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Vaastu Shastra though a very old science has now taken a new look in the modern world. Now people have realised that Vaastu Shastra can not be overlooked or ignored anymore. The Vastu Shastra has a very great importance in the normal life of all human beings and those people who have followed the Vastu Pricipals in their houses or land or buildings have immensely been benefitted. Now in the ongoing stressful environment where the man is extremely busy and have to face several challanges on a day to day basis, the Vastu Shastra has come in our lives as boon. The Vastu is being carried out on buildings, houses, shops, land, plots, working places like factory or site and the inmates of these places benefit spiritually, materialistically and have tremendous peace of mind with good relations among the family members, success in all endeavors, children doing good in studies/career and all round happiness."Vaastu" in Sanskrit literally means nature, a surrounding or environment. The word "Vastu" came from Vasthu, denoting anything existing such as house, shelter,building etc. and "Shastra" in Sanskrit means systems. The Vastu shastra is an ancient art and science, containing principles and practises of constructing buildings, homes and work stations which ensures a harmonious balance of positive energies between the man and nature and thereby the synergy of these two ( man and nature) brings all round happiness, protection, health, wealth and prosperity. Who does not want all these things in life??? The God is one and belongs to all religions, races and castes and creeds. Now-a-days,when people want to construct a house or other building, they devote more time for minute details of foundation,superstructure, comforts,look,appearance etc.without going into detailed examination as to whether such a house or building will bring them prosperity, health,wealth,wisdom and happiness in the life paving the way for progress and peaceful living or not. Vaastu Shastra is such a vast field which really needs specialisation if someone want to study it .There are some basic favourable and unfavourable directions which we use in our daily life. Ancient sages of India laid down several principles for constructing buildings taking advantage of the nature, the Pancha Bhootas namely Earth, Space, Air, Fire and water, gravitational and magnetic effects and rotational influences of Sun, Moon, Earth and other planets on the life in Earth with a view to bring balance and harmony between man, nature and his buildings and thereby ensuring peace, prosperity and happiness. These principles are called Vastu Shastra, were evolved over thousands of years out of experience and foresight of ancient Sages of India and are very valuable for the well being of man-kind. Vastu Shastra is a science of positively balancing all eight directions of a particular place. According to Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the Lords of these eight directions,they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.

The main dieties and their directions as per the principals of Vastu Shastra is as follows:

1. Esshan ie Ishwar(North-east) - Eshan is ruled by Sadasiva or God Himself. Hence this direction is paramount, which demands keeping itscrupulously clean, open and highly receptiveand welcoming. He grants us wisdom, knowledge and serve all comforts and relieves us from sufferings.

2. Indra(East) - Direction of rising Sun. He is the king of angels. He gives wealth, health, happiness and all pleasures of life.

3. Agni/Fire(South-east) - Agni , the fir God is second to Indra as per Hindu Mythology. He gives us beautiful personality, hapiness in the family, good Health, Sound finances, and nice married life.

4.Yamaa or Yamaha(South) - He is god of death.He is embodiment of dharma.He eradicates evils and grants all good things.

5. Nissan or Niruti, Earth element(South-west) - He vanishes fear about our enemies. Any kind of depression existing in the South - West corner can cause negative effects. In this corner of the plot no borewell, swimming pool, manhole, septic tank, underground water tank etc are allowed. Due to such defects in the South - West corner, one can have negative effects represented by the 3 Ds: Disharmony, Delay and Debts. Such negative effects can cause Disharmony between family members particularly between father and son or husband and wife
6. Varun(West) - West is the abode of Varuna, the god of ocean. He is god of rain. He showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life all round.

7. Vayu/Wind(North-west) - He bestows on us long life,health and strength. He is the basic of all life.

8. Kuber(North) - He is god of wealth. He grants us wealth, attraction, wordly pleasures and all comforts of life.

Shaligram stones are found in Gandaki river at Muktinath Chettra at Nepal under the foot hills of Himalayas. These divine gift of nature have tremendous power,energy and electro magnetic properties which magnificiently allign the lives of the devotees with positivity all around. The Shaligram Shilas are the divine gift of Nature to the mankind, which  can spiritually uplift, bestow us with great success and show us the way to philanthropy, austerity and Salvation. Lord Vishnu has been taking birth in several forms (incarnations) during the time immemorial and is saving the mankind from the hardships and miseries. In Kalyuga, Shaligram Shilas are the only positivity spreading stones around which are His direct manifestation will continue to show the light of conciousness and spiritual liberation to the mankind. The devotees who have been benefitted wants to accumulate atleast 108 Shilas because as per 'Garuda Purana' Lord Vishnu has mentioned that,Where 108 Shilas are kept and worshipped, that place becomes 'Vaikuntha' and I personally come and stay there and bless the worshipper. This place becomes Vaikuntha Dham which covers 123 Km diameter where no nagitivity can prevail. Under my presence every one will only flourish with abundance, spiritually and materially even he does'nt worship me". So this is the legend of worshipping Shaligram Shilas and meticulously placing of these powerful stones in the Altar brings spiritual enlightenment, salvation, harmony, peace of mind, success in businesses, promotions in service and all round hapiness. As per Skanda Purana there are different Shaligram Shilas which are considered extremely powerful in removing Vastu Doshas and they bring " Vaikuntha" or "Heaven" like atmosphere in the house or the workplace of the devotee thereby bringing immense prosperity, extreme protection and peaceful environment. The Shaligram Shilas perfectly balances the effect of Fire, air, water, space and energy of a particular place where they are plced and brings immense prosperity, peace and extreme protection in the lives of the inmates. The Shaligram Shilas being jet black in colour repel negativity, occult, black magic, evil spirits, jealousy and brings immense positivity in the beholder's place. The different Shaligram Shilas are to placed at different places in a house Altar, study room, kitchen etc. after taking advise and opinion from the knowledgeable person on Shaligram Shilas. As per Garuda Purana if 108 Shilas are placed in a particular place in the correct direction in the Altar, 123 Km diameter of area becomes full of positivity and these Shilas blesses the beholder in attaining spirituality, worldly comforts, good health, wealth and peaceful environment in the house or building. The Aura of this place also becomes exceptionally good and the inmates get success in their business, service and in all their endeavours. Apart from materialistic gains placement of Shilas also bring spirituality, philanthropy and austerity in the natures of the inmates.
    As per Garuda Purana and Skanda Purana all the Shaligram Shilas have very good power to remove Vastu Doshas. However few which are most widely used to remove Vastu Doshas are Matsya Shaligram, Narayana Shaligram, Gopal Shaligram, Sudershan Shaligram, Surya Shaligram and Vaman Shaligram Shilas. To remove the geo stresses and negativity in a particular area big sized Janardhana Shaligram, Narsimha Shaligram, Varaha Shaligram and Sudershan Shaligram Shilas are said to most powerful and can be suitably placed with the consultation of the Shaligram speacilist. These Shilas can remove the negativity and will bring immense prosperity, extreme protection and peace to the inmates of the whole building constructed in a 10000 Sq ft plot.
   The Janardhana Shilas are immensely powerful and broadly removes occult, black magic and increses the flow of wealth. These Shilas brings abundance and happiness in the lives of the inmates. For the correct direction and placement of these Shilas expert view is mandatory. Varaha removes stress, brings prosperity, longitivity, good health. This Shilas brings abundance, austerity and philanthropic attitude in the lives of the inmates.  For the correct direction and placement of these Shilas expert view is mandatory.
   Narsimha is extremely powerful Shila and this can remove the negative forces, evil spiirts, occult, black magic, nightmares, protection from sudden accidents and thefts. This Shilas brings abundance and extreme protection in the lives of the inmates. For the correct direction and placement of these Shilas expert view is mandatory.
   Matsya Shaligrams removes negativity, evil forces, Nazar Dosh, jealousy, occult and controls the flow of wealth and positivty in the house. For the correct direction and placement of Matsya Shilas expert view is mandatory. A Matsya Shaligram of approx 2 inches or above covers around 50 m diameter area with positivity and immense flow of wealth. The Shaligram size of 1 inch approx covers 25 m diameter area for removing Vastu Doshas. The presence of Matsya Shaligram increases the overall efficiency of the workers.
   Narayan / Gopal Shaligrams are small round shaped Shaligrams and four Shilas can be placed at four different corners to bring positivity and removing negativity, black magic, sudden accidents, sudden thefts from the particular place which shows presence of negative forces in the area of a house or a work place. Since Narayan Shaligrams are round in shape so their effect is omni directional. A Narayan Shila of 2-3 mm dia covers a area of 12.5 m diameter, 1 cm to 1.4 cm covers a diameter of 25 m and Narayan Shila of around 1.5 to 2 cm cover a distance of 50 m in diameter. For the correct direction and placement of Narayana Shilas expert view is mandatory. This Shila increases the wit, determination,intelligence of the children, creativity, attraction and loyality of the workers and subordinates.
   Sudershan Shaligram is extremely powerful in controlling diseases, avoid operations, thefts, sudden accidents and always brings hormony and peace in the house. This Shila immensely improvises the realtionships amongst the inmates of the house or workers and their bosses. This Shila is extremely protective in the nature and throw the enemies into the hell and change their minds to become positive. The competitors cannot stand any more and unexpected the help can be received when required. For the correct direction and placement of Sudershan Shilas expert view is mandatory.  This Shila increases the health, loyalty and efficiency of the workers and the subordinates. A large sized Sudershan Shila of approx 2.5 inches dia be placed which will cover 25 m diameter area. 3.5 to 4 inches dis Shila will be able to effectively cover aroung 50 m diameter area.
   Surya Shaligram Shila is considered very powerful for removing Vastu Doshas when hung on the ceiling along with the Sphatik or Quartz round beads. For the correct direction and placement of Surya Shilas expert view is mandatory. Surya Shila has tremendous power to bring auspiciousness and positivity in the house or factory or any workplace. This Shila improves health of the inmates and removes negativity and brings immense wealth positivity and peace in the area. The presence of Surya Shaligram Vastu pendent makes owners of the premises dignified, they gain respect, prosperity and success. The workers becomes very obedient, hardworking, dedicated towards their work and bosses. Surya Shila shouls be 1 to 1.5 inches for covering 25 m diameter area and 2 to 3 inches to cover 50 m diameter area.
   Vaman Shaligram Shila has been given by Lord Vishnu to remove the Vastu Dosha of the entire universe. Vamana a dwarf 5 th incarnation of Vishnu. To get rid of Rakshasa King Bali Lord Vishnu came in a Dwarf Brahmna roop and on the promise of King Bali giving him land wquivalent to his 3 steps the Lord Vaman had measured the entire Earth in one step, the entire Brahma Loka in 2nd step and in third step he threw the King Bali and measured Patal Loka as well. So since this Shila is associated with Bhumi therefore this Shila has a great significance in correcting the Vastu Doshas of a extremely negative place. This Shila brings positive environment in the place and helps the inmates to grow spiritually, materially and make them philanthropic. They lead the entire life like a king with abundance, and peace.
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