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FAQ's on Yantra

1) What is a Yantra?

A: Yantra can refer to an instrument, a machine, or a talisman, depending on the context. A Yantra is a complex Energy Engine made of layered geometric shapes, mystic pattern arrays, and a series of ancient hyper sigils intertwined with archetypal themes and numerical patterns. They're mapping instruments for esoteric energy ideas. Higher Light Energy Beings develop and conceptualize the bulk of Yantras through revelation.

2) How do Yantras work?

A: Yantras have embedded energy signatures inside the complex display of visual patterns. Once these energy signatures have been cleansed, sanctified, energized, and programmed as to the purpose and individual to whom the benefits should accrue, the complete Yantra system is enabled and activated. The Yantra becomes life and continues online once activated until the good intentions contained within it is realized, first spiritually and then physically, to fulfill the user's goal. The Yantra's nucleus and core structure tune into specific energy resources in the cosmos to achieve pre-programmed goals and targets.

3) But I don't see any moving parts or mechanism in it. Is it just a piece of metal with some geometrical design on it?

A: Yes, you're right. There are no frequencies of sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste that you can perceive in the same manner. You can't see gravity or a magnetic field. Therefore you can't perceive them. Those are the elements that continue to have the most influence and power over us. In the same manner, Yantra is the enormous conductor of cosmic energy.

4) How long does it take to notice positive results?

A: It is dependent on the size, substance, and craftsmanship of the Yantras. In most cases, yantras become completely active after 40 days of placement and continue to gain energy beyond that.

5) How does it work to help me?

A: Yantras use natural forces' geometrical and mathematical rhythms to attract and absorb cosmic energy, similar to how your TV or radio antenna interacts with the elements to improve frequency reception.

6) I am still confused and skeptical about how a piece of metal can change my life?

A: The Power of the Geometry engraved on this metal sculpture is immense. Because Sanskrit is a unique language of the Gods that may be fashioned into a Yantra, each Yantra is comparable to a Sanskrit mantra. Placing a Yantra, then, provides you and your surroundings the strength of that mantra.

7) Does it need to be placed in a certain way?

A: Yes, the effect is determined by the placement's direction and height. Every Yantra functions best when it is positioned correctly. This also pertains to the order of god idols.

8) How many different kinds of Yantras do you have?

A: Yantras come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Yantras exist for every human ambition and aspiration.

9) Does the size of Yantra make any difference?

A: Yes. The more Yantra's power, the greater the effect. A modest size is appropriate for smaller rooms.

10) Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink while wearing Yantra?

A: Yes, you certainly can. There is no such taboo linked with Yantras in ancient literature.

11) What is Kali Yantra?

A: The Kali Yantra will assist you in combating the darkness of ignorance and overcoming rivals.

12) What is the Ganesh yantra?

A: The Ganesh Yantra will assist you in overcoming difficulties. Ganesh will also aid in the creation of wealth.

13) What does the Laxmi or Lakshmi Yantra do?

A: The Laxmi (Lakshmi) Yantra is said to bestow endless wealth.

14) How can the Saraswati yantra help me?

A: The Saraswati yantra is excellent for improving your oratory and speaking abilities. This will assist you in increasing your intelligence and gaining an advantage over your competition.

15) I see the Shri (Sri) Yantra everywhere. What is the difference between the Shri (Sri) Yantra and the Meru Yantra?

A: Both Yantras are the same. Shri and Meru Yantras are available at a variety of conductivity levels. The Shri is a two-dimensional version of the Meru Yantra.

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