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Principal of Yantra

Since ages, it is believed that these mystically loaded Yantras reveal inner basis of forms and shapes surrounding this universe. In broader sense, the outer structure consist of intrinsic basic unity, called as the atom. One can see each aspect of the world through this Yantra. Ancient Indian Shilpi-Yogins (Makers of Ritual Art) always searched for the innermost structures of the universe. They concentrated on appearances through intense yogic vision and simple form equations. Just like the Earth moves on the principle of rotation, Yantras work on the universal. Let us try to understand the principles that these mystic instruments work on.

Principle of Direction

Yantras are essential tool or path to gain celestial powers, emotional absorption and engage in meditation. Placing a yantra in a specified direction at home and of office discharge positive effects in the space through its electromagnetic properties. For instance, Kuber if placed in North corner of the direction will attract wealth. The wealth god Kubera rules the north corner, as per Vastu Shastra. Similarly, Laxmi yantra works best if placed in the East direction and Ganesh yantra in South West direction. Eshaan, also called as the North East, works best for all Yantras showing positive effect. A mantra engraved on the yantra has the power to produce streams of the transcendent sound, yantra, on the other hand, is an emblem - a spectrograph of that cosmic energy. If we talk about the spiritual impact from yantras, they act as the graphic outlines of divine energy fields.

Principle of Mantras

If an individual finds hard to chant Vedic mantras, then installing the Yantra representing Mantra is recommended. Every material prosperity and the spiritual growth ancient yogis attained through mantra chanting is achievable after installing Yantras. These Yantras emit vibrations of large amplitude or resonance energies with the power of Mantra. These vibrations emitting from the Yantra, help the individual to connect with highly elevated energies. This further helps in attaining mental peace and spiritual growth.

Principle of Shakti (Creative energy)

A Yantra acts as the revelatory signs of cosmic truths. It is a complete instructional diagram having spiritual power that connects with the human. The Primal shapes of a yantra carry psychological symbols representing inner states of human consciousness. Through constant ritual worship by chanting mantras, Yantras shed out psychic power connecting us with cosmic universe. This makes the Yantra move from formation to "function" thus becoming a "Shakti-rupa" (power diagram).

Principle of Metaphysics

Yantra carries a special status amongst metaphysical sciences and disciplines. Yantra carries such a powers that it enters the science and gives positive result. Metaphorically, Yantras is blessed with all deities whose seating at different points, directions, regions, corners or angles in the device. The deities, when connected through mantras elated at respective designated "places" in a Yantra. In other words, Yantras are also visual representation of Mantric energy. The power of a Yantra and architectural diagram of the building are similar emitting positive energy.

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