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Tree Agate-ROMAL009
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Colour: Light Green
Dimension : 64cm
Bead Size: 6mm
No. of Beads: 108
Quantity :

Rs 400/- $ 5 USD Product shown in the picture will be Sent.
Product Description
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Chakra: Anahata (Heart)
Planet: Buddh
Source: Brazil, India and Uruguay

The Tree Agate precious stone importance is connected with its particular groups and whirls of green, which gives it a hearty and vigorous stylish. Tree Agate Mala one of a kind arrangement reflect the colors and states of a woodland, carrying you closer to nature and its quiet, calming vibes. In case you are stuck in a city or the manicured gardens of suburbs, reconnect with the woodland when you dive deep with the Tree Agate gem by bridling the supernatural vitality of nature through every day reflection. Tree Agate is a stone of inner peace. Tree Agate is supportive stone.

Benefits of Tree Agate Mala/Tree Agate Rosary/Tree Agate Necklace:

- Tree Agate gem joins it with abundance and good karma, making it perfect as a defensive charm to shield you from vitality vampires attempting to thump the breeze out of your sails.
- For gardeners put a Tree agate gemstone in the soil of healthful plants and the power of growth and renewal will increases.
- Tree Agate rosary helps in meditation and prayer.
- Tree Agate carries our concentration to the unity of every one of us, dissolving egoism and arrogance.
- Tree Agate Mala to calm relationship problems with children.

Health Benefits:

- Tree Agate mala improves the immune system and regulates the balance of water in the body. - Tree Agate clears energy blockages in the Nadis (energy channels) to take into account a more prominent progression of this energy all through the body. - Tree Agate can help diseases of the nerves and blood vessels, yet is particularly useful to those with neuralgia.

Where to buy Tree Agate Mala/Tree Agate Rosary/Tree Agate Necklace:

Shaligram Shala ( have a large collection of Tree Agate Mala/ Tree Agate Necklace and you can easily buy at best and affordable price. We can also include Shaligram or Salagram locket and Rudraksha as a meru on this mala. This addition would further increase the power of this particular mala manifold times. To buy Tree Agate Mala/ Tree Agate Rosary online first visit and order online.

Shaligram : Laxmi Narayana Shaligram, Mahalaxmi, Maha Vishnu and Chakradhari Maha Vishnu Shaligram

Rudraksha : 10, 15, 19 Mukhi

Yantra : Chakradhari Mahavishnu

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