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FAQ on Yantra

Q. What is a Yantra?
A: Yantra can refer to an instrument, a machine, or a talisman, depending on the context. A Yantra is a complex Energy Engine made of layered geometric shapes, mystic pattern arrays, and a series of ancient hyper sigils intertwined with archetypal themes and numerical patterns. They're mapping instruments for esoteric energy ideas. Higher Light Energy Beings develop and conceptualize the bulk of Yantras through revelation......

FAQ's on Gemstone

Q. Why only 9 gemstones are considered most important, while there are heaps of stones and minerals available around the arena?
A: Not all end result or veggies are edible or nutritious, and in an equal way, now not all stones are of the same fee to mankind. Whereas some stones just like the Shaligram are of excessive spiritual value, different stones may be of beauty cost but have little nonsecular cost. In my studies, I even have observed that....

FAQ's About Shaligram Shala

Q. How can I place an order at Shaligram Shala (
A: First of all visit us on and select a category to buy your required spiritual items. After that select the item by clicking on the item and click on buy now option. You can choose your suitable payment method and confirm the order. Once the payment is done you will get your parcel within 3 to 5 working days......

FAQ's on Puja Services

Q. What is the process of performing Puja with Shaligram Shala?
A: First of all, you need to order Puja online on You may avail free consultation for Puja from Rajeev Singhal Ji.You need to mention your birth details and wish for the Puja (Sankalpa) while placing order. After that we will email you the Puja schedule after discussion with the Priests. You have an option to call (audio or video) the Priest to hear Sankalpa and mantra chanting during the Puja.....

FAQ's on Rudraksha

Q. What is Rudraksha?
A: Rudraksha starts from a Sanskrit word Rudra and it is mix of rudra+aksha, symbolizing Rudra and Aksha, or the tears of Lord Shiva. People said that tears of Lord Shiva fell on earth as the Rudraksha plant. Along these lines started the notoriety of the Rudraksha dabs. There are various stories in hindu mythologies about Rudraksha. References of Rudraksha is found in our Hindu folklore and Vedic sacred writings of Shiva Purana, Padma Purana and ......

FAQ's on Aura & Chakra

Q. What is Chakra Balancing and what are the benefits of chakra balancing?
A: Aura therapy and Chakra balancing is an art which a person learns after long experience and dedicated effort in this field. The reading of Aura and Chakras needs immense expertise and exposure to thousands of Auras of different individuals starting from most influential people like politicians, actors, Spiritual leaders (Gurus), industrialists etc. to very sick patients, persons with different ailments .......

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