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Rajeev Krishna Vastu Science For Home & OfficeMetal Pyramid For Vastu

    Multi Layered Brass Vastu Pyramid Set-MPYR25-3 Multi Layered Brass Vastu Pyramid Set-MPYR25-4 Multi Layered Brass Vastu Pyramid Set-MPYR25-5
Multi Layered Brass Vastu Pyramid Set-MPYR25
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Colour: Golden
Dimension : 2inch x 2inch
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Metal Pyramids | Benefits of Vastu Pyramids | Metal Pyramid for Vastu | Shaligram Shala

Rajeev Krishna Vastu Science presents the finest collection of pure metal pyramids with perfect geometry having accurate internal and external angles. Chakra Vastu was devised after in-depth study on the ancient lore of Vastu and modern science. The Vastu solutions of Rajeev Krishna Vastu Science are easy, practical and highly effective. A Pyramid is a powerful geometry that energizes its surrounding with positive energies. The metal pyramid collection of Shaligram Shala ( includes a Multi-layer pyramid for huge structures, a Pyramid with combined energies of Yantras and pyramids, hollow metal pyramids, Hanging pyramids, multiple pyramids and more.

Shaligram Shala gives a wide variety of energized Pyramids. Before you purchase a pyramid online, discover its kinds, make use of, blessings, and placements. Whenever you notice a pyramid, the first thing that comes to your mind is Egypt. True its miles, Egypt has one of the oldest ancient monuments called the Pyramids, masonry structures. But there ought to be a thriller at the back of those pyramids of Egypt, which also symbolizes the ascension of Pharaohs (kings) to the Heavens.

What is the scientific factor of the Pyramid?

Known on the grounds of ancient instances, Pyramid is a powerful symbol that connects with the strongest forces. The Egyptians located the pyramid as a spiritual symbol as it drives the electromagnetic power across the earth. In philosophical studies, its shape with the 4 sloping aspects releases the cosmic strength, which counteracts negative power. One of its leader features is to get rid of or recycle stagnated terrible energies. Research has proven that pyramid vibrations affect the intellectual, physical, and emotional components of people. Keeping the pyramids inside the 4 corners of a Place revitalizes the electricity flow. It improves the air of mystery of a person, too.

How the pyramid works

A pyramid acts as an antenna, attracting geological, organic, and cosmic electricity particles inner and around a shape. The phrase pyramid contains the Greek words, Pyra (pyramids) which means fire, and mid meaning the middle. Pyramids harmonize the thoughts, frame, and soul with the cosmos, with the aid of just maintaining them at appropriate places: to achieve health, happiness, and prosperity. Pyramids create a finer balance and harmony by correcting the strength defects, with none bodily/structural alteration, or shifting of any items, be at domestic or place of business.

The poor Energy force at your house or place of business may additionally drain you, physically or mentally. This may additionally purpose exhaustion and anxiety, disproportionate to our pastime and conditions. People at times grow to be liable to anger and irritations, main to indecisions or wrong decisions in lifestyles. They could neither revel in lifestyles nor be at peace, no matter having all the material comforts of existence viz house, youngsters, cash, social reputation, and many others. By putting the right pyramid at the ideal route, the energy of your residence / administrative center gets supercharged. As a result, you will have a surplus of energy, which may be used to satisfy the daily needs of existence.

Advantages of Pyramid

The Power of Pyramid Yantra facilitates you in all stages of lifestyle; be it love, commercial enterprise, or fitness. Inside the set, there are tools that can be used for Vastu and Feng Shui rectifications, for man or woman assist, and for professional use.

Wealth & Happiness

The meaning of wealth & prosperity in PyraVastu has some distance wider inferences. Pyramids can help bring abundance into your lifestyles and provide you with the type of improvement as a way to convey genuine bliss.

Marriage & Love

No count number whether or not you are continually unfortunate in love, or having issues captivating an accomplice, Pyramids permit you to enhance your love, concord, and conjugal lifestyles.

Family & Harmony

You ought to start your PyraVastu even earlier than you flow into a brand new residence because it starts with the land itself. As our own family is a critical part of our lives, proper care must receive.

Money & Prosperity

Here is your danger to attract accurate fortune and to attract extra money to your shop, workplace, or manufacturing facility with Pyramid strength.

Learning & Children

Can Pyramids help in schooling? Yes, it may increase the concentration and additional health and electricity of kids.

Fitness & Pain-relief

To be wholesome is not simply being ailment lost! Using Pyramid electricity in our lives we are able to improve our fitness at all three degrees - frame, mind, and soul.

Career & Office

If you want a change of profession or an enterprise due to the fact you experience being caught, or unnoticed for promotion and many others., Pyramids permit you to enhance your sales, money go with the flow or job prospect.

Good-good fortune & Wellness

Pyramids can enhance your good fortune and may be used for character gain or that of domestic, stores, and offices.

Protection & Purification

It is important to guard your fundamental door against all malevolent energies. Pyramids may be used in vehicles for safety. Cleansing the terrible electricity in rooms with a fireplace is likewise wished.

Where to keep the Metal Pyramid at your location?

When kept within the North East nook, a sense of wellbeing is felt by using all the individuals of the family.
When kept within the South West nook, within the bedroom it guarantees sound sleep and you sense freshness and activity within the morning.
Housewives feeling worn-out and stressed must maintain one in the southeast corner of the kitchen to turn out to be greater energetic.
Use it in the childrens study room, for greater attention in their studies and enhance academic performance.
Keep it in your office cabin, within the South West nook, for easy strolling of the enterprise.
If a person within his own family is ill, keep a pyramid close to his bed, on the South West nook, for a fast restoration.
If you sense someone has finished black magic on you, bury 4 such pyramids inside the four corners of the residence. If you are dwelling in a condo or on the upper floors, then preserve the pyramids in the four corners of the house.
Childless couples aspiring for a child may additionally preserve a pyramid, on the North East nook in their bedroom, on the floor.
If you are having litigation problems, bury a pyramid at the North West (West) corner of your house. If you live in a rental, preserve a pot packed with sand and bury the pyramid in it, and location this pot within the North West (West) corner of your home.
The pyramids are buried in the sand crammed pots and placed as a result.
If you are finding it difficult to promote your property, bury a pyramid within the North West nook of the house/ plot.

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