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Phone Consultation with Rajeev Singhal

In Phone Consultation with Rajeev Singhal you can discuss your problems related to health, personal and professional blocks. After this session we will email you your horoscope report along with recommendations for your healing, self-empowerment and success. Once you book the phone consultation with Mr. Rajeev Singhal, he will call you on your number.

Request for Phone Consultation

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The recommendation includes:
Shaligram: Suitable Shaligram according to your horoscope
Rudraksha: Suitable combinations of the Divine Rudraksha beads for empowerment.
Parad: Suitable Parad Items according to your life chart & chakra report.
Yantra: Suitable Yantra for you.
Puja Services: Suitable Puja Services according to your horoscope & chakra analysis report.
Gemstone: Suitable gemstones as per your Life Chart and Chakra report.
Meditation: Suitable meditation for you.
Kriya Yog: Suitable kriya yog for you.
Pranayam: Suitable pranayam for empowerment.
Daily affirmations & Mantras: Suggested mantras and daily affirmations for self confidence, positivity and clarity of thoughts.

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