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Tumbled Stones For Vastu
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Tumbled stones are rough rocks transformed into smooth, shiny and colorful works of natural art. They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles them until their edges and surfaces are smooth and polished. The tumbled stones are also known as polished stones, tumbled gems, baroque gems, polished rocks and much more. Many people enjoy tumbled stones because they are beautiful natural materials that have been given a pleasing shape and a bright polish. They are popular in jewelry, craft, souvenirs, awards, collectibles, and New Age markets.

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Significance of Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are made in a machine known as a rock tumbler. The most commonly used rock tumbler is a rotary machine that turns a barrel containing the stones, along with abrasive grit and water, for days and weeks at a time. As the rocks tumble in the barrel, the grains of abrasive grit get caught between the rocks and abrade off sharp points and edges. This first step modifies the shape of the rocks and moves them towards a rounded shape. In two subsequent steps, smaller-size granules of silicon carbide are used to smooth the surfaces of the rocks in preparation for polishing. Then, in the final step, a rock polish such as micron-size aluminum oxide is used to produce a bright, lustrous, polished surface on the rocks. The tumbling process usually takes a few weeks to complete in a rotary tumbler.

Buy Tumbled Stones from Shaligram Shala

We at Shaligram Shala ( offer best quality Tumbled stones at an affordable price. Tumbled stones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals. Their colorful appearance and interesting shapes have inspired many people to learn more about rocks, minerals, and gems.

Benefits of Tumbled Stones

1. Rock collections: Many people enjoy collecting interesting rocks. Tumbled stones are an easy and inexpensive way to start a colorful gemstone collection.
2. Crafts: Tumbled stones can be used for an infinite number of craft projects.
3. Jewelry: With some jewelry findings and a little glue, tumbled stones can easily be made into wearable art, including pendants, charms, earrings, tie tacks, cufflinks, keychains etc.
4. Gifts: Brightly polished stones make great gifts, and they can also be used as embellishments on wrapped packages.
5. Prizes & Rewards: Teachers and parents can encourage children to do their best by offering prizes and rewards for good grades and good behavior.
6. Home Decor: Tumbled stones can be a lovely accent for picture frames, candle holders, centerpieces, and many other home decor items.
7. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spiritual Healing: Many people like to use tumbled stones when they are practicing mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual healing techniques.
8. Tumbled Stones in Alternative Medicine: A large percentage of the worlds tumbled stone production is sold in spa, massage, alternative medicine and New Age markets.

How Are Tumbled Stones Made?

Many people purchase rock tumblers to make tumbled stones as a hobby. Their tumblers range from inexpensive plastic machines that are usually loud and produce poorly-polished stones, to more durable metal machines with rubber barrels that are used by hobbyists. These machines usually tumble a few ounces to a few pounds of rock.

Commercial machines, used by companies who produce tumbled stones as a business, are large enough to tumble up to two or three tons of rock at a time. These companies purchase their rough rocks and supplies by the ton and are able to produce tumbled stones at low enough prices that they can be sold at retail for lower prices than the hobbyist can ever compete with. For that reason, people who want tumbled stones are usually best served by purchasing them rather than trying to buy the rocks and supplies that they need and producing them in a small tumbler. However, many people enjoy producing tumbled stones as a hobby, and some of them are fortunate enough that they live or travel in areas where they can collect the rocks that they tumble instead of buying them.

Uses of Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are used for a wide variety of purposes. Each year a few thousand tons of tumbled stones are produced at commercial tumbling facilities, located in several different countries. They are then sold individually or by the pound or used to produce jewelry or items of decor. Depending upon the size of the stones and the material from which they are made, these stones are sold in the United States for prices that typically range from 50 cents per stone to $100 per pound.

Are tumbled stones good for healing?

Tumbled stones are great for crystal healing. They are popular for their smooth surface and portability. They are also affordable when you need many crystals to create a grid, mandala, or layout. Here are some ways you can use your tumbled stones in your healing practice:

- Lie in a crystal layout with the stones surrounding your body
- Grid your space with tumbled stones in each corner
- Place them under the pillow for nighttime healing
- Carry them in your pocket, purse, or pouch during the day
- Place them on the appropriate chakra for healing
- Use tumbled stones in your zen garden
- Hold tumbled stones while meditating
- Use your tumbled stones as worry stones to release stress
- Fall into a meditative state and create a mandala with your tumbled stones
- Use your tumbled stones in gemstone divination