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Remarkable Effects of a Rudraksha | Effects of Rudraksha Bead on Human Body | Shaligram Shala

At the moment when one holds this Rudraksha in the palm of the hand the vibrations of this bead are obvious. Rudraksha beads actually vibrate with energy & pulses like a lively object. This auspicious bead is blessed with so much miraculous energy and it has the power to give you almost anything. This Rudraksha bead can also cure various dangerous diseases like smallpox, whooping cough, epilepsy etc. Wearing or worshipping this bead can heal the most poisonous wounds, if it is used as a prescription, in a specified method.

Rudraksh bead also gives peace of mind to the wearer and stimulates the mind & sharpens the intellect. According to research, it awakens the kundalini or vital energies in the body. At an emotional level it heals anxiety, depression, autism & behavioural disorders. Wearing a rudraksha bead also helps in healing heart ailments, neurotic and brain related disorders.

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