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Sacred Adwaitya Shweta Golden Surya Sudershan-RRS134
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Colour: Jet Black & Golden
Dimension : 4.3cm x 3.7cm x 1.5cm
Quantity :

Rs 36000/- $ 450 USD Product shown in the picture will be Sent.
Product Description
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Sudarshan shaligram | सुदर्शन शालिग्राम | Benefits of Surya Sudarshan

This is a very powerful and commenly found Shaligrama. As the name indicates Sudershan was utilised by Lord Krishna to kill the demons and any other being who came in between Dharma. Sudarsanah -"One who is easy to be perceived if the seeker has sufficient devotion “or” He whose meeting is auspicious in as much as it removes the seekers worldly worries." It has protected the society from the wrong doers and saved the mankind from being devastated. The Shila has a beautiful and exotic sudarshan markings. The worshipper of this Shaligram gets immense protection from occult, black magic and peaceful environment prevails at his place. Sudershan keeps all devils away and so is the persons trying to harm the worshipper have a very sad end. All the obstacles are removed from path of the worshipper and he leads a very comfortable and pious life. It also helps in increasing the wit and creativity. The worshipper not only fights for his own rights but also struggles to attain the rights of others. The worship of this Shaligram is very beneficial for especially leaders, businessmen politicians, doctors and professionals. At least one Sudershan Shaligram every devotee should have in his Alter. The devotee gets Moksha by worshipping this Shaligrama Shila. The Shila is extremely beautiful, medium sized, radiating with brilliance, immensely auspicious and emitting extremely high energy levels. The Sudershan is extremely protective to ward off the evils and negativity with in the system. Maha Vishnu controls all 10 directions and this Shila being Vishal (large) will keep the helm of the company or work place in very strong hands that will actually be invincible and function with the most positive approach. The Shila is extremely beautiful, medium large sized, radiating with brilliance, immensely auspicious and emitting extremely high energy levels.

Benefits of worshipping Exotic Sudershan Shaligram:
- To protect from occult, black magic
- To increase the wit and creativity
- Good for leaders, businessmen politicians, doctors and professionals
- To protect from devils

The Shila shown in picture will be sent.
The Shaligram will be sent after performing Mahapuja and energization.
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