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Among the natural objects held in extraordinary veneration in India, the salagrama –stones are the most celebrated universally. The worship of these stones is widespread and dates back to a distant past. They are worshipped in temples, monasteries and households all over the country, as visible and natural emblems of Vishnu. The shipping of water in which these stones are bathed is a daily ritual for the pious Hindu belonging to the old and traditional families. The presence of these stones is indispensable while performing Daily and occasional ceremonies and festivals of a religious nature. They are also worshipped in quasi-religious functions like house-warming (grhapravesa, vastu-puja), Pacificatory rites of different sorts (santi), marriages and funerary rituals. A salagrama Is worshipped by householders as well as by ascetics,
The famous image of Vishnu in the Himalayan Badri- nath is said to be caved out of a salagrama, as also the Image of krshna in udupi (in Karnataka). During the imagechanging ceremony (nava- kalevara) in puri- jagannath, the salagrama stone is the essence (padaratha ) that is concealed within the main wooden icon of jagannatha. A salagrama stone officiates as the snapna-murti (icon for bathing) in the shrine of natha-dvara.
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» Auspicious Ananta
Auspicious Ananta
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'Ananta' The Infinite Self. He is undefeated by time, space, or substance, and, therefore, in His own unconditioned nature He is the Infinite One Self. Or it can also mean One who manifests Himself as the endless varieties of entities constituting the universe. Ananta also means “end-less” and, therefore, the Endless Self, which means the Paramaatman, the Supreme Self. Ananta Shila bestows the devotee with protection and very peaceful environment. The Shila also removes Kaal Sarp Dosha and removes all hurdles from the path of the devotee. No occult or any kind of 'Nazar Dosha' works on the devotee. The wealth of the devotee is protected and continue to rise.continue to rise.
» Auspicious Aniruddha
Auspicious Aniruddha
Product Available:-8  
'Anniruddha' is son of 'Pradyumna' and grandson of 'Krishna'. Aniruddha's eternal consort, Usha, sequestered him in the palace of her father, Bana, where Aniruddha was captured and had to be rescued by Krishna, Balarama, and the Yadava army. He appears as the ruler of intelligence. The worshipper of this Shaligram is always governed by his wit, wisdom and conviction. Very good for students for memory retention and concentration.
People who are decision makers are greatly benifted by the worship of this Shila. It also provides a 'Vaikuntha ' like atmosphere and improves tremendously the relationships in the house and at the workplace of the beholder. The worshipper commands great respect in the society being a learned man and enjoys all the wordly comforts. Extremely good for the builders, architects, administrators and politicians. In addition to giving all wordly comforts, this Shila also make devotee detached to the wordly things which helps him in attaining the Salvation.
» Auspicious Atulya
Auspicious Atulya
Product Available:-8  
'Atulya' “One who is incomparable, Inimitable (Atulya) who has none to equal Him”. The Atulya Shaligram Shila is very rare and auspicious. The worship of the Shila brings immense prosperity and peace prevails in the devotee house and the workplace. The Atulya Shaligram Shila uplifts the devotee spiritually and augments the path of devotion which will ultimately lead him to do austerities and philanthropic activities though out in his life. Atulya Shila sometimes also called as Atul has characteristic similar bottom and top markings. Atul Shila augments every activity in the life of the devotee. Atul is a very beautiful Shila and develops charisma and attraction for the wirshipper. Every devotee should try to have one Atulya Shila in his Altar.
» Auspicious Buddha
Auspicious Buddha
Product Available:-37  
Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Buddha though born in the rich and kingly family left his family for the search of truth and wisdom. The worshipper of this Shaligrams gets detached and leads a sacred life. The worshipper can meditate well and go towards philanthropy and austerity. He develops a great sense of satisfaction and can take on patiently all trying situations.
He will spend his all life in doing good to the mankind and hence earns a great respect and love from the society. The Buddha Shila is good for concentration and meditation. The worshipper goes deep into the spirituality remains detached but still lead a wonderful and a satisfying life and is sure to attain salvation. Scarcity of anything remains away from him.
» Auspicious Damodar
Auspicious Damodar
Product Available:-59  
"Damodara"This term has come to indicate the Lord because, He is One who is known through a mind which is purified (Udara) by means of self-control (dama) and such other qualities. According to Mahabharata, “We call Him as Daamodara as He is known by means of Dama.” Damodar is personified with the little Krishna when He used to called as 'Makhan Chor".
Damodar Shaligram Shila is very powerful Shila and if the Shila has some white or golden line around the body the power of the Shila increases manifold. Normally a Damodar Shila will be round but slightly big in size. The worshipper is be blessed with immense fortune, peaceful environment and extreme protection.
» Auspicious Devi
Auspicious Devi
Product Available:-11  
Devi Shaligram is a direct manifestation of 'The Shakti', which is actually running the whole 'Sirishti the universe'. Devi Shaligram are one of the most powerful Shaligram that exist on this Earth. Every devotee should place atleast one Devi Shaligram Shila in his or her Altar. The Shila has invariably an ovalish white mark, representing the face of the Shakti and the body of the Shila is just as if the 'The Shakti' is sitting in the deep meditation position.
The Shila is generally cold to touch, lustrous and an extreme high degree of power emanats from Her. The Shila blesses the worshipper with utmost wisdom, good decision making capabilities, strong wit and intelligence. The worshipper of Devi Shila are the 'Leaders' of the society and control the main machinery in any system. They are the policy makers who have very strong intuition and who can forcast future to almost perfection. The Shila is boon provider and must be present on all Altars and worshipped to seek 'The Shalti' blessings.
» Auspicious Dwarkadheesh
Auspicious Dwarkadheesh
Product Available:-39  
Dwarka Dheish This Text will come Here
» Auspicious Dwarka Shaligram
Auspicious Dwarka Shaligram
Product Available:-7  
Dwarka Shaligram is very powerful Shaligram Shila on the Earth. The Shila is characterised by number of Chakras markings on the complete body of the Shila. The Shila makes the devotee to lead a life like a King. He has been given lots of resposibilities along with the worldly comforts.
The worshipper has a very strong intuition and can forsee future things happening. He rules the world and loved by everyone in the vicinity. The presence of Shila increases the wit and wisdom of the worshipper. When worshipped along with Dwarka Shila the power and effect of the Shilas multiplies to the manifold. Extremely good for businessman and professional.
» Auspicious Ganesha
Auspicious Ganesha
Product Available:-32  
The pooja of Ganesha shaligram removes all obstacles and brings success in all undertakings. It gives the worshipper all kinds of attainments - Riddhies and Siddhies . His opponents are finished i. e. the minds or intentions of his opponents are changed.
The devotion of Ganesha shaligram ensures the earliest accomplishment of all works pertaining to property, business etc which are stuck for quite some time due to some or the other hurdles. Ganesh Shaligram is a must in any devotees alter as any big and good work is done by paying obinesence to the Lord Ganesha. Ganesha removes all fears and worshipper gets has way out when he has no hopes for accomplishment of a certain work.
» Auspicious Garuda
Auspicious Garuda
Product Available:-8  
Garuda, a bird deity, with the head and wings of an eagle and sometimes the rest of his body like that of a man, is called the king of birds and he is also the 'carrier' of Lord Vishnu. This god-bird is thought to be remover of obstacles. His image is placed near Vishnu in temples and in pictures he is depicted carrying Vishnu in the skies on its back. The worshipper of this Shaligram is blessed with immense success in his life.
His all obstacles are removed and he reaps gold and wealth in all his endeavors. This is a very powerful Shaligram and it makes things happen very fast and hence atleast one Shila should be kept in the alter by all devotees of Shaligram. Garuda Shaligram bestows the devotee with success in all his endeavors, removes negativity and brings prosperity, peace and hormony in his life. Worshipper of Garuda Shaligram is boud to travel with Lord Vishnu.
» Auspicious Giri Govardhan
Auspicious Giri Govardhan
Product Available:-11  
Giri Govardhan Shila is very powerful, attractive Shila and slightly big in size and shape like that of mountain. This Shila helps the devotee to increase his strength and makes him invincible. Nothing comes on his way to success. He has a very strong determination like a mountain and exceptionally strong will power and focuss.
The Govardhan Shila is extremely protective against occult, black magic and negativity. The worshipper of this Shila enjoys the peaceful environment and harmony at his work place and home. The wife, children remains in control and continuosly strive to acheive the aim of their life without wasting any time or diverting to some other thing. It is said that seven generations reaps the benefit of prayers of this very powerful Shila.
» Auspicious Govind
Auspicious Govind
Product Available:-88  
Govindah -The word Go in Sanskrit has four meanings: ‘Earth’, ‘Cows’, ‘Speech’ and ‘Vedas’. As the earth is the supporter of everything that is existing, He, who is the supporter of everything within the individual, is called Govinda; He, who is the Protector of the Cow’s and played the part of Gopaala in Gokula, is the very controller of the animal instincts and passions in the bosom of man; “One, without whom, no speech can ever emerge out of any throat-He being the very Life in all Creatures” says Kenopanishad; and the Highest Speech is the declaration of Truth in the Vedas.
The Lord Himself is the very Theme and the Author of the Vedas. This great Self is Mahavishnu. Govinda Shila is round with a small white mark on the Shila. This Shilais very good of focuss and concentration.
» Auspicious Hanuman
Auspicious Hanuman
Product Available:-20  
Hanuman Text will come here
» Auspicious Harihara
Auspicious Harihara
Product Available:-46  
Harihara Text will come here
» Auspicious Hayagriva
Auspicious Hayagriva
Product Available:-11  
Hayagriva is a 'incarnation / avatar' of Vishnu. He is depicted as a human being with a horse's head, and represents knowledge and wisdom. He is known for rescuing the Vedas from beneath the ocean, where they were hidden by demons.This Shaligram is very lucky for the beholder. All the stuck works starts happening at a very fast pace like a horse.
The worshipper of this Shaligrama becomes very energetic and is blessed with all the wordly comforts and immense fortune. Worshipping this Shaligram, the devotee gets with immense knowledge, wisdom, confidence, luck and he can take on very bravely any challenging situation through out his life. The environment at the house or at the workplace becomes very harmonious and peaceful. He also tremendously improves the relationship among the family members, relatives and colleages.
» Auspicious Hiranyagarbha
Auspicious Hiranyagarbha
Product Available:-6  
Hiranyagarbhah is the term used in the Vedanta for the “creator”. He is the expression of the creative urge of the lord Narayana. “The Golden-egg” means here that from which all the objective world had emerged out, indicating the creator.” The term thereby suggest that the entire creative power of the creator is but the nexpression of the Self, Narayana.
The Hiranyagarbha Shaligram Shila is considered very powerful Shila and is related to the creator of this Universe. The worshipper is blessed with the cosmic energies whch change the life of te devotee as per his wishes. The devotee is linked to the super consciousness of the transcedental. The worshipper remains detached yet enjoys the materialistic world.
» Auspicious Hrishikesha Chandrama
Auspicious Hrishikesha Chandrama
Product Available:-48  
Hrishikesha Chandrama shaligrama is very powerful Shaligrama as it controls the temper of an individual. The term Hrisheekas means "the Lord of the rays": the sun and moon. The Hrishikesha, Aatman, the self as Consciousness is the one who gives light to all sense organs and, therefore, it is the lord of all sense organs.
The Chandra Shila helps the worshipper to remove obstacles on his way and let the works be accomplished in the most satisfying way. Chandra Shila also denotes itself of beauty. The men and the women who are looking for their prospective bride grooms can immensely be benefitted by the worship of the Chandra Shilas. It increases the capacity to derive pleasures and take the life to tranquality. The worshipper attains moksha who does regular puja with devotion.
» Auspicious Jagannath
Auspicious Jagannath
Product Available:-93  
Jagannath test will come here
» Auspicious Jagdish
Auspicious Jagdish
Product Available:-11  
Jagdisha Text will Come Here
» Auspicious Janardhana
Auspicious Janardhana
Product Available:-8  
Janardanah is another name of Vishnu and appears as the 126th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama. According to Adi Sankara on the Vishnu Sahasranama, Janardanah means "One who inflicts suffering on evil men." Alternatively, it means, "He to whom all devotees pray for wordly success and liberation." The term Ardayati is a verb meaning both 'giving sorrow' or 'giving joy'.
Thus, one who gives sorrow and disaster to the vicious, and who blesses with joy and peace to the good people is called 'Janardanah'. Janardhanh Shaligrama is extremely powerful and the worshipper of this Shaligrama gets tremendous success in business and service. All the obstacles coming on the way of the worshipper are removed. The worshipper geta immense protection by worshipping this Shaligrama and no black magic or occult works on him. Any person trying to harm the worshipper is sent to hell and suffers throughout his life. This Shaligram blesses the devotee with peaceful environment, prosperity and protection.
» Auspicious Kalki
Auspicious Kalki
Product Available:-7  
Kalki is considered to be the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu which has yet to come after the Kalyuga. It is assumed that Kalki will come in the white horse and remove the earth from all the sins and make the earth a more lovable and worth living place.
The worshipper of the Kalki Shaligram can forsee the future things happening. Its very good for the Lawyers, Police personnel and Government officials. It hones their administrative skills and tremendously increase their analytical qualities. The worshipper make the things happen in his favour and generates very high position and status in the society. He gets immense fame, name and is respected and recognised in all spheres of life.
» Auspicious Kalp Vriksha
Auspicious Kalp Vriksha
Product Available:-19  
'Kalpavriksha tree' according to the Hindu mythology, was one of the 14 gems which came out from the depths of the sea after the Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). The worshipper of this Shaligram gets all the wordly comforts and diginity in the society. Kalpavriksha is said to fulfill the desires of all those who have faith on the holy tree.
This tree has a generous connotation attached - for ages it has been known to fulfill all the wishes of the devotees. By worshipping this Shaligram all the wishes of a person are fulfilled. Worshipper gets good husband, good wife, sons and daughter and peace and harmony prevails in the family. Keeping Kalpvriksha Shila in the alter is considered very auspicious and this pleases Lord Krishna which inturns blesses the devotee to the fullest.
» Auspicious Kamal Narayan
Auspicious Kamal Narayan
Product Available:-3  
Kamal Narayan Text will come Here
» Auspicious Kamdhenu
Auspicious Kamdhenu
Product Available:-6  
Kamdhenu, the sacred cow deity is considered to grant all wishes and fulfills all desires of the devotees. It is believed that she emerged from Samudramanthan (the churning of the ocean) and taken by seven gods, who compose the constellation of the 'Great Bear' in the sky. She is also called Surabhi, Shaval, Aditi and Kamduh.
The worshipper of Kamdhenu Shaligram is blessed with all wordly comforts and immense wealth. His all wishes are fulfilled. The worshipper gets very good wife or the husband of his or her choice, good sons and daughters and he leads a life of immense satisfaction, dignity and commands high fame and name in the society. The worshipper of this Saligrama Shilas improvise on Determination, strong will power and focuss and increased concentration.
» Auspicious Keshav
Auspicious Keshav
Product Available:-8  
Keshava to describe Lord Krishna means “One Who has long hairs.” But Kesas are the rays of the Lord that illumine the Sun, Moon and such other effulgent things of the Cosmos. “The rays of mine that illumine (the Sun, etc.) are called Kesas. Therefore the wise Brahmins call Me, Kesava.” Also’ Ka’ means Brahmaa, the Creator and ‘Eesa’ means Siva, the Destroyer.
Both of them have sprung from Vishnu, the Preserver, hence He is called Kesavah. The Keshava Shila bestows the devotee with immense wisdom and Charisma. He radiates light and energy from his well being and every one in the society is bound to be benefitted by the worshipper. Every devotee will be benefitted by worshipping this Shila.
» Auspicious Krishna
Auspicious Krishna
Product Available:-118  
Krishna is the other name of eternity, austerity and completeness and is considered as the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The worshipper of this shaligrama will earn a great respect and dignity in the society. He will be successful in all his endeavors by his wit and intelligence. The beholder will earn a great name and fame in his circle and will be loved by one and all.
The worshipper develops an aura which will attract all the persons around him. The worshipper can improve tremendously the relationship with in the family members and unite them. The worshipper of this Shaligram tremendously increases self confidence, courage and determination. He becomes charismatic and gets success in all his endeavors.
» Auspicious Krishna Balaram
Auspicious Krishna Balaram
Product Available:-16  
Krishna Balram signifies the presence of two different markings of Krishna and otherone of Balrama in the same Shila. Like united Krishna and Balaram has removed the miseries and sufferings of the people, similarly the worshipper will also get tremendous strength and power to remove the miseries of the people. Krishna Balram is a very powerful Shila which will help the devotee to maintain peace and harmony among all family members and relatives.
The worshipper will be respected by every one in the society. The Shila is good for Administrators, Politicians and Government Servants. The worshipper is also blessed with immense protection by virtue of this Shila in his Altar.
» Auspicious Krishna Paduka
Auspicious Krishna Paduka
Product Available:-53  
Krishna Paduka is a very powerful Shaligram Shila. Its shape is like the feet of the Krishna and hence it is called as Krishna Paduka. Krishna Paduka is considered tremendously auspicious to be kept in the Altar as this Shila brings immense prosperity, peace and protection in the lives of the devotees.
Krishna Paduka Shila with number of markings is considered very auspicious and if there is a Chakras also available then this Shila becomes very rare and ommensely blesses the devotee by fulfilling all his wishes and desires. Krishna Paduka is generally a very rare Shila and every devotee should have atleast one Krishna Paduka in his Altar.
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