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Product Name: Sarvottam Surya Laxmi Keshav-AUKSH1008
Product Code: AUKSH1008
Product Description: Keshava as described by Lord Krishna means One who has long hair. But Kesas are the rays of the Lord that illumine the Sun, Moon and such other effulgent things of the Cosmos. The rays of mine that illumine (the Sun, etc.) are called Kesas. Therefore the wise Brahmins call Me, Kesava. Also Ka means Brahmaa, the Creator and Eesa means Siva, the Destroyer. Both of them have sprung from Vishnu, the Preserver, hence He is called Kesavah. This Shila has beautiful impressions of Vishnu, Surya and vertical impressions represent Keshav. The Shila is of Shankh shaped which grants worldly comforts to the devotee. The Keshava Shila bestows the devotee with immense wisdom and Charisma. He radiates light and energy from his well being and every one in the society is bound to be benefitted by the worshipper. Every devotee will be benefitted by worshipping this Shila. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.

Benefits of worshipping Keshav Shaligram:
- For wisdom and Charisma
- For early marriage
- For removing all doshas and balancing of Chakras

The Shila shown in picture will be sent.
The Shaligram will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.
Colour: Jet Black
Weight: 150gm
Dimension : 5.5cm x 4.7cm x 2cm
Donation Amount : Rs 5100/- or $ 73 USD
Quantity :
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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