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Sacred Adwaitya Shweta Jenuyudhari Vaman Maha Laxmi Golden Samudramanthan-EXBIG1022
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Colour: Jet Black
Dimension : 11.5cm x 8.7cm x 5.5cm
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Product Description
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As per (Hari Bhakti Vilasa 5/257 from Skanda Purana, 258/ 259 From Srimad Bhagavatam 11. 27. 12-14) a Shaligram Shila with Golden flow on a Shaligram Shila will represent the Nector that came out after the Samundra Manthan. These Shilas are very few on this Universe as where ever the drop of Nector fell, the Shaligram Shila has absorbed that nector and the same as become golden flow and emerged out from the Shila. This Shila is Samundra Manthan Shila.

There will be several Akrutis of various Devatas and Demons and the 14 Ratnas that emerged out during this churning of the ocean that can be seen on the Shaligram Shila. The Sacred Adwaitya Shweta Jenuyudhari Vaman Maha Laxmi Golden Samudra Manthan Shaligram Shila blesses the devotee with spiritual enlightenment and rejunivation of positive energies and discarding of negative energies. This enlightens the consciousness like the wave of Ocean.
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