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Product Name: Sacred Adwaitya Giri Govardhan Shila-GGS27
Product Code: GGS27
Product Description: Worship of Govardhan Shila frees the devotees from all types of sins. It brings stability in the thought process of the devotee and tremendously increases the capacity of right decision making. Govardhan Shilas shelters and protects devotee from all types of natural and unnatural calamities, sudden accidents and thefts. The devotee Worshipper of Govardhan Shila gets very long life and extremely good health. He does austerities and philanthropic activities all through his life. He gains success and gets immense respect, fame and dignity in the society. The devotee leads from front and has that much purusharth (capacity) to make impossible things to happen. In every Altar or Puja room Shaligram Shila, Dwarka Shila and Govardhan Shila should always be present.

Benefits of worshipping Giri Govardhan Shila:
- For success and gets immense respect, fame and dignity in the society
- to make impossible things to happen
Weight: 100gm
Dimension : 5cm x 2.3cm x 1cm
Donation Amount : Rs 4500/- or $ 69 USD
Quantity :
Sri: Prabhu

We have received the shaligrams that you sent yesterday.Thanks a ton for gifting us such beautiful shaligrams. Everyone at our place were at awe with the Hayagriva shaligram. Once again thanks.
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