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Lord Kamdev | Why Worship Lord Kamdev | Who is Lord Kamdev | Benefits of Worshipping Lord Kamdev

Kamdev: Hindu God of Love

Lord Kamdev, also known as Kamadeva, is a Hindu god of love, desire, and sexuality. Lord Kamdev is a popular deity in Hindu mythology, known for his role as the god of love and desire. His appearance, mythology, and significance have made him an essential deity in Hindu marriages and a source of inspiration for artists and musicians. The worship of Kamdev is said to be particularly effective during the Hindu festival of Holi, which is associated with love. He is one of the most popular gods in Hindu mythology and is often depicted as a handsome young man wielding a bow made of sugarcane with a string of honeybees.

The Origin of Kamdev

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Kamdev was born from the mind of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. As per the legend, Lord Brahma created Kamdev to help him in his task of populating the universe. However, Lord Kamdev was not just a mere helper but a powerful god with immense capabilities.

The Appearance of Kamdev

Lord Kamdev is depicted as a handsome young man with a charming smile, rosy complexion, and a bow made of sugarcane with a string of honeybees. He is often portrayed as riding a parrot, symbolizing his ability to spread love and joy. Kamdev is also adorned with a flower garland and wears minimal clothing.

The Significance of Kamdev

Kamdev is considered a god of love and desire in Hindu mythology. His role is to bring two individuals together in love, making him an essential deity in Hindu marriages. He is also the god of beauty and is often invoked by artists and musicians to bless them with creativity and inspiration.

Kamdev is believed to have the power to kindle love and desire in the hearts of people. He can create a strong attraction between two individuals and help them develop a deep emotional connection. It is said that Kamdev can even change the hearts of the most rigid and cold-hearted individuals.

Mythology Surrounding Kamdev

One of the most famous stories associated with Kamdev is the tale of his attempt to kindle love in Lord Shiva's heart. According to the story, Lord Shiva was in deep meditation and had renounced all worldly pleasures. His wife, Parvati, wished to break his meditation and bring him back to the world of the living. She enlisted the help of Kamdev to kindle love and desire in Lord Shiva's heart.

Kamdev agreed to help but was aware of the dangers of awakening Lord Shiva from his meditation. He approached Lord Shiva with his bow and shot an arrow of desire towards him. However, Lord Shiva was not pleased and opened his third eye, burning Kamdev to ashes. This story is often interpreted as a metaphor for the power of meditation and renunciation. It highlights the importance of spiritual awakening and the dangers of being too attached to worldly pleasures.

Worship of Lord Kamdev

Lord Kamdev is worshipped by many Hindus, especially those seeking to attract love and desire into their lives. His worship is often accompanied by the recitation of mantras and the offering of flowers, sweets, and other offerings. His worship is said to be particularly effective during the Hindu festival of Holi, which is celebrated in the spring and is associated with love and fertility. The chanting of Kamdev's mantra is believed to invoke his blessings and help individuals attract love and desire into their lives. The mantra is as follows:

"Om Kleem Kamadevaay Namah"

The repetition of this mantra is said to bring about a positive change in an individual's love life and help them find their soulmate.

Importance of Lord Kamdev

In Hindu scriptures, Kamadev is called the god of love and attraction. According to mythology, Kamdev is the son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. He was married to a goddess Rati, who is considered a goddess of love and charm. It is also mentioned in some legends that Kamadev is the son of Lord Brahma and is also related to Lord Shiva. Basically, Lord Kamdev is the God of love, harmony & primarily rules relationships. Due to this, Kama is the most sought after the deity, when it comes to relationship or love spells. Kamdev Puja has proved to be beneficial to solve the problem of delayed marriages and raises the ability to understand & share the feeling of the opposite gender. Also, it increases the self-awareness of our attractiveness and impression. It creates hypnotic powers to attract the opposite person. Kamdev worshipped for blessings of physical beauty, progeny & spouse. Conducting this Puja enhances the personality and also creates influence on others and helps fulfill the dreams of ones love.

Kamdev reborn as Pradyumna

After the self-sacrifice of Sati, Lord Shiva was absorbed in samadhi. That time demon Tarakasuras turmoil increases day by day and he tries to take control of heaven. He believed that he himself would rule this creation. When the Gods know this, they all get worried and decide to awaken Lord Shiva from the samadhi. For this, they make Kamdev the commander and entrust this work to Kamdev. Kamadev reaches the samadhi site of Mahadev and tries to awaken Mahadev through many efforts, which includes the dance of the Apsara, but all efforts go in vain. Finally, in order to awaken Bholenath, Kamadev hides behind the leaves of the mango tree and throw flower arrow on Shivji. The flower arrow is directly placed on Lord Shivas heart and his samadhi is broken. Lord Shiva is very angry due to breaking his samadhi and burns Kamdev standing behind the mango tree by burning it with his Trinetra. Rati starts mourning. And demands justice from Lord Shiva. Shivji promises Rati that her husband (Kamdev) will be born in Yadukul as the son of Lord Shri Krishna. Later Kamdev is born as Pradyumna of Krishnas son and is reunited with the goddess Rati.

Associated Chakra Planet & Products

If Lord Kamdev is worshiped along with the following items, the power of Puja increases manifolds times more. If you buy any of these items, we shall energize that item during your puja so that these will give you very good results. We will energize and also do Abhimantra of that item.

Chakra - Hritpadma & Anantgandha Chakra is balanced by performing Lord Kamdev puja. Chakra is seven centers of religious energy in the human body. Chakras are the circular vortexes of power that are situated in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are related to the different organs and glands within the body. These chakras are responsible for disturbing life energy.

Planet - Venus (Shukra) is associated with Lord Kamdev. According to the Vedic astrology, all the nine planets in your horoscope (Kundali) affect the course of life i.e. marriage, career, health, finances etc. The movement of these planets in the horoscope forms yogas or doshas (negative influences). Due to these Navagraha doshas, people face various obstacles & hindrances in their life. In order to minimize and negate the malefic doshas or malefic influence of these planets, we perform various Pujas & Yagnas.

Shaligram - Maha Laxmi Shaligram can be worshipped along with Lord Kamdev Puja & Yagna and it gives very good results. The Shaligram is a natural stone that is Lord Vishnu itself. Shaligram is a Blackstone brought from Gandaki river-beds in the Muktinath area of Nepal. Shalagram Shila is also known as Salagram/ Shalagram/ Saligram Sila. Shaligram worshipped in the temple as well as in the houses. Shaligram is a fossilized shell used in South Asia as an iconic symbol and form of Lord Vishnu. They are typically in the form of spherical, black-colored and smooth in nature. We offer a pure array of Shri Shalagram. Its origination place is also likewise of Sankha, Moti or Gomati Chakra which are Aquatic States. Shalagram is a Blackstone brought from Gandaki river, there is a big place called Shalagram and these Shalagram are hundreds of years old.

Rudraksha - 13 Mukhi is also worshipped along with Lord Kamdev Puja & Yagna. By doing so the power of Puja & Yagna increases manifolds times more. Shaligram Shala offers certified Rudraksh sourced from Nepal & Java (Indonesia). These Rudraksh Beads are genuine & real and can work as a cure for a wide variety of diseases including chronic headaches, allergies & skin problems, backaches & digestive problems, depression & insomnia and also several kinds of emotional problems. You can purchase online Rudraksha, Shaligram, gemstones, Vastu products, Puja & Yagnas, meditation accessories, bracelets, Malas and spiritual books & CDs.

Gemstone - Wearing Diamond (Heera) gemstone along with Lord Kamdev Puja & Yagna gives results quickly. Gemstones also known as gems, precious stones, semi-precious stones, Vedic gemstones, Jyotish gemstones are one of the most beautiful & exotic minerals with elegant appearance & color. Gems or Gemstones Jewelleries are extensively used for healing and self-empowerment. There are different types of gems with different prices. The price of gemstones depends on the quality of minerals & availability.

Murtis & Idols - You should also worship Laxmi Makrana Idols along with Lord Kamdev Puja & Yagna. is one of the leading websites which deals in very high quality and rare Murtis & Idols made of makrana marbles & brass. The Pranpratisthit Murtis are actual live Murties and bestow the devotee with longevity, protection against sudden accidents and thefts.

Yantra - Worshipping Mahalaxmi Yantra & Kamdev Yantra along with the Lord Kamdev puja gives accurate results. Yantra established the vibration of large resonance or amplitude with the benefic energy of cosmos. These vibrations generate contact with highly elevated energies and help to enhance the spirituality within and attain spiritual course of conduct in our daily lives. It also increases the intensity of prayer & makes our thoughts more influential & strong.

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