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  Prosperity Yantra Pyramid in Copper-MPYR07-3 Prosperity Yantra Pyramid in Copper-MPYR07-4
Prosperity Yantra Pyramid in Copper-MPYR07
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Colour: Copper
Dimension : 4.1inch x 4.1inch x 3.3inch
Quantity :

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Product Description
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Prosperity Yantra Pyramid

Pure Copper pyramid with Yantras Named Shree Kuber, Shree Mahalaxmi, Shree Vishnu, and Shree Ganesha Yantra. This heavy copper Pyramid has a twin impact of Pyramid and Yantra. inscribed on every face, together shape the Prosperity Pyramid. This heavy copper Pyramid has a twin impact of Pyramid and Yantra. A Pyramid is a powerful geometry that energizes its surrounding with fireplace power thru the bottom. The Yantra is a device that enhances prosperity, know-how, riches, and fulfillment in ones life. The combined energies of Pyramid and Yantra enhance normal wellness.

The Prosperity Yantra Pyramid incorporates:-

  1. Shree Mahalaxmi Yantra – for money, meals grains, and attainment of high desires
  2. Shree Ganesh Yantra – for the elimination of limitations
  3. Shree Vishnu Yantra – for desire fulfillment
  4. Shree Kuber Yantra – for riches and retaining received cash

The hollow base and accurate inner and external angles make it an effective Vastu corrector. The Vastu professionals all around the globe have located that the copper pyramid is a big shop of positivity and divine powers compared to the general to be had editions in plastic or fiber.

Placement: Place the Pyramid yantra close to the front or in residing areas or on your desktop. Highly advocated area this in areas wherein the course has been reducing or Vastu disorder is there.

Product Details

Height: 3.3 Inches
Base Dimension: 4.1 (L)X 4.1 (B) Inches
Weight: 207 gms
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