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Rudraksha1 Mukhi Rudraksha1 (एकः) Mukhi Medium Half Moon Rudraksha

1 Mukhi Medium Nepalease Rudraksha-RD-1-A-04
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Dimension : 34mm
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Product Description
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Shiva Rudraksha | One Mukhi | One Faced Bead | 1 Mukhi Rudraksha | Half Moon Rudraksha

1 Mukhi Medium Half Moon Rudrakshas are very rare. We deal in only certified rudraksha which are original. All the Half Moon Rudraksha listed below are Nepali beads which are certified and genuine. We provide you the best quality of 1 Mukhi Beads at best affordable prices. Basically, The 1 Mukhi Nepali Beads is a direct manifestation of Lord Shiva. The planet associated with this powerful Rudraksha is the Sun. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha comes in a half-moon shape and protects the devotee from all ailments pertaining to head, eyes and nose. When 1 Mukhi, 3 Mukhi, 12 Mukhi, 14 Mukhi Rudraksha along with Keshav Shaligram are placed in the East direction of the house, they bring immense prosperity, make the house disease-free, theft free and accident-free.

Benefits of 1 Mukhi

- This Half Moon Rudraksha brings immense discipline, focus, wisdom and great power of right decision making in the devotee especially at the time of crises.
- 1 Mukhi Bead bestows the devotee with strong will power, strong determination and excelling attitude and grant success in all endeavors.
- Wearing or placing of One faced Rudraksha increases the Aura of the individual and all inmates of the house.
- It is also very good for balancing Sahasrara Chakra and for meditation.

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