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Aura Scanning : How to See Aura | Aura & Chakra Therapy

What is an Aura ?

Dear devotees ! Aura is a kind of radiations thet every individual emits from his or her body in form of different colours of a rainbow. The Aura of an individual directly depends upon his/her psyche, bringing up, genes, emotions, his relationships, success or failure and reaction to a particular situation. Definitely Aura can be enhanced and Chakras can be balanced through a methodical programme of meditation, yog and breathing exercises. 

How Aura is realted to our health, emotions, relationships and success?

It is very evident from the medical studies that various nerves of the body organs culminates at hand / palm. This technique is used to find the disorders in the human body.A picture of hand clearly shows how various body organs are linked. A good Aura therapist can accurately predict the future diseases of the individual and take corrective action much prior to these diseases actually taking a dreaded form. Our Chakras gets immediately affected by any emotional imbalance of physical ailment that is just started with in our body. So once the imbalance in the Chakras is established, the remedial action becomes very easy. Safely a good Aura Therapist can predict the type of an ailment approx. 6 months in advance.

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Who is an good Aura Therapist ?

Aura therapy and Chakra balancing is an art which a person learns after long experience and dedicated effort in this field. The reading of Aura and Chakras needs immense expertise and exposure to thousands of Auras of different individuals starting from most influential people like politicians, actors, Spiritual leaders (Gurus), industrialists etc. to very sick patients, persons with different ailments like diabatese, heart problem, kidney problem and several other dreaded diseases to even beggers also. The more an Aura therapist is exposed to such kind of  Auras the more accurately he can predict and more accurately he can heal the individual or enhance the Aura and balance the Chakras. A good Aura reader suggests a suitable remedy as well once he establishes the Aura being in low level and Chakras being unbalanced in terms of various exercises and recommending Rudrakshas and Shaligram stones. An Aura can actually be seen from a naked eyes by concentrating on the forehead of an individual and then looking at an adjacent object such that the individual head /shoulder area is also seen. After some time of concentration an Aura can be seen in the form of different colours like yellow or green or blue or white etc. A good Aura therapist should actually tell the individual of his Aura before hand by seeing from the naked eyes prior to seeing the Aura by machine/devices. This would give immense confidence and a great deal of trust to the individual about the Aura thearpist capabilities and expertise in this field.

Why one should get Aura and Chakra Balancing done from us ?

Sh. Rajiv Krishna Dasa has a rare distinction of seeing more than fifty thousand Auras of above mentioned individuals from various section of the society. He uses a latest machine from USA where the individual hand/palm is placed on the bio sensor and a camera is used to facilitate sending feedback of the pictures of the indvidual. The camera and bio sensor are integrated on a computer and a live Aura and Chakras are shown to the individual on the computer screen. Sh Rajiv Krishna Dasa uses meditation, Kriya yog and special breathing exercises to balance the Chakras and enhance the Aura of an individual. He also recommend Rudrakshas and Shaligram stones for the individual to have better concentration and enhancement of Aura at a very fast pace. He also uses colour therapy and crystal therapy to enhance the Aura. He again scan the Aura of the same individual second time after 40 days free of cost to prove that the Aura of an individual is enhanced and Chakras are much more balanced as compared to the first time and the recommended exercises are actually helping the individual. Then the same exercises or few additional exercises which he will tell during the second sitting can be practised every day for a better life style, spiritual augumentation, good health and success. Sh Rajiv Krishna Dasa will keep on guiding the individual till the Aura of the individual goes to the highest point and the Chakras are fully balanced in the subsequent days. The complete balance of Chakras and Aura enhancement is a long process and takes quite some time. Once the complete balance of Chakras is done then Kundalini rising is possible. Kundalini rising connects the individual to the transcendence and ultimate bliss and enlightenment can acheived.

How Rudrakshas and Shaligram Shilas helps in enhancing Aura and balancing of Chakras?

A lot is written in Hindu mythological texts about Divya products like Rudrakshas and Shaligram stones. These Divya products certainly help the humans for an early enhancement of their Aura and much faster balancing of Chakras. 12 Mukhi Rudrakshas till 21 Mukhi Rudrakshas are capable of enhancing the Aura of an individual immediately and instantly. The Rudrakshas are recommended depending upon which Chakras are blocked or expanded. Similarly Laxmi Narayana Shaligram, Varaha, Maha Vishnu, Keshava and Janardhana Shaligram Shilas are very proven to take out the negativity from the human body instantly. The Rudrakshas and Shaligrams are recommended to the individual after a deep study of the Aura and Chakras of the individual. Sh. Rajiv Krishna Dasa has pioneered in using Rudrakshas and Shaligram Shilas to enhance Auras and balance Chakras in lieu of conventionally used crystal therapy and colour therapy. The Rudrakshas and Shaligram Shilas have proved to be  much more powerful in enhancement of Aura and Chakra Balancing of humans.

How you need prepare for Aura Scanning ?

For Aura enhancement and Chakra balancing prior appointment is required. The individual has to come to the Vidyavihar West (Mumbai) office wearing a white shirt or top with very light breakfast in the morning. The contact nos. for seeking appointment are 09322646420/ 09322646421. The Aura session would take approx 40 minuts to an hour. The charges for Aura scanning is Rs. 4500/- . This includes recommendations of Kriya yog, meditation and spl. breathing exercises. However recommended Rudrakshas and Shaligram Stones will be given against donations.

How to learn Aura Therapy and Chakra Balancing ?

It is possible to learn these mystic art by joining the course offered by There are two types of Aura enhancement and chakra balancing courses being conducted regularly. The first one is fast track course which is comprising of 12 sessions of approx 2 hours each where in how to capture the aura through latest machine and how to correctly read aura is taught. Also the emotional imbalances, wrong beliefs, diseases are discussed at length. The complete knowledge of chakras reading and their balancing is given using pranayam and meditation. The course fee is Rs. 30000/-. also offers a comprehensive course on Aura and chakra balancing for 20 sessions of around 4 hrs each. Besided the above things, improving aura and balancing chakras using Rudrakshas, gem stones, Shaligrams, Parad etc. is discussed. The complete meditation for realising all chakras and how to see the aura througha naked eye is practised. The exercises to balance individual chakra is also taught so that the devotee/patient can be shown a discreet improvement in his/ her aura and balancing of the chakras after 30 to 45 days of taking first aura, once he/she practises the exercises/ kriyas/ meditation/ pranayam depending up on which chakras are imbalanced. The course fee is Rs. 50000/-.

The Human body comprises of primarily seven Chakras namely Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra which is on the top of the head. Then Third Eye Chakra or Ajneya Chakra which is present at the forehead of the human body.   Then comes Throat Chakra or Vishudha Chakra which is present at the throat.

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