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Shaligram.com has exqusite collection of extremely beautiful extra ordinarily powerful and exotic Shaligram Shilas. These Shaligrams which are the divine gift of Lord Vishnu are characterised by very clear Chakras and extremely distinct impressions as compared to the normal Shaligrams.
These Shilas are very rare, smooth, cold to touch, lustrous, shinning jet black or golden colour and emit very high and powerful radiance and possess immensely high energy levels. These exotic Shilas are present on this Earth in a very limited quantity. There presence in the home or workplace removes negativity fulfills wishes and desires, makes the ambience very piousand Vastu wise also these rare Shilas are extremely effective.
    These Exotic Salagram Shilas brings immense peace, prosperity and extreme protection in the lives of the devotees. Since the impressions of these Shilas are extremely clear the effect of the worship of these Shilas is very quick and manifold times more. The effect of these Shilas can be noticed with in the short span of time after bringing the Lord Shaligram Shilas in the devotee's house or at the work place. Like in auspicious Shaligram section, in this section also almost all categories of Exotic Shaligrams are displayed. These Shilas brings immense satisfaction, peaceful environmment in the lives of the worshipper and auguments the path of his Salvation.
    These special Shilas are most sought after by the Lord Vishnu devotees and Shaligram lovers. In this section those Shaligram Shilas are included which are genuinely from Kali Gandaki river at Nepal, the Shilas are unchipped, have very clear chakras, markings and impressions. Exotic Shilas bestows the devotee with immense wealth, wordly comforts, dignity and respect in the society, removes hurdles, provides extreme protection from any type of occult, Nazar Dosha, black magic, removes all types of Doshas from the lives of the devotee, shows the devotee correct path for progress, spiritually uplifts him, helps in undertaking Sadhnas and attainment of Salvation.
    The Shaligram Shilas ensures a peaceful environment prevails at the devotee's house and the work place. Lord Narayan and Laxmi accept the prayers, obineances and stays at that place where Shaligram Shilas are worshipped. The part of the donation received from the devotees is given for philanthropic activities. The Shilas shown in the picture is always sent to the devotee.
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» Exotic Narayan
Exotic Narayan
Product Available:-3  
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» Exotic Narsimha Shaligram
Exotic Narsimha Shaligram
Product Available:-197  
Narsimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Narasimha or the Lion incarnation as a creature who was half-lion and half-man. Vishnu killed the demon Hiranyakashyap, brother of Hiranyaksha, who had gained the boon of immunity from attacks by man, beast or God. This is a very rare shaligram.
One who worships Narsimha Shaligram gets immense protection from his enemies. The opponents and the enemies of the worshipper vanishes and are sent to hell. No black magic or any type of occult works on him. He becomes fearless and gets success in all his endeavours. He can take on any challange and emerge out to be a winner. His confidence level goes to a very high mark and is invincible. He enjoys immense wealth, health and remains always attached to the God.
» Exotic Padmanabha
Exotic Padmanabha
Product Available:-92  
Padmanabha is the one from whose navel springs the Lotus, which is the seat of the four-faced Creator, Brahmaji. Lotus in Hinduism represents the set of Truth. In this Mudra Lord Vishnu is resting on the Shesha and Laxmi ji is sitting near the lotus feets of Lord Vishnu.
Worshipping of Padmanabha Shaligrama makes the worshipper peaceful, satisfied and salvation is sure for him. This Shila increases tremendously the intuitive powers of the worshipper and his all acts are full of kindness and for the philanthropic purposes. It increases the wisdom and intellect to a great extent due Bhramaji's blessings and by virtue of the presence of Goddess Laxmi the worshipper is blessed wth good wealth and comforts. This is a very powerful Shila which is complete in His own.
» Exotic Panchmukhi Hanuman
Exotic Panchmukhi Hanuman
Product Available:-75  
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» Exotic Parshuram
Exotic Parshuram
Product Available:-54  
Parasurama is the sixth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Prasurama killed the King Kartavirya, who had stolen the Holy cow Kamdhenu, which could fulfill all the desires. Parsurama had determined to eliminate all the Kshatriyas who were sadist and torturing the common man. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense courage and a strong will to fight against all odds and he emerges out to be a winner ultimately. This generates lots of confidence to the beholder and he is determined to achieve success in all his endeavors.
The worshipper gets all his wishes fulfilled. He gets immense protection and wealth to live a successful and peaceful life. The Parshuram Shaligram provides extreme devotion to the Lord Vishnu and the mind of the devotee remains always vigilant to fight for his rights and the rights of the complete society where he is living as a whole. The devotee carries out philanthropic activities through out is life and is sure to get the Salvation.
» Exotic Pradyumna
Exotic Pradyumna
Product Available:-21  
Pradyumna was the son of Krishna and Rukmini. When he was a baby he was abducted by the demon Sambara. He was given to a woman in Sambara's house to raise. Narada informed her about the true identity of the child. When Pradyumna grew up, he battled the demon Sambara, defeated him. Pradyumna was later killed in a drunken brawl in his father's court at Dwaraka. According to some accounts, Pradyumna was an incarnation of Kama, the god of love. He is a born leader. This Shila is considered as a very powerful shila.
The devotee improves in his decision making capabilities and listen to his mind more as compared to his heart. The devotees actions are governed by his intellect and he further improves upon it. It is very good for students who lacks in concentration. The worshiper tremendously impoves his concentration. The worshipper of Pradyumna gets a dignified position in the society where he commands respect from each and every one. The worshipper set some principals in his life and then follow them religiously which benefits him in the accumulating good 'Karmas'. At a later stage of his life he fully devote himself to austerities and philanthropic activities.
» Exotic Purushottam
Exotic Purushottam
Product Available:-22  
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» Exotic Radha Krishna
Exotic Radha Krishna
Product Available:-67  
Radha Krishna is a sign of ultimate love, respect and affection. The very presence of this Shila brings immense harmony, good luck, peace, prosperity and tranquility in the lives of the devotees. It also helps in getting right eternal partner which further moulds the life to take the devotee into total Lord Krishna devotion and doing work for promoting 'Vaishnava' religion.
This Shaligrama brings immense improvement in decision making capabilities of the devotees. He develops great intuition, wisdom and do philanthropic works and austerities for the upliftment of the society. By worshipping this Shaligrama the devotees attains 'Moksha' and 'Salvation'.
» Exotic Ram Baan
Exotic Ram Baan
Product Available:-53  
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» Exotic Santan Gopal
Exotic Santan Gopal
Product Available:-48  
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» Exotic Shashidhara
Exotic Shashidhara
Product Available:-6  
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» Exotic Shiv Parvati
Exotic Shiv Parvati
Product Available:-13  
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» Exotic Shivlinga
Exotic Shivlinga
Product Available:-206  
Shivling shaligram is the symbol of auspiciousness. In Skanda Purana, Lord Shiva while talking to His son Skanda, has mentioned that I do not take any obenisence or offerings or accept the worship of any devotee untill he has worshipped the Shaligram Shila first. The worshipper of this Shaligram gains health and peace. It is extremely good for normalising the troubled family life.
The worshipping of this Shaligram increases the family harmony and the environment of the house and the workplace of the beholder becomes like a temple. Shivalinga Shaligram is a sakshat "Shiva" and it takes the devotee to spiritualism besides giving him prosperity and the mental peace. The wishes of the beholder are fulfilled. Sincere Lady worshippers can get the husbands of their choice and the devotee can lead a very happy life.
» Exotic Shri Chakra
Exotic Shri Chakra
Product Available:-30  
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» Exotic Sudershan
Exotic Sudershan
Product Available:-312  
Sudershan is a very powerful and commenly found Shaligram. As the name indicates Sudershan was utilised by Lord Krishna to kill the demons and any other being who came in between 'Dharma'. Sudarsanah -'One who is easy to be perceived if the seeker has sufficient devotion'. It has protected the society from the wrong doer's and saved the mankind from being devastated. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection from occult, black magic and peaceful environment prevails at his place.
Sudershan keeps all devils away and so is the persons trying to harm the worshipper have a very sad end. It also helps in increasing the wit and creativity. The worshipper not only fights for his own rights but also struggles to attain the rights of others. The worship of this Shaligram is very beneficial for especially leaders, businessmen politicians, doctors and professionals. Atleast one Sudershan Shaligram every devotee should have in his alter. The devotee gets Moksha by worshipping this Shaligrama Shila.
» Exotic Surya
Exotic Surya
Product Available:-95  
By worshipping Surya Shaligram the worshipper gets the quality of the Sun - to rule and to move continuously with brilliant radiance and strength. This Shila gives happiness, popularity and material gains. This Shila enlightens the Super Consciousness. It removes worry, suspicion, guilt, fear and all kinds of physical and mental illness. It improves the descision making and administrative capabilities of the worshipper.
This Shila also protects from accidents and misfortune. It is extremely good for the removal of illnesses pertaining to eyes, joint pains and other gastric troubles. The devotee gets tremendous love, respect from the society and he is treated as a very dignified man. This Shila is extremly good for politicians, actors, businessman and the persons holding very high positions. The devotee’s charisma increases to a very high level and his all actions are philanthropic in nature.
» Exotic Trinetradhari Shiva
Exotic Trinetradhari Shiva
Product Available:-0  
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» Exotic Vaman
Exotic Vaman
Product Available:-85  
Vaman or the dwarf incarnation is the fifth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Lord Vaman killed the demon Bali, who had gained dominion over the Earth and had chased away the Gods from the heavens. The worshipper of Lord Vaman Shaligram Shila gets immense strength to fight against all odds, evils and enemies. His enemies do not get any place in the complete 'Triloka'. He becomes invincible and takes on any challenge which comes on his way and emerge out to be a winner in all his endeavours. He gains confidence and wisdom and is respected and recognised in his sphere of work and socirty as a whole.
The worshipper of this Shaligram is very successful in land investments and business pertaining to Gold, metal, diamonds and precious gems. The worshipper of Vaman gets immense success without being much noticed. Nothing appears impossible for the worshipper to achieve. The Lord Vaman Shaligram provides extreme protection from occult and black magic and make the life of the devotee free from any fear or worry. The devotee becomes more attached to the God.
» Exotic Varaha
Exotic Varaha
Product Available:-172  
Varaha or the Boar incarnation of Vishnu is the third incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. He killed the demon Hiranyaksha, recovered the stolen Veda's and released the Earth from the bottom of the ocean. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection and occult or black magic does not work on him. He is bestowed with good health, knowledge and all his six senses works to perfection. He gets support from nature in all his endeavours. He gets wordly comforts and peaceful environment through out his life.
Those who are into speculative business can get immense benefit out of worshipping this Shaligram. The worshipper commands a good respect, name and fame in the society. The Varaha Shaligram increases concentration and knowledge to an astounding levels and brings immense peace and happiness in the life of the devotee. The effect of the Varaha Shaligram increases manifold if the Shila has some other god markings also present on it.
» Exotic Vasudev
Exotic Vasudev
Product Available:-55  
The Vishnupurana says, He resides every where in and through all things, He is termed Vasudevah. All beings remain in the Supreme, and He in all being and hence, the Omnipresent is called the Vasudeva. This Shaligrama Shila is extremely powerful and brings tremendous happiness, prosperity, and protection in the life of the devotee. This Shaligram Shila is very rare. The Shila has invariably markings of Shesha also which is providing the shelter to the Gopala when He was taken away from the prison to save His life from the Kansa.
Vasudev Shila brings immense happiness and devotion towards Lord Vishnu. It makes the devotee extremely strong from inside to fight against all odds and the worshipper emerges out as victorious in all his endeavours. He brings tremendous respect and makes the devotee a dignified person in the society. The Shila brings Charisma, increased self confidence and victory in all works. Peace prevails in the mind of the devotee and success is granted in all his endeavours.
» Exotic Venkateshwara
Exotic Venkateshwara
Product Available:-47  
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» Exotic Banke Bihari Krishna
Exotic Banke Bihari Krishna
Product Available:-1  
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» Exotic Bramha Vishnu Mahesh(Dattatreya)
Exotic Bramha Vishnu Mahesh(Dattatreya)
Product Available:-38  
There are few very curious Shilas which have very very special powers and extra-ordinary chracteristics. These Shilas are extremely rare and are only few in number exisiting on this Earth. These Shilas represents the Sagar Manthan in themselves. Lots of waves, water and different coloured impressions are seen on this Shila which represents the presence of Devatas and Asuras. This Shaligram has a beautiful Trinity part also Which represents Brahma Vishnu Mahesh by Virtue of different colors on the surface of Shila and several parallel lines in a particular format which makes this Shila extremelt rare and most auspicious. This Shila is one of the most most rare found on the Earth which bestow the devotee with extreme protection,immense prosperity and tremendous peaceful environment in the lives of the devotee.The other powers of this special Shila is that when worshipped this grants worshipper with tremendously strong intuition where in all the six senses of the devotee works to perfection, grants Salvation, devotee can concentrate to the deepest meditation levels where in he can connects himself to the transcendental in the least possible time in the presence of this Shila. This Shila also grants improvised relationships between husband and wife, bestows the devotee with virtuous sons and daughters, storng wit, wisdom, determination, confidence, longitivity, health and wealth to the devotee. This Shila is also used by Yogis and Siddha Sanyasis for doing positive Tantra for the betterment of the masses. The Shila also protects from sudden losses, thefts and accidents and take the devotee to philanthropic activities and austerities.
» Exotic Bhur Bhuvas Gayatri Shaligram
Exotic Bhur Bhuvas Gayatri Shaligram
Product Available:-12  
The powerful Bhoor Bhavas Gayatri Vaikuntha Shila glitters like diamonds and gems, has white shinning crytals/sphatik and has golden coloured impressions inside and is considered extremely auspicious, immensely powerful. The devotee is blessed with a virtuous son. As per Skanda Purana Bhoor Bhuvas Gayatri Mahamritunjaya Shaligram Shilas are most rare Shilas amongst all Shaligram Shilas and blesses the worshipper with a very very long life and extremely good health. The power of these Shilas as described in Skanda Puran is such that the living beings that are in the vicinity of these Shilas upto 123 Km diameter too get the benefits of these Shilas without even worshipping them. This Shila protects from sudden accidents and thefts and brings immense wealth and bestows the life to devotee like that of a King, where apart from being philanthropist and austere nature, he becomes invincible and enjoys tremendous respect, power and high dignity coupled with all worldly pleasures it increases wit, wisdom, confidence and strong will power and determination in the devotee. The worshipper can clearly see the future things happening. This Shila is exceptionally good for the meditation. These Shilas are very cold to touch, full of positive energy and tremendous power, extremely protective in nature.
» Exotic Big Shaligram
Exotic Big Shaligram
Product Available:-18  
No Text
» Exotic Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra
Exotic Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra
Product Available:-45  
Jagannath Baladeva Subhadra
» Exotic Jagdisha
Exotic Jagdisha
Product Available:-0  
Jagadaadijah -One who had born (Jah) in the very beginning (aadi) of the world (jagat) is called Jagadaadijah. At the time of dissolution (Pralaya) when the entire gross and subtle bodies go to lie absorbed in the Total Causal-body, the world, in Pralaya, lies merged in Eesvara. Before the gross world-of-plurality emerges out there should be a condition of subtle manifestation of it in the form of thoughts. Thoughts constitute the mind-intellect; when the Infinite functions through this Total Mind-intellect, It is called as Hiranyagarba the womb of all objects, it is from the Hiranya garba-state, the manifestation of the gross world emerges out, when the lord comes to play as a Virat Aatmaa. Maha Vishnu is the one who was born before the world of gross bodies, therefore it is indicated here that he is the Womb-of all- objects. The Shila has Vishnu tilak markings at te centre of the Shila. This Shila is round which signifies charisma, attraction, love and affection is bestowed to the devotee. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, small sized, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.
» Exotic Skanda
Exotic Skanda
Product Available:-6  
Exotic Skanda
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I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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