Painted Shaligram Discription
WWW.SHALIGRAM.COM has leaped one step forward in donating decorated/painted Shaligram Shilas to devotee clients at a very reasonable donation which no other Shaligram supplier has thought of doing. It is said that several saints and great Vaishnavas have always worshipped decorated/painted Shilas and got immense benefit out of worship of decorated/painted Shilas. We have received numerous mails from different devotees across the world for donating them Shilas which are nicely decorated/painted and straight away can be worshipped in their Altars. is using natural very high quality colours for decorating the Shilas. These colours are immensely strong and while bathing the Shilas with Gangajal or doing Abhisheka of the Shaligrama Shilas with milk, curd, honey, ghee or panchgavya, the colour on the Shilas won't come out. By decorating a Shila, a devotee knows the exact physical features of the Shilagram Shila and well understands which is the top portion of the Shila or where is actual the mouth of the Shila. The Shaligram Shilas also looks extremely beautiful and devotion inside the heart increases to manifold times more. will try to decorate all different kinds of Shilas and shall offer them to the devotees. With most of the the decorated/painted Shilas, we shall gift a Mukut, brass or stainless steel throne, tulasi mala, sandlewood paste etc. I am sure all devotees will support us in our this new endeavor.
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» Painted Ganesha Shaligram
Painted Ganesha Shaligram
Product Avialable:-17  
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» Painted Gopal Krishna Shaligram
Painted Gopal Krishna Shaligram
Product Avialable:-25  
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» Painted Shivlinga Shaligram
Painted Shivlinga Shaligram
Product Avialable:-21  
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» Painted Narsimha Shaligram
Painted Narsimha Shaligram
Product Avialable:-30  
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» Painted Santan Gopal Shaligram
Painted Santan Gopal Shaligram
Product Avialable:-29  
Painted Santan Gopal Shaligram text will come here
» Painted Hanuman Shaligram
Painted Hanuman Shaligram
Product Avialable:-4  
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» Painted Pankhdhari Krishna Shaligram
Painted Pankhdhari Krishna Shaligram
Product Avialable:-16  
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» Painted Matsya Shaligram
Painted Matsya Shaligram
Product Avialable:-26  
Painted Matsya Shaligram text will come here
» Painted Sacred Shaligram
Painted Sacred Shaligram
Product Avialable:-68  
Painted Sacred Shaligram text will come here
Hare bol

I opened my package a few days ago, your items are spectacular, i love them . Thank you for helping Hindus around the world by providing us with prescribed items for prayer. May God bless you

Sushil Maraj
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