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  Multi Layered Chakra Vastu Designer Pyramid-MPYR11-3 Multi Layered Chakra Vastu Designer Pyramid-MPYR11-4
Multi Layered Chakra Vastu Designer Pyramid-MPYR11
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Colour: Copper
Dimension : 4.1inch x 4.1inch x 3.5inch
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Rs 19100/- $ 251 USD Product shown in the picture will be Sent.
Product Description
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Multi Layered Chakra Vastu Designer Pyramid

The powerful aggregate of three-layered pyramids pattern especially crafted for massive systems like factories and buildings and massive homes. Created to increase the mixed energies of all pyramids, those pyramids are precise and surprisingly effective due to their accurate angles both external and internal. Made in pure copper, they generate copious advantageous, and divine energies. This mixture includes a pyramid plate with eighty-one pyramids positioned in multiples of 9 x 9. It is followed by way of a layer of nine pyramids perfectly preserving nine pyramids underneath it, ultimately protected by a single pyramid pinnacle. All Pyramids are holes. This multi-layered pyramid charges the massive location of its surrounding with energies of positivity, concord, fortune, and prosperity. Hang vertically or keep horizontally near the room entrances or in dwelling regions. Highly advocated the location close to areas in which course has been cut or Vastu fault is there.

Energized Pyramids can help us in the correction of Vastu. A pyramid shape emits high-quality strength which neutralizes the poor energy brought on within any premises because of the wrong Vastu. An exact Vastu performs a crucial function in glad own family lifestyles and prosperity of a commercial enterprise.

A pyramid of natural copper is a massive shop of positivity and divine powers compared to the usually to be had variations in plastic or fiber. It costs a totally massive region around it with advantageous power.

Product Details

Height: 3.5 inches
Base Dimension: 4.1 x 4.1 inches
Weight: 1.250 Kgs
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