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Vishal Laxmi Narayan Shankh Maha Ganesha-Rare-EXBIG1015-1

Vishal Laxmi Narayan Shankh Maha Ganesha-Rare-EXBIG1015
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Colour: Jet Black
Dimension : 11.5cm x 10cm x 7.5cm
Quantity :

Rs 125000/- $ 1543 USD Product shown in the picture will be Sent.
Product Description
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Rare Big or Vishal Laxmi Narayan Shankh Maha Ganesha Shaligram Shila is very exotic, powerful, brilliant, auspicious, extremely attractive, emits very high radiance & has an extraordinarily high energy levels. It is best for the removal of obstacles & immense wealth. The Shila is also extremely smooth, lustrous, small sized, perfectly shaped, cold to touch & has flawless impressions.

The devotion of Rare Big Laxmi Narayan Shankh Maha Ganesha Shaligram ensures the earliest accomplishment of all works pertaining to property, business etc which are stuck for quite some time due to some or the other hurdles. Ganesh Shaligram is a must in any devotees alter as any big and good work is done by paying respect to the Lord Ganesha. Ganesha removes all fears and worshipper gets his way out when he has no hopes for accomplishment of a certain work.

Benefits of worshipping Exotic Ganesha Shaligram:

- To removes all obstacles and brings success
- For immense wealth and success
- To removes all fears
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