Sacred Adwaitya Jalaja Shreedhara

Sakshat Shiva Symbol of Auspiciousness
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Sacred Adwaitya Jalaja Shreedhara:
   This Shila is very exotic, powerful, extremely attractive, brilliant, auspicious, emits very high radiance and has an extra ordinarily high energy levels. This Shila has perfect white coloured beautiful moon available on the Shila as depicted in the picture. The Shilais alsp Jalaja which means that this particular Shila has water inside the Shaligram Shila. The sound of the water can be heard by taking the Shila close to the ears and shaking the Shila gently. The Shila also has a very well devloped Tripuna impressions in the centre. One Shila having presence of moon , Tripuna and water inside is considered 'Sakshat Shiva and extremely Auspicious. Jalaja Shilas are very rare and bless the devotee with utmost peace and tranquality. Jalaja Shreedhara Shaligram is the symbol of auspiciousness. The worshipper of this shaligram gains very good health, immense peace and family harmony. The shape of the Shila is exotic and a small round ball which is making the Shila extremely powerful and immensely auspicious. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions which makes the Shila a very unique.
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Sri: Prabhu

We have received the shaligrams that you sent yesterday.Thanks a ton for gifting us such beautiful shaligrams. Everyone at our place were at awe with the Hayagriva shaligram. Once again thanks.
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