the vibration of large resonance or amplitude with the benefic energy of the cosmos. These vibrations generate contact with highly elevated energies and help to enhance the spirituality within and attain spiritual course of conduct in our daily lives. It also increases the intensity of prayer & makes our thoughts more influential & strong.

Puja - Performing Shiva Puja Mantra Japa & Yagna gives you very good results. Shaligram Shala Puja and Yagna Services is the most trusted brand for online Hindu pujas and yajna services providers. Our Managing Director of Shaligram Shala Sh. Rajeev Krishna Dasa who is Initiated in Gaudiya Sampradaya has been performing very big pujas like Ati Rudra Puja with 108 priests, Laksh Chandi puja and Yagna with 1100 priests, Satchandi Yagna, Ganesha Laxmi Saraswati pujas, Laxmi Narayana Pujas, Shiva Durga Pujas, Sudarshana Homam, Dasha Mahavidya Pujas, Nav Durga pujas, Navagraha poojas etc.