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Health Yantras


Also known as the Mandala, Yantra is a sacred figure featuring simple geometric patterns and forms arranged in a symmetrical design. The geometric shapes or patterns of the Mandala are generically based on the mystical diagrams carrying the mantras or the process. The Yantras are characterized diagrammatically with various mantras helping to bring positivity around and eliminate negativity. In addition, it helps in elevating the spiritual aura of the individual.

According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, there are different kinds of Yantras for every different purposes. The main goal of these Yantras is to create positive energy, which represents a physical force. In the Sanskrit ideology, Yantra signifies the chant, which awakens the energy after being placed in the environment anywhere around the person. It is also said that the energy generated through the Yantras helps in cleaning the environment and electrify the surrounding with positive energy.


Health Yantras are said to be the most effective and powerful of all the Yantras present, which got designed according to the Vedic texts. Yantras don’t just provide health benefits but also protection. It mainly acts like a talisman, which helps in keeping the health issues and diseases at bay. It also helps remove negative energies that might affect your health, also offering healing vibrations to help you keep sound health. To keep your mental and physical health at peace, include the Health Yantras in home and work place.

Shree Mahamrityunjaya Yantra

It is one of the most propitious and admired of all the Health Yantras, which represents the power of Lord Mahamrityunjaya Shiva. Worshiping of this Yantra every day tends to please Lord Shiva, who shower the worshipper with happiness, fortune, fame, and health. The Yantra also discards phobias, ill effects of the planets, accidental death, illness, anxieties, and fear.

Siddh Meru Dhanvantri Yantra

Lord Dhanvatri is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who emerged during the Samudra Manthana (Churning of the ocean) with an elixir pot. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Dhanvatri, also the avatar of Lord Vishnu, is considered the God of Medicine and Ayurveda. The Meru Dhanvatri Yantra designed containing the ancient scripture design with all the figures as well as symbols arranged in a geometric set with symmetric designs. It tends to vibrate with the healing power of Lord Dhanvantri while carrying a significance of the mantras and the process. The powerful aura of the Yantra tends to radiate positive energy, which showers the worshipper with good health.

Shree Raksha Kavach Maha Yantra

It is mainly embedded with six of the most powerful Yantras, which are Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Hanuman Yantra, Maha Sudarshan Yantra, Durga Yantra, Bagalmukhi Yantra, and the Ramraksha Yantra. The blend of all the these Yantras helps to fight against negative influences, illness, and diseases. The person who tends to worship the Yantra every day is blessed with boundless blessings from all the deities. It also provides the person with the eradication of unrealistic fear of diseases and offers a physical strength.

Shiva Yantra

This Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra tends to provide the grace of Lord Ganesh, Lord Kubera, and Goddess Laxshmi, which helps in attracting profit and wealth for the business. It tends to open a pathway for the growth of the business filling the office environment with positivity.

Rog Nivaran Yantra

Rog Nivaran Yantradesigned to help the individual get freedom from fatal diseases and bless them with the goodness of health and courage. The Yantra was specially designed according to the ancient scriptures and texts to maintain the wearer's mental health, getting rid of mental as well as a physical dispute. It is mainly built for working professionals, executives, and the people who search for attaining supreme peace. The Yantra protects from diseases and troubles, providing physical and mental health.

Shree Indrakshi Yantram

This ultimate Yantra structured with the combined power of Goddess – Saraswati, Parvati, and Laxshmi. The Goddess relieved Indra from the curse of Sage Gautam, taking on her the defect of Thousand eyes due to which she gets worshiped for good health. It tends to carry cosmic energies of the Goddess, providing the devotee's longevity and good health with protection from all diseases.

Benefits of different types of Health Yantras:

The health Yantras are said to be powerful, helping people attract luck, prosperity, and richness. It also provides growth in business and career aspects. It also improves health by protecting the wearer from mental and physical illness. Moreover, they also draw a new source of fortune, drawing new business opportunities. Given below are the additional advantages and benefits:

- Helps in boosting immunity and longevity
- Eradicate fear of diseases and mishaps
- Increase intuitive insights and awareness
- Graces harmony, opportunities, and peace
- Eradicate radical fear or diseases and death
- Gives courage and health
- Protects from danger

Placement of Health Yantras:

Health Yantras energize the place where it is installed. You can place itnear the entrance of your shop, office, home, or any other place. You can also place them as a wall hanging or on the table. It works best when kept to the east direction facing the west. It is said that the Yantras energized by the rays of the sun, creating divine vibrations of the east corner. In addition, tends to give positive energy transformation through its mystical geometry.

Money and wealth Yantras: Objective of meditation

- Hang the Yantra on the east wall facing west, placing the center of the Yantra so it levels to your eye.
- Sit straight in front of the Yantra, concentrating on the Bindu present in the center of the Yantra and seeing the whole at once. Continue this for five minutes.
- Then start chanting the mantra provided with the Yantra and walk towards the doorway.
- Again, start from the door entering the focal point chanting the same mantra.
- Do the procedure of going inwards 27, 108, or even 54 times.
- With the course of seven days, you will be able to tap into the yantric energy of the Yantra, after which you will not need a yantra
- You will reach the stage of non-duality where you can be able to tell if the Yantra is within you or you are within the Yantra.

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