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Product Name: Sacred Adwaitya Golden Surya Maha Vishnu Kamal Laxmi Shri Chakra Dhanvantri Sudershan Vaikuntha-RRSPS1085
Product Code: RRSPS1085
Product Description: One who prevents men from going astray into wrong paths (Vikunthah)." In Mahabharatha it is mentioned, "I united the Earth with Water, Space with Air with Fire, hence, the name Vaikunthah has come to Me. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions. It is considered to be the ultimate Shila which can lead the devotee to Moksha or Salvation. As per Skanada Purana Lord Narayan says that a place where 108 Shaligrama Shilas are placed and worshipped I personally come and stay there and grant boons to the worshippe. Vaikuntha means the ABODE OF LORD VISHNU. Describing about the grandeur of Vaikuntha, the Lord Mahadeva told Parvati that a person who has total devotion in Lord Vishnu attains Vaikuntha after his death. Vaikuntha is the abode of Vishnu and constitutes of numerous Janapadas. The Shila has several golden layers when seen through the aperture there by making Him a very exotic Vaikuntha Shila. The magnificence of Vaikunth is beyond description and it houses many grand palaces fully decorated with jewels and diamonds. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

Benefits of worshipping Exotic Vaikuntha Shaligram:

- For protection against the negative forces, evils and black magic / occult
- For dignity, respect in the society
- For strong determination, wealth prosperity, peaceful environment
- For philanthropy and austerities
- For very strong intuition with 6th sense working to perfection
- Good relationships and fighting spirit
- Ultimate Moksha and salvation

The Shila shown in picture will be sent.
The Shaligram will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.
Colour: Jet Black & Golden
Weight: 550gm
Dimension : 11.3cm x 11cm x 5cm
Product Amount : Rs 406725/- or $ 5810 USD
Quantity :
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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